2015-2017 Mustang (GT, EcoBoost) Steeda Strut Tower Brace Review & Install

Hey, guys, Stephanie with americanmuscle.com
here with an overview of the Steeda strut tower brace for the 2015 and up S550 GT and
EcoBoost Mustang. In this video, we’re gonna be talking about
the materials and construction of this truck tower brace and a little about the install
as well. This is an easy install. It’s gonna be a one out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter, but I will go into more detail later about the install. This strut tower brace is the perfect option
for the S550 owners that are looking to add the benefits of a strut tower brace but that
want something different than the standard OE strut tower but they still wanna stick
with the parallel beam design. A strut tower brace does have some handling
benefits, but it also has an impact on the underhood styling as well. This brace looks different than any of the
other options in the market right now. The thought process behind the strut tower
brace is that it can tighten up some of the freedom that the front end has. Since a strut tower brace is gonna help stiffen
the front suspension of the Mustang by providing added support to the strut towers and providing
flex during cornering. This is gonna make the chassis more rigid,
which will result in better handling, because eliminating the flex in the strut tower will
work to maintain a flat tire on the ground at all times, giving you as full of a contact
patch as possible. This brace is made from tubular Chromoly steel
and this brace will work on all 2015 and up GT and EcoBoost Mustangs no matter the package
or trim of the car. By that I mean it’ll work with or without
the stock performance package Cabriz [SP], but it does work best performance-wise with
the help of that Cabriz just as any strut tower brace would. And, of course, it is powder-coated wrinkle
black to keep the good looks. Keep in mind that like a lot of other suspension
parts, a strut tower brace is gonna make a noticeable improvement by itself even on a
completely stock car. But as usual, remember that this is only one
component of the suspension and the improvements of the brace can be even more considerable
when you start pairing it with other suspension mods. Once you start making other suspension upgrades,
the strut tower brace will work to keep everything tied together and feeling tight and more stable. This means overall more consistent suspension
no matter what you’re doing with your car. As far as price, this brace isn’t what I consider
expensive, but it is one of the more expensive options. It’s priced closer to the Mishimoto and Ford
Racing black braces, so you can expect to pay around $200. One thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping
for strut tower braces is your future mods. So just be sure to shop around for a taller
brace if you plan on things like superchargers or a taller manifold. If we move on to the install, this is an easy
install that anyone is able to tackle by themselves in the driveway at their garage. Should take less than an hour to complete,
and I’m gonna call it a one out of three wrenches on the scale. Won’t need any tools out of the ordinary,
just a 13-millimeter socket with a ratchet. The instructions are very easy here. The brace installs with only four bolts on
each side. There are four nuts that are on each side
of the strut mount. Just back the nuts off of the studs here and
place the brace on the studs. You align the brace by centering the studs
in the brace holes. You wanna loosely thread the nuts back onto
the studs then, and once the brace is aligned you can fully tighten down the nuts and that’s
all it’s gonna take. I’d take the car for a quick test drive and
make sure everything feels okay, and then go from there. Wrapping things up here with the Steeda strut
tower brace, this is a brace that has a parallel beam design and has a tubular Chromoly steel
design that’s powder-coated black. As always you can check it out more online
right here at americanmuscle.com.

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