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Shall we hide somewhere an eat?
My stomach is grumbling! If we open the lunchbox now,
he’ll finish it in a jiffy. I’ve got something special.
He won’t even spare the plain rice! You guys not having anything? Not feeling hungry!
– Give it to me, I’ll have it! I haven’t brought any food.
How can I be hungry then? You not eating anything then? Since I’ve got fever,
mom didn’t make anything. Go and wash your hand. If it gets dry,
your marriage’ll be delayed, my mom says! Whose hand is getting dry?! Take it out! What’s special? Eww! Plain rice? My… You didn’t get anything, idiots? Mom has kept fried eggs! [Pathos] Not hungry, is it?
– I am… Wow! Egg!
– I’ve got only one! Only one! One is enough for me!
I didn’t ask for anything else! You ain’t got any curry?
– No, it’s plain rice! It’s plain rice! Leave it! You thought I wouldn’t know
if fish is buried under the rice? Why didn’t you tell me that
you got fish fry under the rice? Even I didn’t know! What have you got?
– Bread and jam. – Let it be. Here? Arroz de tomate and poivrons écrasés.
– Tomato rice and crushed chillies?! Let this be the dessert! Cultureless fellows!
I don’t want this now! The smell of chicken! Come on, join us! Come, have a bite!
– No… Why did you take the leg piece?
It was for him. Come on! It’s ok. Come on! Come! Get going! Too hot, isn’t it? Which hour is next?
– Chemistry! I haven’t paid the fine
for breaking that vessel! Vessel?
– The one used to mix powders.. Beaker! Whatever it be!
I haven’t paid the fine! Miss. Maya will kill me today! I poured in that white powder
because you asked! The lab is full of white powders! What could I do
if you took one by mistake? The whole class saw it!
Such a shame! Relax. Seems that
the teacher hasn’t come today. How do you know? When I went to submit Biology record
in the morning, she wasn’t there! Huh? Biology record?
You submitted that as well? It has to be submitted today!
– Such a scum you’re! Don’t worry!
Miss. Maya hasn’t come today, right? Isn’t this hour free?
Can’t you draw now? Yeah! I could do that! I can submit it today itself! Anandu, shall I ask a question? One day, you were walking on the street. All you’ve got is a gun. [Loads the gun] Suddenly I call you and
ask you to come home. To your place?
– Anandu! So how can you reach my home then? I… take out the gun and shoot myself.. The ambulance arrives, I die!
Oh, no! Use your brain! I got it, but you say first! Wouldn’t that gun have bullets? Take out that bullet and ride it!
Tuk, tuk, tuk! [How to fake laugh for dummies] Isn’t he so cute? You want some? This is brain itself!
What’s the problem then? Chinju, please draw this brain!
The teacher isn’t convinced! I’ve asked you a thousand times
not to call me Chinju! Ok Chinmaya Thomas,
please draw the brain for me! No, I can’t! You’ve been tricking me
saying that you’ll buy me things! If you draw this brain, I’ll buy you
oat grain, err, multi grain foods! No, can’t!
– Sure? – Yes! Buddy, please do it!
– Get going! I won’t! When I ask you to, you can’t! No, I can’t! But you drew it for Divya
and Aparnamol from 12C! When? Didn’t you tell her?
– No! – No? Then Chinju, err,
Chinmaya should hear this. The other day, he was in 12C
during the break, and, was drawing Aparnamol’s record,
sitting on Divya’s lap, and she feeding him! And he drawing!
Which diagram, you ask! Which?
– Ask me! – Which? Dissection of the heart!
This guy! He clearly drew all 5 parts
and marked them fine! I saw! I’ll draw it for you! Draw until your anger calms down! Not just the brain, you may
draw the intestines and all! Chinju!
– Don’t you utter a word! Keep the ball here
and twist it this way! This way! Do you know how many days
left for the exam? For the exam,
– We’ve got 60 days, right? Not 60 days, we’ve got only 2 months! That’s how we should think.
Think about this. When I pass the exams, you fail, and… Unable to live here, getting cursed
by people, you leave to Mumbai, There you plead and
somehow go to Gulf. Once you go there, you struggle
working in that desert, Blemish and ultimately cease yourself! Where’s my Physics book? They get good camel meat in Gulf,
my uncle said. Is that true? So if I fail, I can go to Gulf, right? I’ve scared those guys nicely. Do you know Gauss’ theorem? You failed.
– Huh? Directly proportionate to… [Shock] Stop staring, kiddo!
It’s me! You want more? Let me! These backbenchers are
such a nuisance! You know what’s special
about backbenchers? What’s that? There’s no bench behind them. Have you heard a running horse? 1 hour, and 100 diagrams.
How can I complete this? What are you drawing? Biology record.
Need to submit it today, it seems! You didn’t draw it?
– As if! Draw it, then! Show me what you drew. Show us, dude! What’s this? Is that your vomit? I didn’t! Hey! That’s amoeba! Then this?
– A dove. Look at his dove!
Like a goose with thyroid! As if you’re Picasso!
– Pick axe your uncle! Try finishing it now.
It’s a free period. Keep your voice down!
His useless brother will hear! They say it’s a free period! He heard it! Hey, idiot! Stop! Don’t go yet!
I haven’t completed my record! This is the only free period!
Haven’t completed the record! This is so brutal. Please’ don’t!
– No! Hey, don’t go!
I won’t share the WiFi password! He won’t sleep today!
I’ll burn camphor into his nose! Add in some textbooks as well,
and burn him to death! But why! Good afternoon, miss!
– What’s it, John? Miss, hasn’t Maya miss come? Maya is on leave today.
– Miss, it is a free hour for us. If you could come, we can
finish that chapter in Maths. Yes, yes. Very good, John! Go ahead, I’ll come.
– Thank you, miss! Miss! Some guys are planning
to get the Phys Ed sir. If you come quickly,
we can finish it soon! I’ll be there in a moment.
Carry on! Yes! The loser has asked someone to come! Hey, Maths miss! Good afternoon, miss!
– Sit. I’ll write a problem on the board.
Note it down. Buddy, let’s stop schooling
and build a start-up. Like Zuckerburger.
– You’d need a degree for that! Then why not a simple MBBS? I’ve got another plan.
– What’s it? Mixture! CA CMA. A job is assured. Minimum salary of 200k a month. Seriously? Not just that, all you need is
just 50% score in +2. Is that so?
– You can do a degree also, with that! Where can I join this? It’s there in Kottayam.
Darsana CA Academy. My cousin studied there.
He’s getting huge pays now. He bought this watch for me.
That idiot there, is wearing my watch! The smell of mixture! You got mixture?
– Hell, no! Let’s enroll together!
– Fixed! [Random mathematic equation] Wonder when I can pass the test,
by studying this! Don’t worry about that.
We won’t! You gotta cheat intelligently, for that. Remember how miss caught you
intelligently, last time? That’s because of
his idiot twin! Loser! Chuck it! We’ve got
new techniques for cheating. Cheating in exams is an art!
– Yes, it’ll be artistic to get caught. For you, yes. Not for me.
You gotta play smart for that. What’s the new technique? Gather all the important topics
from the book, Take them to Anthappan’s shop. You can mention my name.
And then, there’s something called
micro-photostat. Get it done. Then take your scale, and stick the copies one by one on it. Then cover it with another scale. Or you may hold it close to your chest.
You’ll get a full score! No use! He’ll betray us anyway! He has even sold my dad out
for moneylenders. No way! I’ll score big this time! Arun! Yes, miss! – You making a plan
for cheating in exam, right? No, miss!
– Yes, miss! He’s trying to spoil us too! Come to exam hall, you!
Sit! John, what’s the solution
for this problem? Please don’t disturb me.
– Sorry, John! [Random equations continue] Shall we play pen-fight? Today I will.. Give it back.
– No! Give it to me! How mean!
Damn! – We lost that pen! Odd or even?
– Hold it down! Hey, hey! Take me in!
Let’s play in teams! Will take you when we play in ground!
Get lost! – But why? Mannerless freak! Miss, they’re playing! Howzzaat!
– Out! Get out!
– Get up! Get going! Leave! Hey you! Get out! It’s for you! You too, out! Youtube? Hell no!
Keep the phone away! Sir, we were trying
to solve the problem… Get going! Out! Pencil! Leave! Why do you need the book?
– For writing down the notes! Let’s play Bingo! Come! What’s it? Get lost!
Betraying b*tch! Give me one too!
– Let’s play after sir leaves. Got a pen?
– Break the pencil into two. Silence! He ain’t got anything to do?
Gringo Gopalan! So, who can prove this equation?
– Miss? I know you can. Give others a chance!
Anyone else? Dumb wits, don’t fumble! Pretend as if you know the answer,
and look straight up to her eyes. Like this. Ambady! Miss, I didn’t have
anything for lunch, so… I’m getting a headache.
I can’t see anything on the board. He didn’t eat anything, it seems!
– He ate my egg fry! Miss! Shall I lie down, miss? Wipe off the remains of that biscuit,
and answer my question! LHS=RHS, hence proved! Best! Chinmaya! See, she went to the girls!
They don’t know the trick yet! Solve this!
– I don’t know, miss! Rosemary? I don’t know!
– Why do you come all dressed up, then? Stella!
– Oh, lord! Miss… 1. One?
– Zero! – Zero? I don’t know, miss!
Please don’t tell mom! Looking at you, it’s clear
that you don’t know. Get up! Arun, yourself! Get up! Help me out! Say in full confidence
that you don’t know! You got anything to say? No!
– Ok! I know there’s no use asking you.
So I’m not asking! Anand!
– Yes? – Tell me! [Pretentious jargon] I don’t know, miss!
– Very good! John! Come and show them! He’ll solve it now, and show off! She could’ve asked him at first itself!
Could’ve saved time. That’s how she shows off! If I could get a longer chalk…
– Why not! Can I wipe it off and start over?
– Sure, go ahead! What’s he? A robot? And here we’ve got a sunken boat! Yes, very good, John!
– Thank you! This is wrong!
– Not Ron, miss! John! Uh! This answer is wrong! That can’t be!
– Stand up! Hey, he got it wrong! What’s that problem?
Would the teacher be mistaken? Nobody here who knows the answer?
– Miss… [Terror BGM intensifies] What? You wanna take a dump? Oh, it was like this! What the hell is that? Correct answer! Tell me the truth!
Aren’t you John? You wish, kiddo! So you studied it alone all these days
and betrayed me? Buddy, I took the wrong chapter
and memorized it for last exam! It wasn’t asked last time.
Now when I got a chance… What was that?? I should’ve been there! Would’ve written down the answer
and underlined it twice, and swag-walked in slow motion
through the girls! As if you will!

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