– Game 5, Raptors-Bucks,
Eastern Conference Finals. There, you see the two
All-Stars Kawhi Leonard– the Raptors, they’ve never
won in the conference finals on the road– and
Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks– 22 and 2
following the loss going back to the regular season. Catching the lob is
“The Greek Freak.” Throw it up, go get it Bledsoe. Giannis would miss
the free throw. Malcolm Brogdon getting it done,
18 points in the game as he drains a 3. The Bucks have 11
first quarter assists. That’s called sharing is caring. Siakam– the shooter’s roll. Kawhi knows how that works. And then the Bucks turn it over. “The Claw,” nice. It would be a part of
an 18-2 Toronto run. That ties the score at 34. Giannis– ooh, that is nasty. Mug on mean. To the second half we go,
Milwaukee up at halftime. Kawhi dropping the 3. Van VanVleet all
alone in the corner. He would catch fire. You will see him later
on in the highlight. Kawhi was in his bag– 35 points, 7
rebounds, 9 assists. Oh yeah, Toronto up 85-81. It was a block party,
and Pascal Siakam invited “The Greek Freak.” He had three big
blocks in the game. That was one of
them right there. The turnover– mm. Raptors on the break. Powell misses. “Spicy P,” 14 points,
13 rebounds, 2 assists. Toronto taking control. But Giannis says, I got this– 1 of his 2 3’s in the game. Crazy sequence right here. It ends up in the hands
of Brook Lopez, who finished with 16, as
he knocks down the 3 and ties the score at 93. Gucci. Toronto on the other end. He had seven 3’s in the game. This was one of them,
Fred VanVleet, 21 points, puts Toronto up by three. Off the miss, the
Raptors grab the rebound. Giannis goes to defend
Kawhi, tweaks his ankle. Take a look at the replay. Giannis would leave
the game momentarily. He sits on the scorer’s table. Eventually he would return. Later in the fourth,
that is a turnover. Brogdon– goes off with
his leg and the Bucks fans are disappointed. Toronto up by three. Milwaukee tries to foul. Kawhi catches it
in the back court. Eventually the ball ends up
in Pascal Siakam’s hands, who finishes with the dunk. Take a look at the replay. The Bucks were trying
to foul Kyle Lowry. Coach Bud runs on the
court to talk to the ref. The ref does not
want to hear it. Toronto– their first road
victory in team history in the conference finals. They get the win, and they are
up in the series 3 games to 2. [music playing]

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