2019 Golden Key – Freedom Award: Simplus

I think there’s a few things that we, as
a company, gain from it. One is I think we end up with employees that are more resilient, and we’ve seen just a greater degree of resiliency. And the other thing is I believe they have a greater propensity for discipline and self
mastery. First, they’re very open to input as far as how they can best reach the community. My husband was actually a Navy veteran and slash Army, so he was in for a full 10 years. So, Simplus has three core values. The first one that comes to mind is stewardship, and I think it s probably our most important. What I see is the change in the lives of our employees, and that brings me a great deal of satisfaction. They’re very accommodating and understanding of some of the transitional challenges that veterans may have. And what’s really cool is, not too long ago, we just partnered with Vetforce to launch Vetforce Alliance. They reach out to groups like Vetforce and Merivis who are instrumental in helping families transition, both military spouses as well as veterans, from you know that active duty life into a stable, professional work environment. Simplus has always kind of supported the military community. So whether it’s looking at new skill sets, or attending Dreamforce and going to a career fair and seeing if there’s candidates who would fit kind of the, you know, core values of the critical thinker, the underdog and the stewardship. But that’s really having the sense of family and camaraderie with your employees. They really see that same kind of camaraderie is here and it really helps them thrive, just watch them open up to succeed at incredible rates. You don’t come to a company thinking, “Oh am I going to make it? Am I going to achieve what I
need to? Am I going to be successful?” And the answer is: Yes! And the reason is because you have so many different resources here who want to see you succeed. I think the one thing that I would say is I think our culture aligns with things that they’re used to. They would feel cared about and I think they could create a tremendous life for their families. We’re really looking at the person as a whole and the value that they bring and, you know, they’re willing to work with those things. You kind of hit it on the spot work-life balance. I mean this is the first company where I’m working and it’s a flexible schedule, and it’s remote if you want and it’s learning new skills on a day-to-day basis. And there’s really great alignment between the culture that you would find in the military and Simplus. I live a mile and a half away and I come into the office every day, because I actually enjoy being here.

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