2015-2017 Mustang Ford Strut Tower Brace – Silver (GT) Review & Install

Hey, guys. Stephanie with americanmuscle.com
here with my review of the Ford strut tower brace for 2015 and up GT Mustangs. The Ford
strut tower Brace is a great option for the nonperformance type GT owners that would like
to reap some of the benefits the Ford design strut tower brace offers to the performance
type cars. This means people that are looking to tighten up some of the freedom that the
front end has since the strut tower brace is going to help stiffen the front end of
the Mustang while providing added support to the strut towers and preventing flex during
cornering. This is going to make the chassis more rigid, which will result in better handling,
because eliminating the flex in the strut tower will work to maintain a flat tire on
the ground at all times, giving you as full of a contact patch as possible. The strut
tower brace’s job is to keep the strut towers parallel at all times so there’s no under
steer. This is original equipment, so you can count
on an OE fit and finish here, as well as OE performance. The brace is a parallel beam
designed for strength. You can see that it’s powder coated a nice silver. This is a stainless
steel brace. Even the emblem is stainless steel. This is also an item that’s going to
look nice under the hood and offer some performance improvements as well. You’re definitely going
to notice the strut tower brace anytime you pop your hood. The fact that this is powder
coated is nice because the powder will always keep it looking fresh. Just a little something
to keep in mind, since this is stainless steel and already powder coated, you know that you
can change the color of the powder any time you want to make it pop more or go with the
looks of your car if you’ve got a show car. Keep in mind that like a lot of other suspension
parts, a strut tower brace is going to make a noticeable improvement by itself, even on
a completely stock car. As usual, remember that this is only one component of the suspension.
The improvements of the brace can be even more considerable when you start pairing it
with other suspension mods. Once you start making other suspension upgrades, the strut
tower brace will work to keep everything tied together and feeling tight and more stable.
This means overall more consistent suspension no matter what you’re doing with your car. As far as price, this is a Ford OE part, so
you can expect to pay a little bit more for it. You’re looking at spending just over $260
for this brace, but there are some other options on the site for the GT if that’s out of your
price range. Both Steeda and Ford Racing have a brace. Ford Racing’s is very similar to
the Ford brace here but that’s no surprise. The only difference is going to be the color
and the emblem and the fact that the Ford Racing brace comes with a firewall brace as
well. Steeda’s version, on the other hand, is a tubular design. You’re still looking
at spending over $200 for both of these other options. If we move on to the install, this is an easy
install that anyone is able to tackle by themselves in the driveway or the garage and should take
less than an hour to complete. I’m going to call it a one out of three wrenches on the
scale. You won’t need any tools out of the ordinary, but a torque wrench is something
that you’ll need for this, as well as a 50 millimeter socket and a ratchet. Another thing
to note is the brace does not come with the bolts that will be needed for the install,
so you will need to pick those up. The instructions are very easy here. The brace
installs with only four bolts. The battery terminal will be in the way. Disconnecting
that will make the install go easier. There are two strut bolts for each side of the brace.
You may happen to already have a firewall brace on your car, and so the parallel part
of the brace is going to sit over top of the firewall part of the brace. It’s going to
be as simple as just fitting the brace over the motor and onto the studs and torquing
the bolts down. The bolts should be torqued to 41 foot-pounds, and the battery can be
reconnected, and that’s all it’s going to take. Wrapping things up here, the Ford strut tower
brace is an OE part that works to reduce play in the front end of the car. It’s going to
stiffen up the front end of the S550 and keep the strut towers as parallel as possible.
Although a lot of people do pick it up for appearance purposes, it will definitely make
a difference in the driving experience as well. It’s very easy to install. You can check
it out more online right here at americanmuscle.com.

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