2007-01 | The Path to Spiritualization and heavenly Freedom – Central Sun – God´s droplets of love

The path to spiritualization and heavenly
freedom From the divine source for the wanderer into
the heavenly life of light: faith in God makes a person strong to endure
this ruthless and unjust world. But even with this firm belief in God, they are far from
certain that they are on the path back to the kingdom of heaven. That certainty can
only be felt by a person from within who genuinely strives every day to refine their ugly features
and soiled consciousness in order to maintain spiritual clarity and foresight. God only
supports a willing person with powers through their bright soul that allow them to succeed
in overcoming their selves. Only then will their strong belief in God slowly give them
inner certainty and make them feel that they are on the right path to God in the kingdom
of Heaven. Such an inner person always feels safe in the divine light because they are
close to it. They will then also radiate inner peace and serenity. The perceptible divine security and closeness
helps them to gradually free themselves from the external religious beliefs of this world
and receive from within a new, free, and impersonal image of God and heavenly life. Their far-sighted,
luminous image of eternal, universal life in the Spirit of God has no place for any
religious organization and its doctrine, nor for those who believe that God has enabled
them to lead others into the kingdom of Heaven. Although their inner image of knowledge and
experience is still narrow and imperfectly shapes their consciousness, it nevertheless
spurs them to become ever more independent of human opinions and the general world view
in order to be able to come closer to heavenly freedom. From their new, free image, the spiritually
mature person can then recognize what they should gradually do without haste to spiritually
reach a higher state of consciousness. Their longing for the divine light and for a spiritually
higher life has already grown so much that they want to use every precious free time
to first see through their own delusions and errors as well as those of the world. Only such a spiritually stable, inner person
can be far-sighted enough to classify and evaluate to what extent believers, the world
religions, and their doctrines are truly removed from the free and independent life of the
celestial beings of light. Such a spiritualized person will feel pain
in their heart when they encounter people who discuss the supposedly true doctrine of
God and who, in light of different outlooks, may fanatically argue about their religious
knowledge. They will avoid them if possible, as such narrow-minded people repel them. Can
you reasonably understand that in your consciousness? You wanderers into the light of God, have
you ever wondered more precisely where you stand spiritually and what still binds you
to this world? Is it perhaps religious statements, cults,
traditional customs, or admired personalities? Truly, but they have nothing to do with the
free, impersonal heavenly life of the divine beings! Please check yourselves honestly on how far
away you still live from the free consciousness of a spiritualized person and what you still
have to do to some day achieve this goal of inner and outer freedom. Only when you have
free traits and a free way of life can you be attracted by the kingdom of Heaven!

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