224 Valkyrie vs 22-250 Remington – Is .224 Valkyrie irrelevant?

Welcome to the Social Regressive! In a
previous video we took a look at the newly announced 224 Valkyrie from
Federal, and we compared and contrasted it with its natural competitors: the 223
Remington and the 22 Nosler. One that we did not discuss was 22-250 Remington,
one of the most ubiquitous uber-223s out there. This is definitely going to
have a much greater case capacity than any of the other cases that we’ve
mentioned, and it’s going to get those projectiles moving extremely fast. Much
faster than you can get with any of the others. But the plot does thicken a
little bit, because you can’t just draw, you know, one down and say that one is
better than the other. you have to take a look at a handful of factors. the first
thing to take a look at is the fact that 22 250 Remington will not fit into one
of these. and that is one of the the special things about 224 Valkyrie and
the others. they are specifically designed to work within the magazine
limitations that you get on an AR 15. and really with 22-250 you are kind of
precluded from this platform. if you want to get into a semi-auto – some kind of you
know especially AR base platform – you have to really step things up and you
end up with an AR 10, just because the case is so long. it’s just the
tiniest bit too long and the head diameter is the same as a 308. it’s 473
thousandths instead of like the the 378 you get here, and the 420 that you’re
gonna get on 224 Valkyrie. so those are – they’re designed from you know case
length and diameter. they’re designed to work within this thing, which makes them
pretty special. but what if we assume a different platform like a bolt-action
rifle where the magazine lengths are going to be much longer? you don’t have
to worry about your case length and your head diameter can be anything including
the 473 thousandths, which is a very very common bolt head. Is 22 250 just the
clear winner and 224 Valkyrie is something you don’t want to put in a
bolt-action rifle? I would say no. the two are
very, very different. 22-250. what you have to do when you’re looking at two
different cartridges is you have to look at the initial projectile selection that’s
out there. for 22-250 the initial projectile that it was kind of designed around is a
very lightweight projectile moving very, very fast. so you’re looking at like a 45
grain projectile and maybe on the heavy end down into the low 60s,
that’s about the the largest projectile that you can get in a 22-250, typically,
without it tumbling all over the place. That’s because from the factory,
assuming that 45 grain projectile, most of these guys are going to be selecting a
twist rate of 1 in 12 inches and you’re going to have a very short jump
into the lands. it’s really just not designed around a heavy projectile, whereas
224 Valkyrie is. you’re going to be looking at rifles with, say, a
one-in-seven twist and they’re going to have a longer jump into the lands, so
that you can get those bigger heavier projectiles. 224 Valkyrie is designed around
a 90 grain smk as that seems to be the the initial offering. that seems to be
the the kind of middle-of-the-road projectile. there’s going to be some that are
heavier including 100 grain soft point projectiles, and this is just initially out
of the gate. we’ll see a little bit later how things go, so what you’re going to be
dealing with is you know a fast, light projectile out of 22-250 and you’re going
to be dealing with a slower heavier projectile out of 224 Valkyrie. We’ll see
what the ballistics are like on these two. Light projectiles moving quickly? heavy
projectiles moving slowly? it seems like they should kind of meet in the middle and
the two trajectories should be somewhat similar, but as you can see from this
chart that they are not at all. so what I’m comparing here is the 2700 foot per
second 224 Valkyrie – and that’s a 90 grain smk projectile so that’s Federals kind
of initial offering – and we’re comparing that against another federal load, which
is a 55 grain pointed projectile out of 22-250 so that’s kind of heavy for
caliber. I tried to get a little bit more of that apples to apples comparison,
but just because of projectile weights we really can’t. the one is almost double
the weight of the other, but as you can see from this curve,
here the 22-250 it moves out much faster, and that initial trajectory is extremely
flat. if you had to try to take an attempt at an unknown distance at a small target
your odds of hitting it are very high with this one. but you can see that it’s
going to get subsonic long before it reaches a thousand yards, and it
essentially gets swatted out of the sky after that. the 224 valkyrie load won’t
have that crazy-flat trajectory, but it will remain supersonic past 1,300 yards.
and the difference in drop is going to be over 150 inches. velocity and drop
only tell half the story, though. I consider the wind to be my number one
obstacle to accurate placement and the two cartridges just don’t really
compare at all. just before going transonic at 850 yards, the 22-250
drifted over 102 inches in a 10 mile-per-hour crosswind. at that range
the 224 Valkyrie drifted nearly half that, at about 55 inches, and that for me
is a game-changer. That difference in windage applies to basically the whole
trajectory. you’re still going to be running about half the amount of wind
through this whole curve. now there is one last scenario to consider, what if
you have a barrel cut to your specifications, where you get a higher
twist rate and you get a longer jump into the lands and you still use that
22-250 case? can you get basically the best of both worlds? Yeah, you really
can. you can get a barrel cut to your own specific dimensions and you can even get
a 22-250 Ackley Improved sort of case where you get the sharper
shoulder and all that. You get even a little bit more case capacity. But yes,
that is going to be your own special thing. you’re not going to be able to buy
ammunition off the shelf and run it, and you’re not going to be able to get that
sort of thing cut from the factory. that’s something that you’re going to
have to go to a specialty barrel to get that to happen.
so in general, no you can’t really get best of both worlds with that one. that’s
going to be your experiment and, again, if you’re getting into AR platforms
you’re still going to be running an AR 10 not an AR 15. so despite any initial
appearances of similarity between the two cartridges I do see them as being
very distinct and accomplishing very different purposes. You’re just going
to have to determine what your purpose is before you purchase a rifle. I don’t
see this as being a case where we’re comparing apples to lesser apples. what
we’re doing is we’re comparing a dragster to an f1 car. the two on the
surface are fast race cars but they’re going to accomplish very different
purposes and they’re going to do them in different ways.
22-250 Remington is one that is just a an inherently very accurate
cartridge and it’s one of my very favorites. it’s super fun to load
for, and you know having those screaming projectiles coming out of there where you
don’t really have to worry about drop so much within your you know kind of close
range distances. it’s a very very fun cartridge to use and like I say one of
my favorites, but this is one that I’m going to consider for kind-of shorter to
mid-range targets. once it gets outside maybe 600 yards this is one where I’m
probably going to want to step over to that 224 Valkyrie just because you’re
going to get so much less wind drift, which is one of the most important
things for me. and the drop as you get further and further out it’s going to
become you know a less of a big deal, whereas the the lighter projectiles from 22
to 50 are going to drop real fast. and remember that the ballistics that we put
together here today – that little ballistics chart that was showing one of
the heavier projectiles for 22-250 – a 55 grain projectile – if this were a 45 the
difference would be much more pronounced. so before you go and you know pick which
cartridge and which gun just consider some of those limitations you’re going
to have. limitations of platform, and you’re going to have limitations on
ballistics, and how the two operate, so yeah it’s just gonna be up to you to
decide. here’s a bonus for you guys that stayed to the end of this video. you see
this rifle right here with the stickers still on it? that’s a savage 12 FV. I know
a whole bunch of you guys bought these things back in September when they went
on crazy good sale, and yeah I bought one too. this thing ended up costing me about
217 bucks or something like that which is just phenomenal
and I’m gonna be doing a video series on this. you remember I did a review of my
old savage 12 FV my favorite rifle the one with all the camo and the funky
furniture and all that? well we’re gonna be doing an experiment with this is not going
to be as complicated as that axis rifle just because there is gonna be much less
to fix. this rifle should be just squared away right out of the box right here, and
it should be very very accurate, but what I want you to do is guess what cartridge
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100 thoughts on “224 Valkyrie vs 22-250 Remington – Is .224 Valkyrie irrelevant?

  • I love my 22 250. Have loaded 90 grain bullets in it. But I can’t hit a target past 700 yards consistently. These cats on Mac and some other channels are claiming that The Valkyrie will outdo the 22 250. You can get more powder in 22 250 and yet even when I load to maximum velocity it still keyholes at 700 yards. And these cats are saying that it will outperform the creedmoor round. No way. I’m calling bs. My grendel will go out three hundred more yards before it keyholes. Not that either cartridge is better than the other. But each may have its place. I wouldn’t hunt deer at 100 yards with a 22 caliber. But I would hunt one at 800 with my grendel.

  • 224 Valkyrie is ok for target shooting, I don’t see that it has a place in the hunting world though. I also don’t see a plethora of bolt action rifles coming out in this chambering so a custom job may as well be a fast twist 22-250 vs a 224

  • Your going to buy a barrel for a ar or buy barrel for 22-250 if your running a bolt gun no Brainer order a high twist barrel people have running heavy bullets in 22-250 for ever ! Savage has giving people a choice of twist rate. barrel nut makes change out easy Valkyrie fills a nich for ar people not big deal for most of us bolt guys bunch of hype

  • 22-250 is arguably the best coyote gun and really good for the Prarrie dogs. In my book as a coyote hunter it's max range is about 400 yards because after that you need to do a bunch of wind and elevation calculations. Inside of that it's almost a layup for the good ole 250.

    And right on que as expected (because of Federals outlandish hype of the 224Valkyrie), and the fact that the Valkyrie is a slow childs caliber, another company has popped up to give shooters a real choice in performance offerings for the AR platform. You can now get custom match grade barrels for the 224grendel at TacticalCannon dot commmm (and no its not me just passing info along to the shooting community), they even carry the dies, pre made brass, match bolt/barrel sets. Pretty dang cool.

  • you can get a 1 : 12 twist barrel for the .224 Valkyrie. if you can keep the bullets from blowing up at 50 yards you should be able to get 40-55 grain pills going insane fast out of the Valkyrie!!

  • Thank you. I really like your videos. How do you think the 224 valkri will fair. I suppose I could get a 5.56 barrel for steel.

  • The STANDARD bullet for a 22-250 is a 55 grain bullet so more expert advice and a philosophical dissertation from a shit talking moron with an empty brain cavity. Further if I am shooting beyond about 400 to 500 yards and expect terminal results on anything larger than a coyote I will use a 30 caliber of at least 308 Winchester or 30-06.

  • I've seen a couple of comments about .243 and 6mm x 47 here and I have a 6x45mm AR that will shoot a 75gr out to a 1000. So maybe a 6mm Valkyrie with a 105 some day? Thoughts?

  • Sooooooo, if I get a new barrel (with the proper twist) for my 22/250 and I decide to shoot the same 90 grain bullets, then . . .

    But as others have noted, when shooting at 800 + yards, then there are better cartridges.

  • The 22-250 is for those who want the most out of a 224 bullet. And a bolt action or single shot action will eek the most out of it, not a semi-auto. It's silly to even stick a 22-250 into any semi-auto platform. I doubt it would be economically viable for a company to do so because the demand won't support it because the 22-250 is geared to a different shooter. (Didn't we go through a similar debate when the 22-250 came out and we already had the 220 Swift?) As for the Valkerie, personally, I'd rather chamber my AR in 243 or 6.5 if I was to go that way. But, whatever floats your boat, go for it. Being free to experiment this way and make one's own choice is way to cool.
    [Edit] I just ran across an AR chambered i. 22-250. Eat my dust Val!

  • Good lord man. Your ignorance of ballistics is amazing!!! The Grendel will out perform your beloved Ar15 new wonder caliber in every way. Marketing an un-needed caliber to make buyers believe a .224 is viable past 500 yards. Mellenial madness at its worst.

  • Let's do a YouTube challenge. You brink your AR Valkyrie and I'll bring my AR 6.5 Grendel we will start at 400 yards and see who drops out first. I'll brink my 22-250 bolt gun and you can bring your Valkyrie bolt gun and we'll repeat the same exercise. By the way, my target at all distances is a clay pigeon.

  • I have been wondering if you had a 224 Valkyrie Barrel with a 1/0 or 1/12 twist barrel and loaded the 224 Valkyrie with a 40 or 45 gr bullet would you have a 22-250 in the 15 platform

  • Having a custom 22-250 barrel made to a longer throat witha 1 in 7 twist is child's play for barrel makers these days and one could easily have several made for a Ackley Improved version of the 22-250 Heavy Bullet Special and wax the Valkyrie until the cows come home….. Just because you have one in an AR and you have "fire power", what do you really have in the real world against a good Bolt Gun? Not much. Besides, I doubt that the .22 will get enough interest with the 6.5 CM taking off as it has to gain much but a small and specialized following in the Valk. The 22-250 on the other hand has a well established and loyal following from the 1930s!

  • The .22-250 is the way to go for the bolt action. It's been a proven taker all all manner of small game over many decades of hard use. I guess if ya want to "market' a new caliber, knock yourself out. If you want a new semi-auto and make a new caliber for it, do your homework and maybe in a couple of years the shooters will decide the success of a unproven system. Time will tell, it always does.

  • 224 valk has been haveing trouble with 90 grain bullets even with 1:7 twist. My Savage msr15 did not like anything over 75 grains bullet. I am a reloader and a gunsmith so everything was inspected. I got good accuracy in the .486 in with 60 grain pills.

  • Many years ago I skipped the 22-250 and purchased a Remington 700 in .243, the smallest center fire caliber most state require to take dear. The 224 Valkyrie is an outstanding varmint load, including coyotes and is very accurate out to 1000 yards. I know it is touted as a 1300 yard round, however, I have never seen it shot that far.

  • I honestly don't like to judge new things that much but having said that (lol) I think it would be smarter to stick with a 243… it will be easier to get the ammo for and has been around for a long time so you know it's not going anywhere

  • If you are going to use an ar15 platform the Valkyrie is the way to go but just for comparison I have a custom 22-250 rem with a 27" bartlein barrel with 1 in 7.75 twist rate. With a 75grn A-max muzzle velocity is 3400fps and with a 200 yrd zero my drop at 1000yrds is only 220 inches. The longest groundhog kill with this rifle is 1026yrds.

  • It's very fun and challenging to push the limits of a small caliber. Shooting long distance with them to see just what there capable of can be very surprising. I have a video shooting my .17WSM at 500 yards. I've gone out as far as 615 yards with it but haven't made a video yet. At 615 it was going through a 1/2 thick piece of plywood. Very surprising.

  • I want to have a .224 with a wider case and maybe some more weight like 120 grains. I love it, but I want just a little more energy. I guess what I'm saying is that I want it to have energy of the more powerful 6.5 Grendel while keeping its excellent ballistic performance.

  • Just forget about all those fancy new calibers for distance and stick by the ol 45-70 government 1,000+ proven over and over

  • AR-15 platform is military junk. It sucked in Vietnam and the Middle East. A gun for people who can't shoot and a military that relies on air strikes for everything. The AR-15 does not have the precision for long range.
    A 22-250 loaded with 80gr bullets is supersonic to 1300 yards.

  • Btw, Tikka offers a 1:12 and 1:8 twist rate on their 22-250 on the new T3x, for those who want to stabilize a heavier bullet.

  • I just don’t see the Valkyrie sticking around, I suspect it will be a dead cartridge in 5 years. Don’t forget 2 years ago all anyone was talking about was the 25 sharps and I have seen one of those for some time. Having federal behind the valkyrie will for sure help. I’m just not ready to drop money on what could be just another fad cartridge.

  • .224 Valkyrie, the new fanboy cartridge on the block. Me personally, I'll take the .220 Swift. AR-15s are antiques and overated. So, go back to the drawing board and design a lightweight platform for magnums and long actions. Gun manufacturers have gotten lazy and are doing what music producers are doing with canned music. Metallurgy and powder chemistry is there. Both the AR 15 and AR 10 good antiques telling a bit of Americas history. The tech is there to make these small caliber fanboy military clones obsolete. I love watching these fanboy kiddy comparisons. Like watching my kids play at the playground.

  • Also, the biggest factor that you and every fanboy forgets. The reason the AK 47 has been a more popular firearm, worldwide, than the AR15 and AR10 platform is that it is a slower moving not so long range rifle that can be fired continuously longer without fouling, without over heating, without extensive throat and barrel wear. This is why the ..223 is as fast as you want to go in an AR15 with large capacity magazines. Even that gets dangerous after a few hundred rounds like I see fanboys do at the range. There is also the issue of copper jacketed lead projectiles melting in the barrel at higher friction loads on the lands to the bullet at faster speeds. Unless you get a specific bullet for a specific twist rate, specific head space, and specific diameter for barrel clearance, your bullets will start splattering around 50 yards out. So, this is actually like the American car companies putting out cars with hairline cracks in the block in the 80s so people will be forced to buy newer cars. Here it is. Have 10/30 round magazines filled with these. You're the average fanboy with more money than common sense. You're at the 100 yard range bragging about the capabilities of your long range .22. Then, you go and cook through all 300 rounds because you have to do your Rambo bit, with no interval cleaning periods or rest. These gun and ammunition companies love you. Short life of the gun, wasted ammunition. Also, unless you reload this stuff yourself, these rounds are not going to be the common rounds you find at your local gun store just lying around at a comparable cost. Yes, a second grader can read charts too and also hit long range targets from a bench, even with an old 30-06 and a cheap old Tasco scope. You didn't need that high capacity nor did you need that ability to cycle through them fast. So, fanboys out there, get off the gun and ammo manufacturers teet and go shoot to habe fun, not to keep up with the other fanboys out there.

  • Tikka offers a 1:8 twist rate on the T3x for the 22-250. Ruger does too on their American, and I’ve seen it on sale for less than $280 in stainless.

  • Dude I have built over a dozen 22-250 ARs. The 224v doesnt have a chance against the 250 up to 300-400 yards and the 250 doesnt have a chance against the 224v past 400.

  • he said guess so I think he's about to try a 22-250 with a real slow twist and a longer throat. But folks he has a point about his comment to consider what you want and real-life use. For me, I bought a 22-250 for punching paper and chuck hunting figuring 500 yds would be the long end and 250-350 the practical range. at that point, the 22-250 will hold it's own quite well.

  • Hey man, I forgot who built it and put it out but I'm sure a quick Google search will tell you who , but there is an AR-15 chambered in 22-250 that you can buy.

  • Need to edit your video. Olympic Arms makes a 22-250 AR15 that will accept all other mil spec AR15 uppers and components. Only thing unique is Mag well and the .22-250 magazine.

  • This is just one of those deals where you're better off getting an AR-10 if you want to have a semi-auto long range rifle. Otherwise, just stick to 300 yards and in and be happy with 5.56.

  • This is one of the best articles on the issue that puts it to bed for most people. Without getting too egg headed about it. https://www.chuckhawks.com/224valkyrie_compared.html It is a decent match bullet but irrelevent for hunting. More especially for hunting coyote.

  • No offense, but this isn't close to being a valid comparison… You can't compare a load for the 22-250 with a 55gr bullet with a 90gr Valkyrie load… Of course the Valkyrie is going to win, even with it going slower… The BC is close to .100 – .150 higher… You take that same 90SMK, shoot it in the 22-250, and it out performs the Valkyrie….All day. I appreciate you're videos, but this is a slight injustice for people who actually want a fair comparison.

  • Barrel a rifle in the Ackley improved .22-243, it will beat the pants off the .224 Valkyrie from either a bolt gun or an AR-10. Down side is that currently you still have to make your own brass for it, thankfully the parent case (.243 Winchester) is very plentiful.

  • but my savage ar -15 recon will and did a 5 inch 500 yrd shot with a 5 inch group 68 grain black hills bull no shit

  • My 22.250 imp Rem 700 VSSF, with 70 gr Speers pushed along by 34 grn's ADI 2208 Australian powder, (exported to America & called Varget), shoots around .5 to .75 moa all day. I'm happy enough,, Cheers mates.  🙂 .

  • I am tired of the endless new cartridges designed to work witht he limitations of an AR platform. Almost all of them suck compared to cartridges that have been around for 50-150 years! None of these have been hot in the market because they all suck at hunting or target shooting compared to everything else already on the market. On top of that all of the factory rifles seem to be using 50 year old twist rates and all of the 243 and 7mm rifles tend to handicap the owner with archaic twist rates. Likewise all the cartridges that are designed supposedly for short actions but you can not get full performance out of them in a short action because of COAL issues with the magazine no matter if it is a bolt gun or a semi-auto. People need to step up to a standard length action so they can actually take advantage of the VLD heavy bullets for caliber.

  • Why not just make a long, heavy .172 bullet for 17 Remington, that is slightly shorter than 223 Rem already – it will work in the AR action and will have better sectional density, energy retention, ballistic coefficient, blah-blah… sure it might be slightly less range than .224 Valkyrie, but you'll pretty much just need a different barrel converting from .223 – same bolt, magazine capacity…  OK, so I think I just answered my own question: can't make money if people don't need to buy your new shit… nevermind, LOL

  • The biggest problem with 22-250 is the lack of faster twist rate barrels which dont allow you to stabilize heavier bullets. Heavier bullets weigh more but they also carry more energy making their drop pretty much the same. The more important part is the heavier bullets do better in windy conditions. Thats why the 224 does well at 1000 yards 90 gr bullet with a .224 diameter is great with wind. Its basically the AR15 versions of the larger cartridge used in the AR10. The 6.5CM. 22-250 on the other hand stops showing its greatness after 500 yards tops. Its made to use 55 gr bullets and with the same .224 caliber their BC is much worse then the 224 Valkyrie. The 22-250 is a close to mid range varmint cartridge and its great for that. The 224 Valkyrie is a ELR cartridge that doubles as a varmint cartridge. I appreciate the 22-250 and of course i have one but the 224 Valkyrie is more versatile.

  • I never considered the .224 Valkyrie a hunting cartridge. I thought it was used strictly for target shooting.

  • You can shoot heavy bullets in a slow twist, just have hand load for it. Do some research on tanks, howitzers, other artillery pieces, twist lengths and firing solutions. It’s quite different than the usual train of thought.

  • yeah, I remember when we were taking prairie dogs at 100yds back in dickity three. Good times, open sights and closed minds.

  • I have a custom remington 700 in 22 250 ai in 28 inch barrel 1 in 8 twist shoots 80 grain Sierra match king 80 grain wonderfully each has a purpose but for me all 1000 yard work is in bolt gun .

  • This comparison is pointless because the difference in projectiles is too high. 22-250 outperforms 224 valk all things equal.

  • Anyone able to explain the hype of shooting larger bullets out of a .22 calibre rifle? Why not go up to a .243 or 6.5? Is it mainly so those with ARs can stretch out their range?

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