2019 Quicken Loans winter blast

well arctic blast is right on time because one of the main reasons to get outside during the winter and head to beautiful downtown Detroit right here the Quicken Loans winter blast and this year something exciting and very very new here to tell us all about a producer John which John great to see you great to see winter blast is here and you guys are really doing something different you’re stretching it out for a lot more of us to enjoy it is we’re going to four weekends it’s Quicken Loans winter blast weekend so one weekend two four weekends one weekend a four and free admission that’s one of the big stories is that we’re no longer charging to get in there’s no longer fences it’s really going to be an interaction between all the local businesses residents and and keep it steady something fresh each weekend and we kick off this Saturday well I love what you’re doing because you know winter blast is fun when you have a downtown Detroit that is booming and thriving the way it is why not make it for weekends for you know all of us with busy schedules to get down with our kids to enjoy without question I think it’s been going on the last couple years with Campus Martius you see something fresh happening yes a rotation of fruit trucks that’s what we’ll do is we’ll have different fruit trucks each weekend we’ll have a different set of ice sculptures different bands like throw Netta davis will play this weekend late asada you will play the second weekend so Wow Detroit’s top musicians will rotate as well throughout it and then we have big signature attractions each weekend and our first weekend it’s free skating so Delta Dental thanks to them they picked up the tab and you can skate for free this weekend as one of our big signature attractions for weekend one let’s talk about this now we don’t have any snow right which is a winter blast no snow but that’s no problem without question we’ll bring the winter theme will have beautiful ice sculptors as I mentioned and the second weekend Boyne is coming in for Boyne City slopes and they will make snow and we’ll have snowboarding for free skiing for free and we actually have lessons there’ll be 20 ski instructors will build a hill oh yeah I’m gonna do that I want to learn how to ski I can do it in downtown Detroit without question it’s very very rare that you’ll see a snow hill in the middle of a burgeoning not burgeoning really the Detroit has arrived so so point is gonna make enough snow in downtown Detroit do you can do you can snowboard that’s we yes that’s January 25 through 27 yet the he’ll be only 15 feet tall but it’ll give you the feeling of it and it’s gonna look great yeah so and then weekend 3 which will happen after Superbowl February 8th through 10th we’ll bring in our winter slide which is a big hit and that’s gonna be free this year thanks to Metro by t-mobile and then the 4th weekend will have free skating again we’ll bring our zipline in so something fresh will be happening each weekend and it’s going to include MLK Day as well because a lot of us parents are looking for something to do with the kids out of school and I’m so glad you brought that up because that the structure of it the first weekend the dates are Saturday through Monday so we stay away from charity preview which is a big event for Detroit and we include Martin Luther King Day where the kids aren’t in school so lots of fun things the marshmallow roasting will be back we’re bringing in some really cool sports themes activities for for weekend one courtesy of our friends at Quicken Loans in bedrock working with a company called groundswell it’s going to be beautiful that decor will be great and it’s gonna be a blast of course I’ll let you go you got a lot of work to do four weekends of winter blast maybe a fist bump why we celebrate winter here you don’t run from it so it’s gonna be great you’re right in the heart of downtown without question Shaun thank you we’ll be seeing John thanks so much Priya you and I on skis I think we’ve got to do it we got to learn

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