2018 19 Covenant Basketball: A Season of Growth

the continuities there and the familiar face is there and a lot of the guys know me I got to see them yesterday and they're in there football season or soccer seasons or you know shooting around on their own so we can hit the ground running when the season starts there's a trust in that [Applause] titles on his resume as JV boys basketball coach at covenant all of the players who will be back played for cons at the JV level including members of the Eagles 2017 VI c JV title team the Eagles 2018-19 season began with a new head coach in charge but a familiar face December et tu had bowed and picked up their first win here at a huge Christian the Eagles were led by Knicks anchor the junior forward had worked seven water and one ferocious throwdown the team got more good news the next week unis anchor the team star point guard was slated to return from a shoulder injury in the ensuing few weeks the Eagles made their way through a gauntlet of a schedule sometimes playing three even four games in a week against top teams about the area and the entire state and games against state power such as Miller and BES the evil stood strong and let these teams scratching their heads and why they put this [Applause] as January came to a close so did the EVAs condensed schedule and in the final day of the month they welcomed New Covenant to Charlottesville for a conference game although was shaping up for a create opportunity for a home conference win the game did not end in the Eagles favor and they left disappointed it became apparent that the Eagles season was at a crossroad at that night and that in the coming weeks we had a lot about this team and who they were both as basketball players and young men the team regrouped and two days later Carlisle came to town ranked second in the v.i.c the team carried that momentum into the following Tuesday night when they would host Regents what would ensue would only be described as an instant classic a packed house the fans representing both crosstown squeeze the back-and-forth game was an intense one throughout all 28 and it's basketball but it appeared near the end the game might be slipping away from the evils with his team trailing by six he owned a sacred River pulled up 3u and made it a one-possession be it once more with 21.3 seconds remaining in when a trailer Bridget's by one [Applause] [Applause]

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