2019 Detroit Winter Blast continues

today’s the second weekend to check out the 2019 Quicken Loans winter blast good day to do it – there’s so much to do zip lines big slides learn how to ski Koko McEvoy live and bundled up at Campus Martius right down the street from the station hi Koko good morning Sean good morning for us so just a disclaimer I am NOT a skier but after some peer pressure and some words of encouragement for my friend Polly here I decided to give it a whirl so let’s see how this goes here for my first time skiing I might as well do it in downtown Detroit right campus martius words of encouragement from Paulie here you know what not as bad as I was thinking which me do – try it – tell us more about it thanks for joining us this morning Richard so tell us what you’re offering here we’re giving the up-north experience right here in the city Detroit we let everybody come out put on some skis or snowboards come on we brought 25 ski instructors down to teach everybody how to do it we spent three days making all that snow right there and I gotta say for my first time skiing the snow is very soft it’s easy to get around if I can get around to John here now so John tell us more about what people can experience here well this first of all Sean and Priya how about it for cocoa band rock down the hill I mean you did amazing and this is the experience that folks have had that have never skied before like you it’s just it’s amazing what boy and boy Highlands have done for us this is a free event you gets learn to ski or snowboard there’s beautiful ice sculptures here as you know they’re food trucks live bands throughout today you can ice skate at Campus Martius Park roast marshmallows it’s a lot of fun and the new thing is that it’s free no fences it’s no wind today it feels real comfortable compared to last weekend and we’re coming back in February we’ll be bringing back our zipline our winter slide there’ll be more weekends of free skating in February it’s a small cost today and it’s been great and I’m I’m so proud of you and I hope you didn’t think I was the peer pressure guy I just knew you could knock it out of the park like you did thank you so much John he’s also the words of encouragement person along with Polly thank you so much John for convincing me to do this it’s a blast out here you got to come back to you that was great Coco we love seeing you and Sookie I don’t know how to ski that was great [Laughter] thanks Coco oh she did it that’s enough black diamond no like I was thinking that too oh my goodness well coming up your top story plus a final check of weather we’ll be right back

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