8 thoughts on “2000 Goodwill Games–Ladies Artistic Program

  • Elegance in skating is so lost these days, it's all about the jumps and the power now. For me, in my own opinion, Yuko and Dorothy are my winners, sooo beautiful.

  • Oksana had some sasha's issue. brilliant but inability to keep focus throughout her program. but it's amazing what she can do when she trains well.

  • I think all those performances were really great. Surya Deserved the win. i am a big oksana fan and I really loved her performances here. I think as well as she's ever skated. That opening triple Lutz on her long program was just something.

  • How lovely! These are ladies that I grew up with watching! It was so nice to see Dorothy Hamill and Katarina Witt again! Just as beautiful as ever! They were all wonderful! That split toward the end was remarkable! Just lovely! Thanks for downloading!

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