2019 Helix Honor Society – Sweatin’ the Details!

looks the helix honor society is held annually to identify and reward helix education stop student-centered employees honorees are invited to be recognized for their contributions to enjoy much-deserved rejuvenation and relaxation to embrace challenges that take them out of their comfort zone and be part of critical conversations to advance the helix mission I'm super blessed to work with such a great group of people and that I was nominated and chosen is amazing as you know our 2019 theme this sweat in the details it's about finding ways to improve our processes systems approaches interactions and experiences so we can create more meaningful outcomes not only for the students that we serve but also for Helix education I think this has been a really good opportunity for us really drill and I have a lot of new team members really looking for those unique opportunities that maybe some time passes by that can really make a difference and we've seen that really exciting to see them have the success and the results of doing this rise and shine today's the day we celebrate you I walked away with so much growth I learned not to be so afraid of new ideas or being bold in like talking to people and speaking my mind I really feel like it's helped me get out of my shell and help me help other people better the culture is so diverse and loving everyone is willing to help you everyone is always there to give you a hug give you advice give you assistance help you can go to leaders no matter who they are and ask any questions and the fact that they are just open with open arms just wanting to embrace you that's amazing and that's what I love about you thank you thank you for what you do every single day thank you for showing up thank you for caring thank you for having a burn in your belly thank you for living our values we truly appreciate and acknowledge that you are bold you are driven you are authentic and more importantly your helix and helix is nothing without you I am incredibly proud of what we are all building together as a team here at helix and we know that the best is yet to come

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