2017 Alliance Teacher of the Year Finalist Angela Lim

my name is Angela Lim I am a sixth grade science teacher and I teach at Alliance college reading middle school number she loves what she does she's polish prepared and the kids look up to her so make you laugh but she also make you do roar she believes in everyone so like even if she struggling to like make sure you get to where you want to be she makes science really fun for the kids my son he's so excited to be in their trust he comes home telling me of the experiments was a charm at home as well I think I love to create because they're so sweet and they're so sensitive and yet they're so mature at the same time and going into mr. Lin's class next station is be prepared be ready to learn and have fun I know when they're engaged when we see that aha moment and you see them smile and they look at you and they like I get it it just makes my day she's always had some type of creative projects whether it's music whether it's art design or you know the kids are asking questions about it I think that's the way she gets her students to just think about outside the box there's more than just East LA I think the Lions understand for me and they value teachers it's the wonderful people that I work with that has kept me here because of the incredible love and compassion she shows her students the students respect and trust her in return and they just they want to thrive I always appreciate them coming to talk to me I try to listen I try to put myself in their shoes and try to remember how it was like for me in middle school and just be there for them and listen and keep their secrets in seventh grade I was a I was falling behind in my reading and she pulled me aside and she talked to me and after that I just I started doing better just because we talked about it she's a really good role model for my son when I grow up I want to be a geneticist thanks to miss Lim actually would want to be a teacher just because of saying how much she loves her students she's probably one of the best teachers I've ever had she's definitely the most caring it's hard but at the end of the day I'm happy I feel very fulfilled and I feel like this is home this is what I need to do

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