211- Helping Healthcare Providers Connect People to the Services they Need

hi my name is dr. Gary block I'm a family physician and co-chair of the Ontario College of Family Physicians poverty and Health Committee and I'm doctor with the Google co-chair of the poverty and health committee with dr. block we are passionate about social determinants of health and connecting patients to key resources that can help them as health care providers we know our patients or clients health is better when they have a strong circle of social support adequate housing reliable supply of food and decent wages however the reality is many people live in poverty and we are not equipped to deal with these challenges we're always pressed for time and as much as we want to help our patients address these other social needs we might not know what is available in our communities and who to refer patients to for these services we want to find solutions but we struggle to navigate the system ourselves and we're a part of it what if we had a tool at our fingertips to help find free or low-cost meals food banks home delivered meals breakfast programs or donated baby food for people or if someone is experiencing financial challenges having a way to search for emergency or government assistance tax clinics eviction prevention programs help filling out forms or agencies providing help in lieu of money like home maintenance help we do just call two one one two one one is an information and referral helpline supported by the most comprehensive databases of human and social services in Canada that can provide referrals in over a hundred languages to one one can help us find programs in our communities and has the details we need most eligibility the referral process whether it's free or has reduced fees for those who can't afford it hours of operation and more the database can also be searched online and a health provider can print a list of resources to help a patient the greatest benefit is that no matter the challenge two-one-one can empower and our patients to navigate the services that exist to address the social issues that have a negative impact on a person's health two on one gives us access to experts on social and community services 24 hours a day every day of the year in over 100 languages in addition to on one will offer to followup with callers who may need more support accessing a program as health care practitioners it is important to us that we trust the service we're using and referring patients to 2-1-1 call centers are accredited and 2-1-1 helpline specialists are professionally trained and often have social work backgrounds 2-1-1 phone service and the online database of services is currently available province wide in Ontario and Nova Scotia 2-1-1 is also available in BC's Lower Mainland Calgary and Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta Quebec City area and Laval two-on-one online services are available in Saskatchewan New Brunswick and Nunavut the goal is to grow to 1:1 so that everyone in Canada benefits caring for patients is becoming more complex and frontline health professionals are taking on a bigger role in treating the whole person two-one-one is a valuable resource that can save you time and frustration when you don't know where to turn call 2-1-1 today and spend a few minutes talking to our team so that you know what 2-1-1 can do before you have a patient in crisis or go online at 2 1 1 CA to find your local 2-1-1 service and learn more about how to 1 1 expands the circle of care for your patients you

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