the shorter end pull it out under that's step one and you don't worry about the longer side so once you're in this position it's pretty much like tying a shoelace so what you want to do is bring up on the shorter side sideways like this okay even have prosperity ball 2017 it is literally 20 minutes before we get the hell out of here but this is the most stressful time of the ball sort of every year the camera crew are here we've done a little bit of a sort of the suit getting on scene yeah Amy's upstairs she done the work with you guys yeah no yes okay Amy still needs to do her official video stuff but look we put the nametags there packed away we put the camera guys are good to go we booked the gifts here that we're gonna be giving away this year we do need a little game this year by the way I don't know if that will come through in the vlog maybe not but it's a little game that we invented to help the people who are a little bit more introverted go and communicate and talk to other people and get to know other students how you feeling good I'm feeling pretty good [Applause] how you guys doing oh it's just you wasn't me she's justice Oh are you ready to go almost you look good you look very pretty thanks oh my god it's gone oh my god how you stressed I am tonight I would like to get my hair finish why do you have I think it's some sort of techniques of the clip does not make a mark on your hair see why does my hair look like this is the real question so we're just doing final photos the girls have finished the makeup in the hair we all by the way the cars outside waiting for us that we have literally moments away from heading into the venue I'll go in the front can I go in the front how's everyone going hi but remember stress EU I escalated to a sip I'm the knight well maybe I'm a seven now because you've taken some of the load my god small amount of stress we hear ball starts in 20 minutes this ground here was meant to be all fogged out we had like a low fog thing that was meant to cover the in like a proper look for and like a mist that hasn't really worked out because the area is so floats out so we do have a dining area here what we're gonna do is try and get the smoke machine in this area will drape will shut the drapes so that at least at dinner time when we open a Marco beer before we'll see how it works goodness me oh oh oh here this is our little breakout room ball historically is very very very full on like a hundred people or something slumping using extras how's your shuttle I'm in a ten-time at nine point six oh my god so we have a little usual left to set up a little area just so we can catch a breath because talking for five hours straight and and meeting new people and trying to keep the energy high so that you don't come across like a prick it's it takes a little bit of cardio if we're honest yes these guys have been to every single ball yeah three from theory and the awesome this is everybody it's different different vibe isn't it yeah awesome I appreciate that feedback Rohan that's isn't lightning this is gonna get hit up about six wide speeds with you round two techniques apart thanks thanks Mack the wisest thing I can tell you right now is to follow them is to listen to the teachings is to be humble and is to really accept mentors seriously go out there and seek people who are getting the results you want who are doing the things that you want to do achieving the things that you want to achieve follow them coming there results like this man I guess one a very best student comes from Brisbane and we're gonna catch up in Whistler my good buddy is their faculty tomorrow yeah apparently I'm teaching them how to ski and snowboard but if it's yeah it will have it's snowing give us something a lot I'm not gonna lie do you guys have be on your own I'll be in the trees we're gonna be on the green runs I'll see you tomorrow dude for ten minutes I wish I could do it on a lot but every time we go into the lines then it's like a half an hour 45 minute round trip if you're an infant in first grade student and they feel still as a pole and way taking off look we are half an hour over time and I wish put a butcher says divided every single bush and that was them it is absolute in that but all think oh my gosh what's going on here Iraq you want to stay that's the thing that wasn't you I want to state to it but you never get out of there that's good you have a guy's gonna have a good time it was good eh hello arrived home from the ball time to kick the shoes off relax or have a little debrief goodness me we just had a half an hour ride home in the car and a little talk about our favorite people and the conversations that we had goodness to me it was good I had a good time I had a good time this here eck was a great time what do you last year this year better this reassure your this year you like more more intimate you know Chum will show two more people yeah I agree one percent I agree whether I like this year last year last year was more epic I think more equals more people and the the venue but this year was more personal more intimate and I guess it depends what you into but I can't tell if I like this year last year better not sure I think about even for different reasons I like this one better for different reasons like the other one better about the same 2017 infinite prosperity wall is all over and I want to say thank you to each and every student who made it in from 10 countries around the world to be with us for the night I had a couple of major highlights one was when I was doing my speech in my speech by the way a lot of the you know the formalities didn't get filmed with my camera here because I have to carry the damn thing around a vlog and we had a professional camera crew who caught it all at the time of this video we haven't had anything back we haven't had the photos we have another video so I none of the actual videos and none of the speeches or anything on the stage it's gonna be in this vlog but that's okay that will come up very soon in the new year but during my speech I I weaved it into my speech to give a shout out to two students I was Kris and money both of these quit their job this year and they have some really phenomenal stories I've met Chris a bunch of times Christian Audrey but money was the first time we met in person was really good to meet you mate and that these two guys have really spectacular stories about how they have been through a journey for Chris it was five years for money G it was ten years a ten year journey before he quit his job and that's a phenomenal story so I made a mention of these two guys in my speech and I said a thing I like put your heads up if you've quit your job this year and I thought that I knew that there were two there and I thought maybe three four but when I asked the question half the body room had their hand up and I hope that the video crew filmed that because I was absolutely blown away I was on the stage I was like oh my god really I thought that there would be a few there was a there was a heap the success stories coming out of this year were absolutely mind-blowing that was one of my biggest takeaways for this year another thing that Amy and I both noticed and something that we talked about on the car ride home was you know in 2015 when we get the ball we were at about 71 students would quit that job or full-time trading at the time and in that room in 2015 we had a couple of them right and you know when we would meet them for the first time the students that is we they would say us look I'm just about to quit my job right just quit my job and it was just a they were at the style or at the start because we were a very young company and then 2016 the ball that the conversation was just a little bit different we're going a little bit deeper and by that time we were teaching passive investing as well we're teaching the long game stuff and this year one of the big takeaways one of the things that I mean I both notice was that this year people weren't just talking about I quit my job people were talking about I quit my job and now my friend has quit his job because I got him and I got goose bumps even sort of you know relaying the story Mike I quit my job when my friend quit his job or in one case I quit my job and I got my dad to take the course and he's now quit his job and so what we haven't what we noticed is that the ripple effect is is expanding and at it's not so much about my success in terms of the students point of view it's not so much about their success but it's their success combined with the ripple effects that that's making in their life so that was a noticeable thing this year that we have that we like wow that was really really crazy so thank you for everyone who came up and introduced yourself and shared your story with us we love that that's why that's why we run the bloody ball right I mean leading up to the bowl every single year Amy and I say why are we running a bowl why the hell do we do this to ourselves we got this all this ridiculous cost me about the expensive suits and the dresses and the camera crew and the venue and they're gonna fly around the world and it is an absolute crazy thing to do to set up and to run the thing and right before the ball even this vlog you want to see how stress levels was sky-high right right before the ball with him never again we're not doing this ever again and then every year about 30 minutes 40 minutes into the ball we go and meet a bunch of students and we think holy this is why I run the ball and again I go goose lobs again we have to run the ball over here because the stories the putting the names to the faces hearing people's journey and hearing you know I did have I did a snapchat lesson and this little tiny one thing that I said in a bloody snapchat less than a year ago I made this massive difference and it's true and sloughing like hearing that seeing that being exposed to that it's a no-brainer while we do it we have to keep doing it right so thanks again for everyone who attended the ball thank you for doing the work and getting the result without our success stories we're nothing we're just an online website with some information on it right thank you for doing whatever it takes to get the result and thank you for making infinite prosperity what it is we'll see you in 2018

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  • Love this vid! Seeing your purpose being carried out in the flesh must be an amazing feeling.

    P.S. Love the bearded look, it suits you.

  • Lewis, I hope to be able to make a ball one of these years. You may or may not recall about a year ago (under my usual name "Tinninches", you did a snap talking about semi and passive income. I msg'd you back stating that snap got me off my ass and taking immediate action to create my first form of fully passive income. While it's not income replacement level of passive, it's by definition "passive" income. I'm receiving passive income each month. What that little bit of momentum/success has caused, is my wanting to go achieve/find more. I'll take a crap ton of small successes, if that's what it takes to work towards a big one. Sure beats not getting any money each month (aside from my corp. america job)…and I have you and that snap to thank. Mark my words. I will share a success story with you one of these days akin to the level of the other successful IP members. One day.

  • Australia last year was awesome, sadly I couldn't make it this year! As always it looked amazing and it's nice to see some familiar faces in the video πŸ˜€ IPBALL2018 here I come! πŸ˜‰

  • Noice Video! I just uploaded a video that took a long time to edit mind checking it out? πŸ™‚ have a nice day

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