20/20 Jaycee Dugard Interview | Freedom: My Book of Firsts

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  • Thankfully Philip and Nancy Garrido will spend the of their exsistance in a concrete box. Maybe some inmate can get close enough to Phil and stab him to death. Nancy is equally guilty.


  • She is an inspiration of resilience and strength. Definitely puts things into perspective. I recommend her book, however you will have to compose yourself at times- as a mother it was so hard to read.

  • You're story is inspiring & Inspirational on how many lives you touched what's your story and how far you've come God-bless.

  • If her captor had served his prison sentence, as he should have, she would never have had to go through her years of captivity and abuse. Hopefully both perpetrators will die in prison.

  • I read the Jaycee Dugard book years ago when this happened and it made me have so many different emotions About This Woman's experience with this monster. This book gave me such a new perspective on everything. first I was angry for her then I felt bad for her then I felt sad and then I felt how is she going to get through this how is she going to live with this considering I have been through something very traumatic in my life and every day I tried to live with what happened to me. This book so often times hard to read taught me to be strong and how to survive no matter what happens to you. if anyone reads this post that I just put up if anyone out there is looking for strength or looking for an answer as to why bad things happen to good people your answer will come to you after reading this and let me explain why. I'm only speaking on my behalf in my own personal life experiences but after something horrific happens to you you can't help but wonder why ? Why did this happen to Me? what could I have done differently? these unanswered questions alone ate me up inside making me feel like there was no hope no way of just learning to live with this and her strength her story her openness made me feel like I could be brave too and happy and find my voice in this world again. this book, her story, it showed me that I was too busy focusing and searching for the wrong things I need to stop trying to figure out why and start learning to live my life again. There are just bad people in this world and this incredible strong and beautiful woman survived and it gave her strength and a new found purpose on this Earth and in return gave me strength and a newfound purpose This book and her story showed me you can get through this whatever it is that's happened you can get back up again on your own two feet. There is hope. she showed me that you don't have to be defined by what bad things happened to you. thank you Jaycee Dugard for being so brave and so open and honest by sharing your story and giving other victims out there like me strength and Hope and showing the world that there is light at the end of the tunnel. you are a hero in my eyes

  • Jaycee Dugard is a force to be reckoned with. I can't comprehend the level of strength and will she possesses to be the person she is today.

  • It still outrages me that Garrido's fifty year sentence for kidnapping and raping a woman was reduced to nearly nothing and he was allowed to roam free and ruin another life. The man was clearly an unrepentant sexual predator who wouldn't hesitate to kidnap and rape another girl if set loose and they just…..reduced his sentence and let him back out. It's a miracle he didn't fill his entire backyard with additional victims!

  • She is a Great Girl and has a very strong Human Spirit . As the other comment read I will never complain again when things get hard

  • So this guy was sentenced to 50 years as a child molester, released after 11 then does this for 18 years. Keep the monkeys locked in the cage and don’t let them out this could have been prevented!

  • If he would have gotten the death penalty the first time, this wouldn’t have happened. The laws protecting all children need to change. I’m for the death penalty for any criminal acts on children period.

  • A complete psyop brought to you by the mainstream media. Jaycee is a transgender. It is all a lie. Nothing on TV is real!

  • Filthy pedophile democrat judge in San Francisco only gave the evil monster 11 years jail time. I hope the other inmates in the prison kill him so he does not do this to another child.

  • Though no one is mentioning it: She should have not been alone walking to school What idiot parent allows that? It matters not how short the walk..walk your kids to the bus or to school There are predators out there Life is not safe and if you can not be responsible then do not have children MAKE TIME …Anything can happen ..but if this little girl had been with her Mom or Dad she would never have been taken………

  • I thank God that she is free now, and she lived to tell her story, because a lot of women or children that are kidnapped never get that chance.

  • I totally get what Jaycee was talking about, when referring to her therapy. I get the horse therapy called joining up, but what I don't know is how that was accomplished. I'd like to know what she did to make that horse her pet & follow her around??? Although I think I know how she did it, I wanna make sure I'm doing it right so I can train my boss to do the same thing.

  • I own both of her books and have enjoyed reading them. Jaycee is amazing and I'm so happy she was recovered!!

  • Living isolated from the age of 11 is worse than prison, where you can interact with people, and means omitting a crucial part of growing up. I cannot imagine how somebody can live their lives with a lack of important social experience. And I didn't mention the lack of education and the horrible things instead of it…I am amazed by her strength, and hope she will always find people she can trust.

  • Wow I always wonder what happened to this young lady. I'm so happy to hear she is happy, healthy and moving forward. Amazingly wonderful she is and for her to voice the propaganda that news station try to sell that was not truth. That she had feelings for her capture. Rape and sexual assault victims that have to endure years of abuse when no one will help you learn how to make the torture less torturous, so if your raped you won't get your a*# beat at the same time. For those of you so fortunate not to endure these types of assaults need to take a seat and shut up!

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