2018 Chase College of Law Commencement (Northern Kentucky University )

to the 2018 salmon P chase College of
Law commencement exercises the processional music this evening is being
performed by Cameron average wig out Tim Burton Thomas Clements Patrick Bolender
and Joseph ball students in the Department of Music would you please rise for our national
anthem led by Courtney Mills era Samuels Andrew Allen and Tyler Smith students in
the Department of Music Oh we was Oh please welcome mr. Michael Whiteman
co-acting Dean of the Chase College of Law to the podium good evening everyone
to our accomplished faculty in attendance to the university officials
appearing with me on the podium to our distinguished invited guests and most of
all to the families and friends of the class of 2018 I extend my welcome to you
all for the commencement for the Northern Kentucky University salmon P
chase College of Law welcome everyone please welcome miss Seward Romans
provost and executive vice president for academic affairs to the podium the Chase
College of Law of Northern Kentucky University is fortunate to have
outstanding faculty members who daily demonstrate their commitment to the
tripartite mission of the University through their teaching research and
service to quote Chase’s own Barbara McFarland Director of Student Success
initiatives and assistant professor of law
I chose chase after several decades at another law school because I perceived a
true commitment here to assisting all students in acquiring the knowledge
skills ethics and dedication required for success in law school on the bar
exam in the practice of law and in service to the community it was both a
good choice and an accurate perception it is my distinct pleasure to ask all
faculty in the salmon P chase College of Law to stand and be recognized at this time it is my great pleasure to
introduce the distinguished members of the platform party I will ask them to
stand as I call their names and remain standing please hold your applause until
all have been introduced representing the Nankai you Board of
Regents Regent Richard voice Regent Arnie slaughter’d Secretary of the Board
of Regents Andre our Ward Regent Greg Shumate please join me in recognizing
the NKU Board of Regents mr. Gerard a st. amant interim president of Northern
Kentucky University mr. Michael Whiteman Co acting dean of the chaste college of
law judge Amul R before US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit honorary
degree recipient and commencement speaker professor John Vickers Grand
Marshall miss Krissy Don Dutton president of the Chase Alumni Council
mr. Michael manheimer professor of law and associate dean for faculty
development mr. Lawrence Rosenthal Co acting dean of
the Chase College of Law miss Heather Crabb assistant dean of
students chaste College of Law mr. ben Jagger executive assistant to the
president and secretary to the Board of Regents mr. David McKnight associate
dean for advancement miss Laurie Southwood interim chief administration
officer miss Joan M gates vice president for legal affairs and general counsel
mr. Eric C gentry vice president for University Advancement mr. Barry Kenzel
president of the NKU Foundation Board dr. Daniel Nadler vice president for
student affairs dr. Kevin G Kirby Dean of the College of informatics dr.
Kathleen Roberts senior adviser to the president for inclusive excellence dr.
Diana Elmer
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences dr. Cynthia J Reid Dean of the College
of Education and Human Services dr. Dale Stevenson Dean of the College of Health
Professions please join me in recognizing our platform party today please welcome mr. Michael Brummell
president of the student Bar Association to the podium good evening mother’s father’s
grandparents spouses siblings friends and loved ones welcome to Northern
Kentucky University salmon P chase College of Law when I decided to go to
law school I knew it was going to be a challenge but I never realized how much
you see most of my expectations were shaped by YouTube videos and what many
might call a surprising number of viewings of the American classic Legally
Blonde yet the most important lesson was one that our patron saint Elwood’s
couldn’t teach me because I learned it here at chase and that’s a lesson that
I’ll never forget you see law school can be a terrifying
experience they say it breaks down into three waves they scare you to death the
first year they working it at the second and then while they bore you to death
the third yet the reality is is that the scaring to death last all three years
and that’s because you can walk in any semester you can walk into a classroom
hear the professor call out a name and see fear matriculate in the students
eyes cold calling is truly the fear that keeps law students up at night but what
separates this class sitting before you this class of 2018 from others around
this country is that at another law school the professor calls out a name
and for what could feel out like an eternity it’s just a grilling between
that student and that professor lion meat gazelle but this class is different
because when the professor calls out a name of a student here that student is
not alone that student may not know the answer to the question they’ll hear a
whisper from a colleague to their left that student may not know the rationale
of a case and they may see a scribbled note from a friend to their right that
student may feel like they didn’t do the best job with a case and they’ll hear
you did great and you’ll be even better the next time with this class this
graduating class of 2018 here at Chase has taught me is that Allen Hamilton
right when he said in life no one accomplishes anything of substance on
his or her own even when we stare in awe what might appear to be a solitary feat
like climbing the top of a mountain alone or even where the announcer calls
your name today and you walk across this stage to receive your JD alone there’s
an invisible support there are loved ones who sit in this audience right now
who have cherished the adventure or inspired you to have the courage to take
the first steps a mentor who taught you or a colleague with whom the experience
was shared it’s this unseen magic that allows us to be here and allows us to
accomplish things bigger than ourselves it’s what allows us to be bigger than me
or you but to be us and ultimately although each and every one of you will
walk across this stage and receive your juris doctorate alone and begin your
path on the proverbial final frontier years from now whether you’re a
successful prosecutor a public defender whether you’re in big law making big
bucks or if you’ve decided not to practice law at all we’ll look back and
we’ll have the memories those memories won’t be at the times that we were in
libraries studying by ourselves but the memories will be of the times we clumped
into study groups praying that somehow someway we could pass the whole
procedure the memories will be of the times where we needed that shoulder to
cry on and we found it from our friends or when we doubted ourselves and we
heard from a person from our left or right the thing that we needed to hear
for us to persevere no one in this world accomplishes anything of substance alone
and although our juris doctorate will read a singular name as we all know a
pluribus unum out of many one thank you all for allowing me the opportunity of
your student Bar Association president it was a pleasure and of course may the
force be with you thank you thank you Michael it is now my honor to
present the salmon P chase award this award is in the form of a likeness of a
silver pitcher the real pitcher is housed in the cinsay Museum Center and
it is numbered among the museum’s most valuable artifacts it was given to our
namesake chief justice salmon P chase by the african-american community in
Cincinnati in recognition of chases stalwart advocacy on behalf of freed
slaves Chase’s silver pitcher and the award given today in its honor has drawn
the attention of the nation’s current Chief Justice John Roberts
Chief Justice Roberts in speaking about our law schools chase award has said
that the graduates of the chase college of law should like chief justice chase
himself and I quote bring discipline integrity skill and courage to your
labors and couple those virtues with a sense of public service and a personal
commitment to justice each year we receive nominations to recognize a
graduating student who best exemplifies salmon P chase is passion dedication and
advocacy on behalf of others the recipient of this year’s award is Judy
de Morel Judy de has been called a fierce
advocate for those who have been oppressed marginalized and forgotten in
our community she has put in countless hours assisting pro se litigants with
the Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center as well as the Ohio justice and
Policy Center ACLU children’s Law Center in the Kentucky Innocence Project her
demeanor with clients has been described as quiet passion and filled with the
deepest empathy and thoughtfulness additionally juh Dida
has demonstrated leadership abilities as an instructor at the law and Leadership
Institute and as president of the chase American Constitution Society for law
and policy there is overwhelming evidence of Judy design for helping
others and dedication to a life of service regardless of where her path may
lead it is now my privilege to present the 2018 salmon P chase award to Judy to
morale is now my honor to present the 2018
professor of the Year award each graduating class selects a professor
whose excellence in teaching and commitment to the students leaves a
lasting impression on their lives and futures the class of 2018 has selected
professor John Vickers as the recipient of the professor of the
Year award this is the second time in the past three years that Professor
Vickers students have recognized him for his excellence in teaching John is a
friendly kind approachable yet demanding professor his students now that when in
his class they are expected to know their stuff but at the same time they
might very well hear a track from Pink Floyd’s Boom aguma album his love for
teaching and for the students is evident I am honored to present John with this
year’s professor of the Year award lawyers do good this November
more than 80 chase alumni will be seeking elected office they will be
seeking offices at all levels of government lawyers are trained to help
others whether it be through elected office serving counsel to elected
officials or serving on volunteer boards lawyers serve while it chase you’ve
already begun this journey of serving each of you had to complete a minimum of
50 hours of pro bono service many of you worked in our law clinics helping the
underserved and many more of you participated in externships working with
public defender offices prosecutors judges legal aid societies and many
other places that helped to serve our communities never lose sight of the
journey you have started down the path of service here at Chase look around
this room these people represent your friends your family your community as a
lawyer you will play a vital role in helping all of these people lawyers do
good you are about to join the thousands of chase alumni who have graduated these
past 125 years like them remember your role you protect the constitutional
rights of a criminal defendant you help your community seek justice as a
prosecutor you advise the local county board on how to acquire land to build a
baseball field you counsel businesses on how to grow and create jobs you help a
couple seeking divorce create a stable environment for their children
everything you do helps your community as you venture forth from Chase I hope
that the lessons you’ve learned during the past few years will help guide you
on your path lawyers do good and chase graduates are
among the best let me now introduce you to someone else who has built a career
on doing good protecting the Constitution and serving his community
the Honorable a mol hih par is a United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
judge he is the first South Asian article 3 judge judge the bar is a
strong connection to chase and has been a wonderful adviser mentor and champion
for the school and our students he has served as a distinguished jurist in
residence and he has taught a highly sought-after
upper-level Supreme Court seminar for several years he’s also served as an
adviser to chase students who are interested in seeking federal judicial
clerkships he is always willing to share his knowledge with the students by
either serving as a guest speaker in a class or at events or by helping
coordinate visits by a number of prominent guests judge the PAR has
successfully gone through two Senate confirmations under two different
sitting United States presidents and he demonstrates the same poise strength of
character leadership and qualifications in every Friday morning class and guest
speaker presentation as he does before a Senate committee or presiding in the
United States Court of Appeals it is an honor and a privilege to welcome the
Honorable a Morpha par to the podium well good evening it’s loud I’m a little
louder than they are so I’ll keep you awake at least I’ve been to three
commencements myself high school college and law school and so I’ve heard
three commencement speakers I figured and I was sitting back and trying to
think how much I remember about that and I figured out I remember nothing and so
I thought I better keep it short because you’re probably not gonna remember this
anyway but I want to talk to you about your
dreams and dreaming big when you graduate from law school you’ve probably
heard this story before but I’m gonna tell it to you again so a young attorney
wants to be successful and he seeks out everyone he can find how do I get
success and they say you go to this guru and this guru will tell you how to be
successful so he goes to see the Guru and the Guru says what do you want he
said I want to be successful so meet me on the beach at 4 a.m.
he looks at I’m saying I don’t want to go for a night swim I just want to be
successful and the Guru says meet me on the beach at 4 a.m. so he puts on his
best suit it’s nice shoes shows up at the beach at 4 am the Guru says to him
well what do you want he says I’ve been telling you girl what kind of guru are
you I want to be successful he says come out with me he walks out into the water
waste hice thinking I don’t want to be a lifeguard I want to be successful and
I’ve just ruined my best suit but he does it anyway the Guru says you sure
you want to be successful and he says yeah he says walk a little further out
with me they walk out shoulder high guru says do you sure you want to be
successful he says yes what do you think I’m telling you he’s thinking jeez I
should just leave right now guru says all right he grabs him by the
head and shoves him under the water and he holds him under the water and he
holds him under the water till he feels like he’s gonna
Sal and when he’s about to pass out he lets him come up and he asks them when
you were under water what did you want to do anyone know the answer
breathe and the guru said to him that’s right you wanted to breathe and when you
want to succeed as much as you want to breathe you will be successful I like
that think about it to truly be successful in
life you have to want it as much as you want to breathe tonight when you go home
think about how bad do you want to succeed do you want to succeed that much
that you want it as bad as you want to breathe now you’re going out into the
real world there’s a lot of smart people out there and what separates success and
failure is not determined by brains it’s determined by work ethic that’s the
difference show me any profession show me any one successful and I’ll point to
their work ethic your law degree will give you an opportunity to do great
things to make a difference but you have to want to and you can’t take a time off
from striving to succeed because listen to this how you do anything is how you
do everything ready I’m gonna say it again
how you do anything is how you do everything
excellence is a habit and when you decide that you want to succeed I want
to tell you a few things that are gonna happen first you’re gonna fail that’s
right you’re gonna fail there are winners in
life and there are frankly a lot of losers in life
the difference is winners fail they dust themselves off and they go back at it
losers let their failures define who they are
someone who succeeds every three out of ten times in baseball’s called what a
Hall of Famer who’s this this basketball player missed nine thousand shots
lost 300 games was entrusted with taking the game-winning shot 26 times and
failed who is it Michael Jordan that person’s seen the
commercial for me failure meets closer to home I failed many times and I’m
gonna tell you about one specific time I failed miserably I applied to be a
magistrate judge and I didn’t get it and it hurt and it stung and I could have
given up my dream of becoming a judge since then I’ve become United States
Attorney a United States District Court judge so the magistrate judge just
worked for me and a United States Sixth Circuit Judge right I didn’t let that failure define
me but trust me at the moment I failed I wanted to it was easier failure is a
part of life but the great ones get up brushed themselves off and go at it
harder the next time I want to remind you of another thing because some of you
are gonna leave and you’re gonna say I’m gonna do that I’m gonna succeed I’m
gonna want to succeed as much as I want to breathe and on your way to becoming a
success you’re gonna run into and meet and impact a lot of people one study
said we meet 10,000 people in our lives as a lawyer you’ve been blessed with the
opportunity to make a difference set a goal today how many lives are you gonna
change how many lives are you gonna make a difference in and meet that goal and
let me tell you about the other whatever it is 9900 whatever be nice to him
because you never know when it’s gonna pay off for you and you know what it’s
just the right thing to do I want to tell you one more story I
promise I told you I’m gonna be short but I got to tell you this one more
story when I’m talking about these other things so I want to tell you about a guy
named Dustin Mosley dust and Mosley grew up in Eastern Kentucky
Dustin Mosley had a mom and dad that frankly weren’t that great and a brother
not much better what did Dustin Mosley’s parents and
brother do and sister-in-law for that matter they dealt drugs not the best
people in the world they got busted and unfortunately for them they got busted
by the feds and mom and dad and brother made it to jail sister-in-law od’d and
died before they could arrest her and mom and dad and drug dealers aren’t that
smart that’s for those of you that are criminal defense attorneys or wannabe
I’m gonna tell you they’re not that smart you know when they get to jail and
they pick up the phone and it says this call is being recorded
that’s like so don’t say anything that’s gonna incriminate yourself okay but mom
calls Dustin up and mom says to Dustin who’s 21 has not been in trouble with
the law Dustin you you can put in the words so
polite ceremony um you got to get in the family business
it’s time for you to start so I need you to bring marijuana to so-and-so who’s on
the outside who goes out to work and she’s gonna bring it in to me so I can
deal drugs in prison because we don’t stop and dust and says mom I don’t want
to do that you guys got in trouble I don’t want to go to jail she curses
him out says Dustin stop being an X it’s time for you to get in the family
business and he agrees well guess who’s waiting at the drop-off this doesn’t
take much right law enforcement right they’ve listened to the calls they know
what’s gonna happen they’re waiting at the drop-off they arrest Dustin Dustin
comes before me and his wife who’s very impressive shows up at
sentencing he pleads guilty it’s pretty hard when you’re on tape and caught
red-handed and his guidelines are 46 to 57 months and his wife shows up with a
plan for Dustin she brings his pastor she brings a friend in the community
from Bible study and these people testify and the person in the community
from Bible study says I’m gonna give him a job I called the probation officer
over I’m not from Eastern Kentucky and I say who is this guy who says oh he’s one
of the biggest bigwigs out here if he’s gonna give him a job he’s gonna give a
job I said we were you gonna give him a job says I’m gonna give him a job at the
cemetery he can dig graves but I’ll watch after so I say to the wife I say
look this is a big ask you’re asking for this guy not to get jail time and what
he did is wrong and she says and I say what can I be assured that he won’t
commit another crime and then I’m gonna have to put him in jail for a long time
if he does and she says judge if you put him on supervision he commits another
crime I promise he won’t make it to sentencing so I give him a chance it’s
about six years ago today Dustin owns the cemetery he owns an
excavation company I put his mom dad and brother in jail for an awful long time
he’s adopted his brothers sister and she’s now at Transylvania University
doing a fantastic job he’s got his own kids and he’s an extremely successful
businessman in Eastern Kentucky the message of that is a he decided he
wanted to succeed as much as he wanted to breathe and he didn’t have all the
skills you all have second I somehow my wife and kids would tell you this is
impossible but I somehow find it and found it in my heart to be kind and look
at how it paid off so I promise it would be short so I’m
gonna sum it up number one want to succeed as much as you want to
breathe number two make a difference in people’s lives set
a goal let’s start with ten and when you get to ten go for another group be kind
everyone you meet demand and expect greatness from yourself but know that
achieving it means many failures invest in yourself and invest in others because
the payback is great remember how you do anything it’s how you do everything be
excellent at everything you do and finally I hope you will remember this
please always remember it is who we are not what we do that ultimately defines
us alright so I promised I’d finish I got two more things and I’m done
homework yes I got to assign you homework come on you haven’t graduated
yet right but you got to do it after you graduate cuz they’re gonna give you your
diplomas I couldn’t get them to stop before this so here’s your homework when
you leave tonight just do this for me write down on tonight on a piece of
paper what your dream is because too many you’re gonna get the golden
handcuffs I promise you but write it down why’d you come to law school we all
have dreams if you don’t you’re a weird human being what were you here to
accomplish would you want to become then every year on this day right you’ll
forget my speech but you won’t forget this day on every year on this day pull
that piece of paper out here’s another thing with all of you you all have these
phones just put it in your phone and have it pop up in a reminder in a year
and ask yourself two questions one is that
still your dream and two are you doing everything in your power to accomplish
it every year do that finally I have to praise the law school what a great year
for the law school it’s the hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary as you all
probably know all too well since the school’s founding it’s also the
hundredth anniversary of the first two women that were admitted to the law
school how about it come on and today they send you off into the world to
dream and do big things you will make chase proud
congratulations and may God bless each and every one of you thank you judge the bar thank you for those words
of inspiration encouragement to the class of 2018 your support of the
college of law and our students over these past many years is truly truly
appreciated just the part this time will you and president st. amant please join
me at the podium for a special presentation the Board of Regents of Northern
Kentucky University do hereby confer the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws upon
judge Amol earth apart in recognition of his exceptional leadership and
distinguished service in the legal field his demonstrated commitment to justice
and his strong support of salmon P chase College of Law his exemplary leadership
and service and body chases vision of excellence and legal education and
public engagement to the benefit of the legal profession in society at large
done on this 4th day of May 2018 in testimony whereof we have it fixed to
this document our signature in the seal of the University please welcome mr. Jared st. amant
interim president of Northern Kentucky University well good evening everyone
I tell you what a night the celebration of success and and what a personal
special privilege it is for me to be able to confer degrees upon so many so
many students that I had the chance to meet at the beginning of the law school
career and the professional opportunity to to teach you in your first semester
and property one and you’re here you’re here and it’s really a pleasure to see
you at commencement having completed your law school journey I also want to I
want to thank all the students who who conspired with mr. Charles stone to to
make me one of the movie poster boys for the barristers ball and I’m sorry I
wasn’t able to attend but I’ll tell you what I am I’m glad this that the post
are you selected was 4nk used version of mr. Smith goes to Washington you know
professor st. amant ghost in Northern Kentucky University yeah it’s not that I
love the movie although it’s a good movie
it’s that this poster really makes me look so much taller and thinner thank you so much Charles and your
lovely bride who is the artist behind this and all of you other
co-conspirators well I’m gonna be conferring degrees upon you all shortly
but before I do I would like to take a few moments to share some thoughts with
you about the profession with all of you who are graduating today the good news
is this will not be a full class section there’s a class session but I do want to
share some thoughts as you transition from law school into the profession now
James Monroe who was our fifth president here for this United States once
remarked that the question to be asked at the end of an educational step is not
what has the student learned but what has the student become now I want to
criticize one of our founding fathers but I think he was only half right fact
is we have to ask both questions at the end of law school because first as you
transition from law school to the profession it is important that you you
bring with you a certain amount of knowledge and skills that you’ve learned
but President Monroe was clearly correct in noting that knowledge is not
sufficient as a measure of success in the educational process particularly one
that’s designed for entry into a profession so as you transition from law
school into the legal profession it is important that you have become a
different person than when you started law school it is important that you have
become a person who embraces the values of the profession that you have become a
person who appreciates the important role that the legal system plays in our
society and that you have become a person who is committed to strengthening
the legal profession in its ability to serve our society so as you assess where
you stand today by those measures and as you consider what your responsibilities
are moving forward I think it’s worth
reflecting for a moment on a theme that dates us back to the beginning of our
country a theme that was articulated by Thomas Paine in 1776 in our
revolutionary fight against King George in America the law is king
well that declaration by Payne laid the inspirational foundation for the
creation of the most successful government in history our american
constitutional republic our governments fundamental characteristic and its
greatest strength at its beginning and remains today the rule of law and the
rule of law rests upon the understanding and the acceptance by all that all are
subject to the law the government its leaders businesses the wealthy the
majority all our constitutional republic founded and strengthened on the
principle of the rule of law relies heavily on the legal profession for its
continued strength and vitality and that reliance in our profession places
enormous responsibility on each member of the profession so before leaving this
arena with your law degree in hand just want to reflect briefly on the
nature and extent of that responsibility that weeds there you know when Thomas
Jefferson was president he would ask three questions about a possible
appointee to a governmental position one is the person capable to is the person
honest three is the person loyal to the Constitution now those three questions
fundamentally address how the legal profession has come to define its
professional ethics and responsibilities the notions of competence and integrity
as a professional responsibility I mean they lend themselves readily to a fairly
concrete understanding but this notion of loyalty to the Constitution as a
responsibility is at least at first it’s a bit more amorphous but think
about it the Constitution embodies broad concepts about justice the rule of law
it embodies Thomas Paine’s declaration that the law is indeed king but the law
can be king only if all people are subject to the law only if all people
have access to the law if all citizens rich and poor strong and weak do not
have effective access to our legal system to resolve the disputes that
arise the rule of law is threatened self-help or violence becomes the remedy
and ultimately freedom and democracy are the victims and that’s not a theoretical
proposition look around the world that there are examples those failures all
over the world so the need to ensure effective access to by all people to our
system of justice is the underlying basis for expecting pro bono service
from all lawyers as an integral part of our professional responsibilities and so
service service in the interest of Justice is that practical embodiment of
our professional responsibility to be loyal to the Constitution but as you
engage in your service in the interest of justice recognize also that embedded
within that interest of justice is the responsibility to do all we can to
protect the independence of and respect for our judiciary because ultimately the
rule of law is sustained in our society only if society continues to accept the
judgments of our legal system to the acceptance to the extent that acceptance
erodes the rule of law is weakened in our societies weakened so as you
approach the final steps to becoming full members of what I consider I hope
you do as well a noble service-oriented professional
law I ask that you make a commitment today a
commitment to maintain the very highest level of professional competence and
integrity and a commitment to be loyal to the Constitution in the sense of a
commitment to service service to individuals service to our community
service to our legal system and in doing so service to our nation being a member
of the legal profession carries significant responsibility throughout
our nation’s history lawyers have been a dominant force in helping to keep
organized and sustain civilized society and as you weigh that heavy
responsibility know that the staff the faculty the administration of the Chase
College of Law and our university people who have seen you through your legal
education have confidence in you no other Kentucky University is proud to
have you wear the NKU Chase College of Law label as you leave here today
because you know we know that you will honor the NKU chase name and you will
honor the professional law I wish you all the very best not only
professionally but personally as you embark on on an exciting and worthy
adventure in the service of others god bless you all please welcome mr. Lawrence Rosenthal
co-acting Dean of the Chase College of all to the podium mr. president it is my
privilege to present to you the Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law
graduating class of 2018 before I ask you to stand this one
personal note as I walked into this arena this evening was my wife Peggy
he’s out there it suddenly dawned on me that you know I arrived in Northern
Kentucky University in 1999 to be dean of the law school and so the end of my
first year here I had the privilege of participating in the commencement
ceremony for the law school and now as I am within within 60 days of retiring
from this university the privilege of suddenly returning in this capacity to
have the opportunity to confer these degrees is such a meaningful experience
for me and so special so having said that to lay no longer all right it’s now my privilege to
confer the degrees we’ll all the degree candidates please stand by virtue of the authority vested in me
by the Commonwealth of Kentucky through the Board of Regents of Northern
Kentucky University I confer upon each of you the degree for which you have
been recommended either the juris doctor or masters of legal studies I now
declare you a graduate of the salmon P chase College of Law of Northern
Kentucky University congratulations receiving the Juris Doctor today are
Carly Yvonne Adams Megan el Atkins Julie M Andre Allen Emily M Ballard Marcy a barkovsky Gary L Bishop Jasmine
s Blevins Courtney s Booker Jamison Heath boot Michael ass bro Mel Gretchen Allison Brown James Leon jail Friday Catherine Taylor Buffington Deborah McFarland Campbell Alexander Campbell Cantrell Jared H
Catrin Kelsey em chase carom James Kristensen Isaac and clay will Anthony Wayne Klaus chase a cocks Zachary D Craddock Voki Mary L Creighton William II Krause the
third Cody James Dalton Mimi to grow Adam
Curtis death Terrence Demery the second Christopher M ice Tori laQuan Finley Brandon cfox Aaron Patrice golf Patrick J Grey Brittany aleem Grigory gray Thomas
Grisham Pamela s Hall destiny s Hamilton Stephanie lessard Harris Patrick G hoy Olivia D Holbrook Cody Thomas hooks Maxwell J Hopkins Lincoln gee how no T Hudson Sharonda Alicia hunter Desiree Isaac joshua paul johnson Matthew C Johnson shanell Nicole Jones jerilyn em Kelsey Ashley n for Patrick Kyle our Knopf hey Lee K Koontz Matthew Gregory
kreega Alexandra T Kubala William see Little Richard D long Elizabeth M maja hunter G
Martin Kalinga Bernadette Hawaii chef Thomas Bryan McComas marry a Mackenzie Maxwell McLean Dominic
Lawrence McCulloch JD de Hanna morale Lindsey m-mom Lee Samir Z no sir Amberly M Newberry Tyler Joseph Noonan pond owed Sammy see
O’Day Carolyn Maria Pierce Marchesa M Peters Joshua Sean Rick price Caitlin
Elizabeth price savor em price Jeremy T Pruett Olivia I’m Robbie Jason s rain James Douglas Reebok brandy Renee Rex
Rose John T Roberts Richard II Rogers Christopher d-rose clay see Sabourin Amy Weddington Saunders Donald e chili Jonathan Schroeder Abigail K Sears Hannah e cyber Rebecca Hayes she had Cassandra a Celebi Michael a Skidmore Anita be small e Richard W Smith Jeffrey
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Walker qivana star Walker Bryson D whammies Jenna Lynn Waymire Alexander be we Dolph Lauren Marie Wilson Nicole are ck and receiving the master of legal
studies today our Jessa Angeline de los santos Muhammad Sabri salvia well congratulations you have now
officially joined the ranks of those thousands of chase alumni who lead
advise and better their communities and neighbors every day you joined the ranks
of some of the best attorneys executives judges and community leaders in the
country I know that they welcome you just as we at Chase welcomed you when
you began your journey here congratulations you are now a graduate
of Northern Kentucky University will you now please remain standing for
the singing of our alma mater led by the students in the Department of Music the
words of the alma mater are printed on the back cover of your program Oh your name as your children one weekend that concludes our commencement ceremony
please remain standing while the platform party and the graduates leave
the hall

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