2018: Outrage, Anger, and Unusual Alliances

2018 is here and incredibly enough, the Earth's
core hasn't melted down yet. Somehow, humanity has managed to survive several
extinction level events over the past few weeks, including but not limited to, the republican
tax bill passing, net neutrality being repealed, Russian bots trolling Twitter, and of course,
late night Trump Tweets. While it's pretty clear the endless hysteria
about the return of the Nazis, the hyperbole describing the end of the world and the general
lunacy of our collective social media hive mind is going to continue into 2018 and beyond,
I want to look back, make my prediction and offer a glimmer of hope in the madness. In my first Direct Message of 2017, I had
said if 2016 was the year of fake outrage, then 2017 would be the year of misguided anger. Though I'm no Nostradamus, I think my prediction
came out looking pretty damn good. My prediction was based on a few trends, but
primarily that if you spend all of 2016 saying that Trump was Hitler, and he turned out not
to be Hitler, that you would've painted yourself into an intellectual corner, which could only
come out in misguided anger. Once you've labeled someone as Hitler, you
can't really walk your statement back by acknowledging that they might occasionally do something
good. This line of thinking was a trap that the
Left set for itself and is one of the reasons I spent so much time in 2016 trying to reform
the Left. The endless name calling and virtue signaling
was obviously going to lead to more misguided anger if the prophecy of Trump as Hitler didn't
come true. After all, you can never give a Hitler figure
credit if he does something good, so you just have to endlessly double-down and slide further
and further to the extreme. You may hate Trump's appointees, the Republican
tax plan and more, but you do have to face that Hitler he is not. To continue this line of thinking is to dishonor
the millions of people who died at the hands of a fanatical madman. The misguided anger which Trump's election
brought didn't just affect politicians and pundits, but ordinary people, too. Every single day I get dozens of emails from
regular folks who are losing friends, who are ostrasized by their family members, or
most dangerously afraid to say what they think because it may fall outside of the accepted
narrative. News organizations from Buzzfeed to HuffPo
even to CNN and the NY Times, exposed themselves as places of Leftists activism more than places
of honest and unbiased journalism. While the 2016 election should've brought
some introspection amongst this class, it instead brought a doubling down of attacking
anyone who steps outside of the accepted norms. This dishonesty and desire to control what
you think is exactly what led to the rise of the trolls, the meme makers and the frogs. OK, on to 2018. While there clearly will be no course correction
by those who trade in identity politics and collectivism, I see many signs that their
movement is beginning to lose steam. Of course if you were tracking this all along
you knew this was the inevitability of the oppression olympics, if you believe victimhood
to be virtue, then you must be always be a bigger victim than the person next to you. This is the fatal flaw of intersectionality:
together you aren't stronger, you are actually weaker because of your competing interests. This is why leftism, collectivism, socialism
or whatever you want to call it has always led to more authoritarian control and more
dead bodies in the name of tolerance. It is a snake that eats its tail, and right
now if you look close enough, the snake is about half way through with lunch. While the snake eats, those of us who are
woke, as the kids say, are going to find allies every which way we look. Right before Christmas I spoke at the largest
gathering of conservative college students ever, at Turning Point USA's annual conference
in Palm Springs. Many former Rubin Report guests were there
including Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Greg Gutfeld. During my speech I talked about being for
gay marriage, for a woman's right to choose and a slew of other so-called liberal ideas. The speech wasn't just warmly received, I
actually got a standing ovation for talking about our differences and how we can find
common ground. I'd be happy to do the same exact speech for
a progressive organization, but I won't hold my breath waiting for the invitation. While one side preaches tolerance but doesn't
actually practice it, I think 2018 is finally going to be the year this script gets torn
up and rewritten. If you truly stand for the individual and
believe we live in a free society where our differences should be relished and not relinquished,
then you will find people to connect with every direction — just look at the diverse
voices who we had in this very studio who caught fire in 2017, like Jordan Peterson,
Brett Weinstein, Lindsay Shepard, Laci Green, Colin Moriarty and Yasmine Muhammed. These people came from all across the physical
map as well as the ideological map, yet have found common cause in fighting for their ability
to say and think what they believe. So if 2016 was the year of Fake Outrage and
2017 was the Year of Misguided Anger, I believe that 2018 will be the year of Unusual Alliances. If you make the decision in your mind to be
for the only diversity that matters, the diversity of thought, you will quickly find it easy
to find friends where you once found enemies. And, as has happened to me on more than one
occasion, you might just change your mind instead of changes someone elses. It can be humbling and even scary when that
happens, but that's the risk of real diversity, but I think it's one well worth taking. My challenge to you is to do something this
year. Don't just talk about it, do it. Whatever that is to you. Start fighting for your beliefs in the real
world, not just by using a hash tag on Twitter. Even if you disagree with me on everything,
get out there and fight for whatever it is you believe. Obviously don't use violence or your right
to free speech to infringe on someone else's right to use theirs, but stand up for the
ideas you care about. The old systems of politics, media, Hollywood
and even sports are crumbling right before our eyes and it's up to us to decide what
will come next. I believe that we have a chance to build on
the ideas of classical liberalism, of libertarianism, of individualism and of personal freedom instead
of authoritarianism, socialism leftism and authoritarian control. I will fight for those ideas like never before
in 2018 and I hope that you will join me, whatever that means to you…

34 thoughts on “2018: Outrage, Anger, and Unusual Alliances

  • Just wrapped our first show of 2018 with that Ben Shapiro fella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9IwamztdqA

  • UPDATE PLEASE DAVE! Looking forward to 2019 when the anti-liberty pogroms finally STOP (or else a second, separate INTERNET reveals itself where we all find a new home, and let the #BigTech bastards starve).

  • I wonder who is giving Thumb Down ? What did he say that one would say " that is wrong " ?
    If you are that close-minded, you should … you know what you should.

  • I'm sorry, but an inability to talk about a pernicious ideology and its resurface is more disrespectful to those who died at the hands of nationalism than ignoring it and making a video about how Trump is not identical with the historical Hitler (a position not as frequently claimed as there are some similarities and some differences). As with most of your video's recently this one turns the left into a straw man and then easily knocks it over.

  • When are you going to have Larry Sharpe on? He's one of the leaders of the liberty movement and running for NY governor. www.larrysharpe.com

  • Leftist activism is unbiased journalism.
    Grounded in fact and not fiction like the far right Dave associates with

  • Dave Rubin, I just love You! You are a voice of reason in these crazy times! I would get so upset when leftists would call themselves liberals, then you came out with that video about why you left the left and I thought, this is my guy! Bless your heart! Keep going! We need you!

  • The very fact that he still uses left and right as legitimate dichotomy is a non-starter. Calling CNN and so on leftist seems to indicate he leaves true progressives out of the equation. It's a straw man. Conservatives can gain traction by going after the DNC/HRC/CIA conglomerate, just as that same element tries to gain traction by going after Trump. Rubin is part of this false dialogue. The paradigm shift that is necessary will leave Rubin behind.

  • I think 2018 is going to be the year of reckoning. The left just won't be able to keep holding itself up under the weight of all the lies. Exhibit A is the reaction to the shithole comment. What is a better description for a country where women born there can expect to be raped and not even consider phoning the police, because the police either won't care or will only care if someone bribes them to look into it?

  • And the criticism of the right? The popularisation of race realism? Charlottesville? Donald Trump? What a surprise🤨

  • Dave, you represent a version of the left that I want to dress down but does not scare me. People like us have much to discuss and I'm glad that there are players like you on the other team.

  • A battle over the narrative; liberal media vs Trump!! You need to do much better than that to claim you have made an argument against what you think is a monolithic liberal media.

  • Other than your own biases, wishful thinking, and carefully filtered guest line up; what evidence do you have that "the script is going to flip" in 2018? What is the empirical basis for your thinking?

    Also, please don't ever say "woke" again.

  • Even as someone who leans right thank you for this amazing channel. I love that you keep your own bias and opinions out of things and approach things very objectively. I too want to bring back classical liberalism and free speech!

  • Your one time guest Bill Whittle said many times…well, pretty much everything you just said. Bill and PJTV were my introduction to watching more internet than TV and now you , Black Pidgeon Speaks, The Right Angle, Ben Shapiro, Sargon and even Milo are some of my favorite viewing. Thank you roger and Bill.

  • Just wondering if you'll ever have on any socialists. Socialists, as i'm sure you know, reject identity politics and don't fall prey to many of your criticisms of the left. Socialists like Chris Hedges, whose book Empire of Illusion details the cult of personality you mentioned in your Oprah video, would be a wonderful person to interview. There are many others. I feel like true left voices like Chomsky, Cornell West, Amy Goodman, Gar Alperovitz, Richard Wolff, Naomi Klein and a whole host of others are sorely missing from the show. Just a suggestion. Happy New Year.

  • I find it ironic that the leftists seeking diversity did indeed create a diversity movement in opposition to them. We differ on many view points Mr. Rubin but I do believe we are the winning side. We will overcome the lefts desire for power and we will win because we value ideas and substance over shallow feelings and desire for undeserved accolades/moral superiority! Let's continue to disagree on various issues and unite behind the ideas we find common ground on!

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