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  • Is the volume a little low for this video?
    (I have the volume at max on my laptop and max on youtube)

  • What the fuck I'm from Quebec and I had no idea that they were trying to pass some sharia compliance bill… I guess that's what happens when you stop watching the news on TV.

  • I dont like peterson, but this other guy is a clown. I hope he is not a professor, because he is obviously ignorant of science. There is no left/right brain, its a myth. Seems we have two utterly unscientific debators here, peterson is subsicribing to a falsified theory of freud and jung. Why are these even talking?

  • A serious question – I'm not into the social networking stuff and quite dumb about it. I'm looking for people/ groups that are interested in hangouts and discussion about Jordand and his teachings. Any suggestions where to start? Btw, currenntly I have google+ only, no twitter/ facebook.

  • it's sad that the people opposing Dr. Peterson's outlook can't see the agony he is torn apart by while contemplating what the future may hold. They see him as an unfeeling hate-filled monster when really he's an relentless humanitarian. it hurts my heart to watch his shoulders fall and his head bow when he contemplates society falling into chaos.

  • We must get smarter, on a massive scale, to do that we must have knowledge and be able to spread it. The internet can spread the vast knowledge we have, but we do not have time to absorb it all(although that's changing) or to broadly define large parts of it as wholes. What I mean by that is what Peterson calls the complexity problem. A known comp. sci. quote by idk who, speaking about information but the concept still applies – Our greatest tool in fighting complexity is abstraction. To find the patterns in different things and label that pattern as a set of new things. We must find better and better models of explaining all of reality and spread it over the internet to each the masses to be smarter. Academics are needlessly complicated, the same concepts have different names across each field and only the minute portion of the time spent studying is done actually learning, which is no different from philosophy, while the greater portion is spent learning the particular vocabulary of the particular field. The pattern across all things is what we want to know. The structure of being, how everything, our lives, thoughts, and the world acted. These things act the same at some level. The way that a quarterback and wide receiver are doing different things while playing football, they are both playing football. All things are doing the same thing at some level. Variations of how they do are the states of being. The state in which all things are doing the same thing is 'being'. You usually don't 'feel' like you're being, you feel like you're watching a video on youtube, like you're thinking about what you're going to do later, etc. To feel like being is the goal of meditation. I think, idk, i don't meditate I just smoke weed.

  • Anyone interested in Left and Right Brain should look at Tony Wright and if your interested in Wholeness vs Fragmentism then I would suggest David Bohm. Fascinating stuff.

  • Dr. Peterson, you are probably the scholar with the deepest and clearest understanding of society and individuals I have ever had the joy of listening to. Thank you very much for all the work you do.

  • Hi Jordan P., you mention a course you made for companies where people evaluate their current behavior and drug abuse was one option. Given a lot of the harm of drugs is associated with the crime and illegality and not the substances themselves, what is ethically and practically wrong with someone smoking cannabis all day every day or shooting heroin every day? Note these drugs do not have serious long-term physical side-effects either.

  • Kek's 2nd prophet; Prof Peterson, is becoming the wise Patriachal architype in front of our eyes, who will be his frodo/potter?

    because as sure as eggs is eggs, there will be one Aye

  • Is "social justice" another way of saying "mob justice"?
    Maybe social justice is mob justice on a slightly bigger scale.

  • Thankfully, you can read the Great Western Books and get excellent guidance online these days. Free. I love the way he articulates the flexibility of Liberalism.

  • Headlines to sum up the talk: 'Transphobic professors share anti-semitic images'; 'J.Peterson wants to abolish Human Rights in Canada'. You are welcome BuzzFeed.

  • I'm not upset with the audience in Part 2 laughing at Dr. Peterson's one-of-a-kind flavor of sarcasm, but I must say that I was surprised to see and hear so many laughing as I sat and literally wept at the purity of the ancient and social truths delivered to us by this legendary mind. What better message has any human being ever articulated than essentially 'fix yourself, as best you can as an inherently flawed being, and if you have any success, try to reduce some suffering beyond your immediate self'?

    Professor Peterson: Please consider writing an open letter to the world regarding the dangers of ideology and/or the values you believe are the most critical to develop and protect ourselves as a free, critically thinking people. You have in your hands right now the power to forever leave, for the betterment of all free societies, one or more poignant written messages so that future generations may hold high the shining beacon of your decades-long exploration of the human condition and its vulnerabilities.

    Thank you so much for making your stand.

  • The last bastion of logic and reason in Canadian society today.

    We need more Canadians like Jordan Peterson, and Faith Goldy for that matter.

  • to re-iterate my response on the anti-semetism point, before this video was deleted, and re-uploaded. people do portray jews as old men sucking the blood from children, because some of them do. MGM is still a common practice in Jewish cultures. some, if not most, jews still endorse, and practice male infant genital mutilation. some even literally suck the blood from a freshly mutilated penis of an infant boy. so yes. there is a reason behind the cartoons that depict them as such.

  • Are these new demands imposed on immigrants who don't give 2 dumps about the petty struggles these self-righteous needy momo's fake have? spanish translation? or is this more about white on white punishment?

  • the less laws the better because that way we would only have deeply meaningful laws rather than a bunch of tyrants and slaves biting and devouring one another. are your own flaws you bare not enough? apparently not. ~hiss~ statist, pfft. the more power fools have the more folly they will create.

  • As long as you act is if God doesn't exist, and talk about evolution being the cause of anything, you will never get to the bottom of anything. You think the answer must be down the road if you think hard enough but you're on the wrong damn road.

  • I'm supposed to be doing my own psychology course assignments and I'm here procrastinating with Doctor Peterson's channel.

  • Classical liberalism does take positions on things. Basic rule of law was always part of their idea. The problems started with JS Mill (among others) starting the idea of a nanny state, which is necessarily authoritarian and takes positions on things that are not safe to trust the state with… from charity, to education, to C-16. Classical liberalism also takes a position on these things: leave them to the people and not the state.

  • I love that, "Just watch how people react when they are confronted by a paradox then you can see their underlying motivations."

  • I definitely agree Dr. Doidge's thoughts on the manner especially on the anti semitism/postmodernism correlation. Thanks Dr. Peterson for shedding light on another intellectual fighting the good fight.

  • Thank you so much for posting these generous & thought-provoking responses to such important questions

  • Ground Hog Day 1920 – 'The Suffragists'.
    " The reform-monging suffragists seem to be equally devoid of the more caressing gifts. They may be filled with altruistic passion, but they certainly have bad complexions, and not many of them know how to dress their hair. Nine-tenths of them advocate reforms aimed at the alleged lubricity of the male-the single standard, medical certificates for bridegrooms, birth-control, and so on.
    The motive here, I believe, is mere rage and jealousy. The woman who is not pursued sets up the doctrine that pursuit is offensive to her sex, and wants to make it a felony.
    No genuinely attractive woman has any such desire. She likes masculine admiration, however violently expressed, and is quite able to take care of herself. More, she is well aware that very few men are bold enough to offer it without a plain invitation, and this awareness makes her extremely cynical of all women who complain of being harassed, beset, storied, and seduced.
    All the more intelligent women that I know, indeed, are unanimously of the opinion that no girl in her right senses has ever been actually seduced since the world began; whenever they hear of a case, they sympathize with the man. Yet more, the normal woman of lively charms, roving about among men, always tries to draw the admiration of those who have previously admired elsewhere; she prefers the professional to the amateur, and estimates her skill by the attractiveness of the huntresses who have hitherto stalked it.
    The iron-faced suffragist propagandist, if she gets a man at all, must get one wholly without sentimental experience. If he has any, her crude manoeuvres make him laugh and he is repelled by her lack of pulchritude and amiability. All such suffragists (save a few miraculous beauties) marry ninth-rate men when they marry at all. They have to put up with the sort of castoffs who are almost ready to fall in love with lady physicists, embryologists, and embalmers. "

    Henry Lewis Mencken, 'In Defence of Women '.

  • Why not remove juridical gender? Why not just human being. Would that not make it more equal? Because we treat men and women diffrently, not rightly, imo.

  • 19:50 WOAH! Genesis not just as the story of consciousness of the human species and the dawn of civilisation, but also the story of consciousness and its adventures of ourselves as individuals from the mothers womb. Amazing.

  • I have faced the chaos of my life sir. It is has been a long process and guess what, I disagree with you on many issues.

    You have lot to learn Mr. Peterson.

  • Jordan, it would be super interesting and I think also very beneficial for people (or our culture even?) if you could do an analysis of the psychology/religion/message/archetypes/symbolism in Disney's "A hunchback of Notre dame". Because I feel it contains very potent and important Christian themes.

  • Would you do an interview with Russell Brand? He does video's of interesting nature, Very focused on what I can tell to be a religious view. Anyhow, He's not dumb, just lacking in articulation. Would be a very interesting conversation.

  • You do not have to look to genocidal regimes to see the dark side of humanity (although large crowds help!). See "The Snowtown Murders" an Australian biographical film – a film whose effect has not left me to this day.

  • 15:08 Not just lawyers, the very judges are going to have to get feminist training or else they can't get appointed. See: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/02/23/bill-c-337-rona-ambrose_n_14969826.html

  • Dr peterson, thanks for your videos, I went a Christian state school in England. (they all used to be here) I was always a natural athiest but loved the bible stories and pagan myths. now you have made me realise why and made me have a broader perspective on religion. thanks ☺

  • Peterson has obviously felt his own deep resentment and suffering in life because he has such a clear understanding of the psychology of the mass murderer. I know that torturous state of mind and being all too well. For fucks sakes I was basically genocidal throughout most of my 20's. The feeling that existence itself is fundamentally corrupt/evil and that the only way out is to somehow abolish the universe and all things in it forevermore is a terrifyingly easy state to find oneself in imo. In some ways I'm actually amazed at all of the people who go through life who never feel that way. I like to think that being human is heroic by nature. We're all heroes merely for enduring existence as humans, regardless of our actions. Of course I don't mean to justify or celebrate horrific actions, I only mean to say that all humans suffer, and that enduring suffering is heroic, and thus all humans are thus redeemable because of that fact.

  • Jordan B. Peterson kvetches an awful lot. That's about it. A frustrated pissed off middle class knob. You kids get off my lawn.

  • Since you guys hate political correctness and stuff I just wanted to say that there are an awful lot of dumb white people here, which doesn't surprise me because white people especially Christian white people and especially male Christian white people are not only very very stupid but they are ugly too.

  • Professor Jordan, if you haven't already i highly recommend you read Culture of Critique, by Kevin B. Macdonald, many of the problems being dicussed right now are directly related to its contents. It may also give you a better insight into why social justice is operating into the way it does.

  • Relativism is an interesting concept. I think the best way to show that relativism is in itself flawed is the idea that I believe that people who most empathetic are the least likely to be relativistic. The issue is that relativism is used as an excuse to do things that most people find heinous. Look at riots which destroy neighborhoods. You have this group of people who think that anger is justified because they only see from the perspective they affiliate themselves with. But people who are able to sympathize with the victims of that group will universally come to the conclusion that the violence is not justified, the destruction is not justified. I think of it this way when I saw that white nationalist jerkwad get punched. In the right circumstances, even if I'm not a white nationalist, that is me and I don't want to get punched. What about a place where white nationalism rules the day, then black people get punched, if you don't have these pathetic relativistic ideas, then both things look equally bad. But if you think that relativism is the way things are, then one person is always the puncher, and another deserves to get punched. With relativism, at no point is one person punching another a bad thing so long as I have what I feel is good motivation. Without it, punching people is bad, period.

  • 12:29 is something that brings back memories. I am a product of this type of upbringing. As a parent I've had to realize the pitfalls of being over protective. I've had to force myself to allow my children to stumble. It was hard at first but as time went by we could see the benefits of this approach.

    Our children, over time, seemed to be able to deal better with adults than their peers. Their interactions were less selfish and based on fairness. I feel this will be a great advantage for them moving forward in their lives. Our children are special to us. But, they understand that society doesn't always feel the same way.

  • He's a modern Socrates, and like Socrates his society will end up tragically turning on him. The best we can do is preserve the data for some future culture open to the message.

  • what are the odds someone would ask a question linking postmodernism to antisemitism AND Doidge would have a comprehensive answer to it on the tip of his tongue?

    other than that weirdness, this was quite good :^)

  • "Why, there's nothin wrong with you that a good haircut won't cure"— Governor George C. Wallace,  gov of Alabama, Democrat – 1963-67 /  71-79 / 83-87.

  • The problem is Christianity and the idea of freedom of religion. Christianity is a false religion based on lies. There was no Jesus.

    There is no such thing as human rights.

    It is all garbage.

    There is only the strong and the weak.

  • Keep up the good work. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. It must be really hard for you. You have alot of support! Some of us are trying to stand up to this stuff, But you are in exactly the position that must be the hardest. Thankyou

  • The death of authentic play, in all respects, is arguably one of the largest contributors to the aberrations of contemporary society. In addition, what I call primary abandonment, due to lack of proper parenting and behaviorism techniques also is huge. In such conditions, people become raised to be good order followers, never questioning the status quo and revering the state, which ironically is overly patriarchal because it has to manage the unmastered masses. So much to tease out here, but if we want to understand current generations, or the past in general, we have to be willing to face the big elephant in the living room: WHO RAISED THIS KIDS AND MAYBE WE SHOULD LOOK AT THAT?! All social problems, in my view, can be traced to this cultural mess we find ourselves in. We need to we willing to let go of dogmatic traditions and overturn poor cultural norms in favor of creating a culture that actually is dynamic, open to change, and founded on the truth—those individuals who recgonize that all change for the better comes from the pursuit of truth.

  • Professor Peterson, a question has occurred to me today after watching this talk and also your second talk with Sam Harris. You have made the point that conservatism is associated with conscientiousness, and that political conservatives therefore make better administrators on average. How does that square with the American political scene where since 1980 and Reagan, conservatives have considered government to be the problem, and have done everything to prove themselves right by undermining governmental success in every way possible? Rather than being the superior administrators, they have consistently run up the debt and deficit with irresponsible tax cuts and military adventures, and they have consistently attempted to underfund, weaken, and ultimately destroy even the most fundamental services of government, like welfare, education, infrastructure, and health care. This has culminated in the election, by conservatives, of Trump, who is easily the least conscientious president of the last 150 years by any measure. Is there any way to explain it without resorting to denigrating Clinton's campaign? Regardless of the fact that she didn't get a good turnout in key states, somehow Trump got 63 million votes, presumably mostly from conservative, which is to say high in conscientiousness, voters. How?

  • Jews always have to play the victim, you'd think after being expelled from almost every single nation they'd do some self reflection and think long and hard that maybe antisemitism is a reaction to how they act and behave. Way to co-opt a lecture on freedom of speech, its impressive that Dr. Doidge can praise free speech while condemning anything that might hint at criticism against the tribe.

  • 12:25 "You try to encourage your kids, you make them courageous you don't protect them. That's different. You make them courageous, you don't protect them… you just make them weak then." That was a hesitant sentence although I utterly agree with it. I can even see a bit of Nietzsche influence wrapped into the thought you tried to communicate here.

  • Very interesting analysis on anti-semitism. Also clarifies the recent rising support for terrorist groups like Hamas.

  • The weird thought culture and privilege policing that's been happening in the recent years (that I've been aware of) is so frustrating… In general, I can understand noticing and being grateful for what you or I have received in life, or even reminding someone that they should appreciate what they have. We should all be appreciative– because if you were living out in the woods with just a sharpened stick and the clothes on your back, you'd be appreciative for a fire, or the 1 crawfish you could catch in the river, or whatever. But when you use cruel words or your physical will to put down someone who has something you don't have but want in life for x "reasons" (especially "reasons" they had absolutely no control over like their chromosomes, place they were born, or skin color), it helps nobody and it wastes energy. That's just something I was thinking about. I might just be a little tired.

  • What bs about Jews.. They are pure and if you don't agree you are wrong and antisemitic
    What about they are humans and they think about there interests first ?
    For the rest I love this conference…

  • You will never see someone like Jordan B. Peterson debate someone like Bill Maher or Al Sharpton on national t.v. without humor, or an audience, or a biased moderator. Peterson would shred them to bits. I feel like I'm the only person who can see our bureaucracy come apart at the seams.

  • "if youre a minority you should at least have the decency to be unsuccesful" – what is this sorcery? what does it mean and why does it seem legit?

  • JBP is the archetypal hero in his own life story he inspires me in such a positive way, what a great man he has my respect.

  • So the Jews were to the Nazi's what the Patriarchy is to the SJWs? Both lines of thought have similarities. A masculine order imposing despotic rule over them, to which any action that ameliorates such a travesty is justifiable. Except it was WW1 which had deleterious effects on Germany that caused their Hitler-fueled resentment; SJWs seem to have any negative experience attributable to a male catalyzed by garrulous feminist rhetoric into in-containable destructive tendencies.

  • She's a damn fine host – tenacious in the brief words and caring to put the microphone the moment she noticed the guests don't flow naturally

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