23 years ago…ALLIANCES was created…How many Forces of Wills can we find

welcome back everybody it's Rudy with alpha investments we're gonna go down to the third floor basement everybody and we're gonna see what happens what's way at the bottom because Andrew my very loyal friendly patron this is Rudy it's my birthday my life is going good we I want a crazy box opening you've never done before I said okay okay fine we'll do it I said you know what we are gonna do at least the dust isn't as bad the Bell what a deal what that's such a good deal wait $7 what a garbage scam oh my what a scumbag no there it is 45 wait 45 for sixty booster pack yeah forty forty-five booster packs containing 45 force' Will's are we ready that's it this is no joke you guys think this is funny in the videos no you need to be more serious you see that guy do you know why his arms are up because he knows life is serious where it's all here we're ready to open the box Rudy's tool and of course yeah the entire box kids ladies and gentlemen from around the universe this is not a partial 10-part series this is three guys blowing as hard as they can covered on a box full of dust they clearly didn't blow hard enough and we are taking everyone back to the first time we've ever ever open a full box of alliances no extra charge for the rock that's included I appreciate the support sir thank you very much and happy birthday today is January 20th the gentleman's birthday and he says Rudy I don't even care my expected value but you better give me 45 packs of force a will but you know what look just entertain in the world make everybody happy I said okay okay this one I buried in the backyard supposed to grow farmer Rudy who is going to be returning soon and it turned into alliances okay this is it no turning back kids this is it everybody oh boy you know how long it's been since I've actually open a box of alliances on my own it's been a long time everyone hold on just for you all all right everyone here we go no turning back everybody no flippin turning back oh my goodness God these boxes look at the paper the paper is not even like a white color anymore well very cool well I tell you what everyone if you're in a hurry today and you're looking for a fancy video this is not gonna be for you I'm gonna take my sweet time god they don't make stuff like that anymore here we go 45 packs of pure unbelievable nostalgia lot Oh the Silver Age wrappers woo 45 15 15 and 15 although they look like they've shuffled around a little well sit back everybody let's have a good time and let's do it is that what's that is that a bug or that dirt oh that's dirt I'm sorry I'll say it dude is there like literally a bug inside of it almost like wouldn't know the wait a minute no that's a leaf that's a leaf okay I don't know oh wait you can't trace the pack I have no way of knowing this is a pre-release box back in the day they did not trace everything okay and reminder first pack first card hit right off the bat everybody there is a lot of cards in this set that have moved between the three five six ten twenty thirty dollar value range so I'm gonna pull aside the cards I feel our hits shields fear I know as a hit reprisal flood water dam whipped vine a good ol Debbie god I wish I looked like that arcane you know I actually played with that as a kid I think that was gonna make a really hot counter spell storms wow that's cool and explores the fury royal herbalist boy that's cool alright Suman pack one I'm to kind of get stack them off to the side or I guess come at the bottom here I'm gonna pull out anything I know was a hit that's worth at least a couple dollars I'm sure I'm gonna miss a bunch because I know over time a lot of the cards recently have gone up in value and here we go cuz I know there's like a ton of these random like just like shields fear that thing used to be like no one cared and now it has value so go figure nature's chosen storm elemental the soldier of Rudys fortune rogue Rudy man reinforcements bookworms duty Lin Jules hai gar the taste of paradise huh steamed beasts and the druid I don't think there's any hits in this I can't I don't think so I don't think I know I think like nature's chosen maybe the rare cuz remember this was the era of you to you three there's not tentacle rares on like a rare sheet it's just a number of times it was shown on uncommon sheet bounty of the hunt is where we're starting ground breaker ha God beasts or famine shelter Bally's our first rare from this set or a you to earth you three something like that I don't know if that seemed a couple dollars or not at this point in time guerrilla tactics escorts Rudy on steroids whip fine this mosquito Elvis Ranger no that's not the one that's in Latin names legacy I actually remember playing that as a kid mostly because I just thought the art was cool I just thought that book like these little dudes are trying to get that book crazy well we're not hitting anything crazy so far we've only got one shield spear and I hope that's not a bad sign black cat huh alright and of course you know a lot of people don't even realize that the famous force of will Carden the set there was like a one-color of each version like here's the black version to pay the life remove a black card in your hand there's actually a black and green blue red white there's actually one of each one where there's that type of ability Oh spirit guide this is one of the cars I remember telling you guys about that out of nowhere was never worth much now actually has value this is one of those weird off ones we're gonna put that aside Rudy's drone heart as the heart I don't know if the hearts have gone up I'm gonna put that in the maybe I'm not sure if that's a hit or not guerilla war cry the scout fiend guerilla chief Minh she looks a little dangerous I don't know if I must put her casting a bones and the berserkers I can't remember if that one has been a one that hits or not I know in the past I remember seeing people talk about it but misinformation hey look alpha investments misinformation energy arc I know those are not me now okay the guerrilla shaman's shamans I think this was one of the ones that went from like 10 cents to a couple of dollars there are some people buying those awhile back and go library of latinum there was actually a time when this set was released this was actually a pretty hot card and never really held overtime though has things aged and evolved it didn't really hold up but to me I'm gonna put that in the maybe pile and the Boone noble steeds the bookworms war beast awesome presents there's a lot of people actually do have bought those and push that up a little bit druid heretic and slave so we got a couple maybes and I know we got two actual small hits over here misinformation again godly misinformation must be watching alpha investments burnouts unlikely alliance look at that you don't see we're art like that anymore how weird is that you guys even look in the background like look at the old people back there just with a big old creepy like car salesman smile alright scepter is another one of these really bizarre cards that went from like no value 12 send a couple dollars and remember when you look up these prices make sure do not underestimate the price difference when you look at pack fresh Near Mint because most the cars on alignment are cheap are all played so just laying it out there so I know that one is actually over a couple dollars century the voice saij the duty again Fein wild the druid and escort so we got a couple maybes and we got three I think decent card so far pretty early I'm looking for some big hits everybody come on Lake of a dead outpost come on force the will here we go another sham is I pull the same as a parse it's like a dollar to I don't know if I should be pulling a limb duels volt this was another recent one that actually went from like 50 cents to a couple dollars so we're gonna put that in the hit pile and I think a lot to this card when I first saw as a kid I tried playing with it I was like what is this card and it just hosed me it was a terrible card taste of paradise the armor the Shaymin shaman Shaymin shaman he never say that the vine foresight and tactics oh my god this is I know mostly watching this it's like memory flippin lane of nostalgia spiny starfish pyrokinesis this was the red version of the force will remove a record from your hand instead of paying the casting cost that was a red version deadly insects actually played with that when I was a kid ah so Debbie digger this is another one of those weird little cards people like to do weird little graveyard mill manipulation cards back and forth and put them the maybe pile the kids don't remember if that has value sage undergrowth war beasts awesome presence I don't think astral and I don't think that is neat looking though in it I love the old artifacts those are just the neatest things and yeah don't underestimate a lot of these old cards even though they're not worth a lot but mean when they're in mint condition or relatable condition or anything don't don't underestimate that the infamous first time you can bury big creatures I remember that mystic compass I remember thinking that was a cool star work just I don't know I just liked I don't think that I think it's a maybe I don't think it's worth anything though the damn taste of paralyzed another denial tactics escort mosquito a gift of the woods look at that that's crazy and the infamous Stormcrow the infamous Stormcrow and the fury cola wars are crazy stuff give me some crazy stuff give me some crazy stuff scars the veteran the dead bounty bug the huh finally the outpost has spoken packed fresh outpost everybody this was even when the set came out a long time ago this was a hot card finally oh my god took forever I was like hey are we not gonna get any good cards are you serious not gonna lie I was getting a little nervous like I was like dude I need to like rub this I was like work I feel like we out okay miss we finally got a good car who cares okay alright so we got our first major good hit at Cal poses mint packed fresh is what 2013 ow heretic berserkers and the large I used to think it was a coolest artwork is not because the horse for the guy I used to love the castle with the lightning I thought that was the neatest picture when I was a kid um that's it alright so our first heavy hitter has a ride remember 45 pack opening everybody nature's blessing this is another one of those cards I went from a couple pennies and kind of spiked up a little bit especially packed fresh you are going in the maybe pile and the drone limb duels paladin mr. box our look at you yeah the card actually looks better I don't I think you're maybe I don't think you really went up did you go over a dollar to now this was one that recently did move up this was like a bulk card like 10 years and then people there was like a guy who contacted with a picture embolic 800 of these and pushed the price to like five six dollars I would assume in the week market it's coming back down but I'm gonna put you in the maybe pile I don't think it an Elvish Ranger oh boy can you guys show that on this channel just got everybody hashtag ban that's it you can't show that for other war-cry noble steed central decay the century I see something else so cool because it like made oh like it literally could see through or I thought that was the coolest thing come on force of will where's our first force of will nature's chosen again I saw every time I see that blue false demise pillage look at that first pillage yeah look at that the very first pillage oh my god pack fresh home pack fresh helm completely forgot about the helm do a nice centering everything that's really nice Wow second big hit we got a helm everybody Stormcrow awesome presents the boone wild and that's it all right now we're kicking in boy outpost in the helm with a bunch of $1 $2 cards that's cool all right deadly insects brow you know brows I remember friends when I wasn't in college on this when people thought this was always gonna do something but I think with power creep and his time went on it just he just lost its luster but I mean it's just me same with soul girl I actually played with this as a kid because I didn't have soul ring as a kid so I remember using this and we'll deal it when felt war stone there was a couple of them I remember using during that time period I don't know I don't think it's anything I'll put in the maybe pile I don't think that's a heavy hitter though escort the strained elvish Ranger the legacy again agents of economy remember that artwork yeah kind of remember who are you one one one night and you can convert some red to black mana huh I actually don't even remember that card okay oh man the deaths part you'll mark to Dean that's a sweet card ah the home guard I think that might be our rare for the pack quote-unquote and the horror I don't think the horror there's some heretic the fury reinforcements glider undergrowth the legacy again crusader with alternate art again and yeah they keep in mind everybody some of these cards are duplicate but they have alternate artwork so did you guys catch that did you catch it did you catch it oh man pack fresh beautiful force' will our first in the box oh there's our first one okay sorry about the Rudi's here yarn there we got a hell man outpost in the force of will not even a third of the way through the box shamon inherit it oh my god fantastic undergrowth tactics oh my god I'm so excited whoo our Commons are knocking over hang on got some problems there we go got our first beautifully centered beautiful condition forceable everybody and the suffocation this car always reminded me the candles always remind me of the old candelabra tonneau so that was the coolest artwork pyrokinesis the red version of force of will and scarab li unseen come on oh lord of trisomy okay this was my favorite card when I was a kid when I saw the 10244 for mana as a kid and I said okay I know do the drawback of course when it comes into play is ridiculous you pay for the rest of that mana that was that was my end but the problem was I didn't have trample that was the biggest issue in my mind I still put him in the maybe pile I loved that card and of course Rudy when he's older and berserkers the armor voice Duty Scouts we've seen all the comments okay oh man we saw 31 31 bags left diseased lindell's bolts round to another limb duel okay it's to limb duels not bad storm shams pigeons Foresight's tactics steeds bookworms and druid so I think it's force I thought forcible could be in the middle or the back or the I think know if it's we Wow look at that heart good Lord you think they did she's not allowed to be around here I just got kicked out I think I just got so banned they unbanned me ah the ants this dumb Rudy did not know how to play mad Joe this is a great card five one tribal it's like ball lightning attack the turn to come to the play it was like cumulative upkeep of – wait a minute what does that mean wait two four six oh my god terrible card and the defender who she's little she's cute playing it cool huh wait she and I wouldn't turn down war beast the steeds Swamp berserkers armor sentry storm girl had to do at least one storm crow had to do at least one alright here we go see I thought force of will doesn't have to be in the top card I thought it was available in multiple slots I just thought that was me oh yes oh dude this is gonna be a great box oh my god $40 Lake of the Dead packed fresh oh another hit do you we're getting the goodies yes bringing all you guys here Stormcrow and oh absolutely epic all right what do we got oh yeah big old monster guy we don't care ah surge of strain I think that's kind of the rare of the pack and that maybe I'll put you in a maybe I think you might be a dollar – now I can't remember was the shamon I think that was the other one or two dollars wasn't that another I thought it was nature's right I have no idea I don't even remember seeing that card during your upkeep hey one whatever player puts a swamp or a black permanent play get to sacrifice one same of the blue huh I don't even know what that is I'm not even familiar with that car I guess it'll put him – maybe I have no clue what that card even is I don't think is admitting the rest these pack so I guess everything's all the goodies are in the front pack is that is that what we're gathering here does the only good stuff we're getting is like the first car the first two cards so that seems to be I thought there was like one you two or in couple you threes or something hailstorm the ants again ritual taste steam armor you guys think that's gonna be me when I'm older I think it's gonna be me I'm kind of foresight tactic okay so I'm assuming it's your all the good stuff is in the front right that's what she said energy Ark yeah never fam that card even when it came out inheritance I thought was a pretty piece artwork though oh I thought those four so will I saw that was like oh my god falls demise winners night that things are I'm gonna put that maybe I think it's at least a dollar so I don't know tactics escort s nope okay I think we're hitting a dry spell everybody's stuck together no no I think we are hitting a dry spell school oh no way that's not the good one under my house thinking of uh I think it's some different all right school the unseen I think this was the only land that was not a rare I think this was the only you three land I think all the other Lake of the Dead now I think those are all the u2's alright elvish a bard remember that car I have no idea I'm gonna put you in a maybe so I actually have no clue compass maybe okay here's the other one this one I want to comment real quick let's see wait let me remember that artwork ancient gift of the woods storm colleague ah we have a whole school of birds around here and uh okay so I want to comment about this this is another one of these rare land cycles amazing amazing old school artwork I'm absolutely astonishing this is another one of those old cards that I know that went from like a quarter for like ten years that people have been buying because I've seen the price moving and I don't know if there's if it's just literally investors speculators but I just want to bring that out so we did get another one of those Oh what do you think just one for so we'll if I had to place my bet I'm gonna go with three four so wills for this box anybody one place their bets we got one I I'm predicting 3/4 of wills we got another browse Catholic how reflected you say see the inside with wrappers oh my god one bright uh browse I don't think was ever a hit feast or famine I think the Shaymin was a dollar two dollar one that's gone up remember when you guys price check these make sure you hit near-mint to mint pack fresh only because old cards price swings big-time on because most these old cards are all over the internet and eBay they're all played and come on we need some more juice man we're only okay we're entering the second third of the vu contain so was this the one that people this was the black version of force well you know this was the removal black card your hand from the game I'm gonna do maybe I don't know if that was anything or not defender fury herbalist steed so I guess all the good cards in this particular box are reading a storm crow in every flippin pack so I'm assuming at this point anything good is the first two cards of the pack pillage so that's not arrests you three and the shamon again I can I think those are the I can't remember Oh devour I complete okay so that was the third card in the pack and deny okay those colors are just you guys noticed to look at these cards they are after this many years they are in perfect perfect condition sorry I'm like so excited on the hand there I mean these things are just spotless the Koala giuse it's amazing devour this was a card I always felt was underappreciated and I forgot about it when I got older and read because I remember getting like I hadn't have like 2030 I had as a kid and I remember buying him for like four for a dollar from my local store in Florida and now I think they're actually I think Mint ones are actually 10 to 20 so that is a finally a good hit we finally got a happen devour I completely forgot about that Miss Sarah all right here's another hit right off the top of the box the Elvis spirit guy if anybody remembers this was the one literally you just have it in your hand and you could just dump the card and get free mana so Moran's me of that red card there's a shame and one in like what planer chaos or yeah her Future Sight Playhouse that's that was a really good I remember that one I think it's our second one in the box uh uh-oh diminishing returns that used to be worth money in the 90s I I'm not for that maybe I don't know if that cards worth anything anymore tastes a paradise explode box art box art God that artwork artwork is so nice you guys look at the dust on the side of the cards you can see the dust and like the cardboard like the fragments hanging on it all right here we go and storm elemental on the cover here we go shields beer do we have we got a shield sphere is there a second one right can we go in the first pack yeah so we got our second shield sphere another one of these little cars that have been creeping up pack fresh fantastic version and he'll story I don't know if that's where the tornado I mean those curves in the set I've ever even seen I remember that artwork who Susan fun Susan did this dude that is really cool I don't know if I'm more attracted to chick or the lion with wings Phoenix or the tree with like a signature what is going on that I don't even know that I'm gonna fun to maybe I have no clue what that card is and I think that's it a lot of drunk aren't the denials aren't these like I think pack fresh denials are a dollar so I've CQ one member was selling them like a four pack for five bucks feast or famine soldier unlikely alliance up the dollar to war why the war child can't even see that VAR child's war writers kinda late it's a tongue-twister awesome presents I actually used to scare me as a kid that our work was a little intense man and nothing else in that pack alright we've crossed halfway through the box I know long video deal with it it's a flippin box of alliances you guys be crazy you're not gonna see this very often oh come on sort of strength oh the chaos her I hated that card god I hated that card alright I don't think we got anything good in this pack that's a complete garbage pack this was such a weird set school be unseen again that was the not the good lands not the rare one elvish Bard Oh third card and force of will and imperative Oh God third card enforcer will I knew they were in the middle of some pack I knew it God look at that yeah if I look like that could you guys imagine me going to a convention even though I'm not allowed to go and I'm not supposed to go because I'm banned by got unbanned for being too cool you imagine looking like that second force of will all right tornado I don't even remember if I was worth anything so I'm putting aside probably not and I think that's it there's nothing second-floor I'm telling you guys I'm calling it's 3/4 of wills in this box I'm telling you I'm calling three fourths of wills we've already got it got the open we got outposts we got oh we got everything didn't we helm outpost lay I think we've hit every and we had every good card in the set and now we're going for duplicates do this is a great box alright limb duels pal yeah oh fourth card in is to do these the sorting of these packs I don't think he's worth anything but I'm putting him aside because he was just cool I love that card denial again we must have twenty thirty of those already look at the white love that does anybody talk just somebody comment if you're still watching that back in the day the read the card frame was cool and the blue was like a water card frame and then the white was like like a marble thing and black was parchment can somebody comment that anybody appreciates that besides me and now we don't have that can anybody tell me tell me somebody out there appreciates that that's just little crap like that really means a lot to me but black version of force' will deceased from you know this is our first sustaining spirit in the whole box this was actually worth something when it came out and I fell in love with this artwork when I was a kid when I saw that our work the first time the the intensity and just the emotional the aura of that picture I just thought that was a beautiful piece of art I'm putting it aside in the maybe pile just because it's a flippin beautiful card and of course if anybody's curious that's me way up there you know that's not a book I'm holding that's my own personal alright so anyways that is it for this pack I don't think there's anything else going on alright everybody last stack right here come on third force of will or another helm or another Lake of the Dead anything the spy blessing that I got every time I see that that blue with the F I lose it man and actually is this our first Caixa I think it's our first one flippin beautiful box art beautiful wait where's the box right on that you're on the back right oh god I love that she's on the back even even though from the back it's fine I still love it you know what look at her leave that face and she likes it don't let her tell it she likes it oh my this is another one of those cards that actually has gained value recently that actually goes in I know for a fact that one's a couple dollars especially in pack fresh condition though okay sorry everybody I told you I'm not rushing through this video another suffocation I would think candelabra here we go primitive justice that's probably a dollar or two I think it's a maybe and attacked him you remember that artwork remove the top four cards your library to prevent all damage from you three mana one three three to activate okay versus engine kind of forgot about that escort is that Rudy being an escort I think that's reading me an escort creepy little guy alright Stormcrow so we got every good card in the set I think and it was funny back in the day this what if we consider a bad box we didn't get the good old bald or V and hoard and funny everybody the plague oh my golly that plague ready deadly insects oh oh the portal we forgot about the portal none not like a crazy 30 $40 rare like the helm or the lake but – this is packed fresh portal that's still that's a couple dollars god I saw the stupid blue look at that that looks like force of will behind it that is I forgot about the portal foresight undergrowth and that's it alright everybody are we gonna hit third force a will how many four so we'll be doing it I promise I'm standing by my prediction of three force of wills deadly insects oh god I saw the blue primitive justice soul Grail yeah that one didn't do it did it god I thought we're gonna get it with that last one come on we're gonna do it come on baby here we go don't lose hope everybody if any of the hunt groundbreaker feast or famine rolled so all the good cards are the first few cards of the pack there's twelve cards in a pack so like we know that for a fact at this point all the good cards are only in the front few I swear some people said the four schools in the last card of the pack like I swear I remember people in Vegas talking about like they opened the pack and I swear somebody had like the last card in the pack or like a forceful wasn't unless they were flipping them over maybe that was it all right misinformation energy Ark girlish I'm gonna get another dollar card and oak I thought we had something good I just I saw that artifact I think we're winding down here everybody we only have five packs left one more big hit come on one more big hit in the close one more big hit Despero god I thought that was a helm scarab tactician hey we got the flipping when I was a kid I call this pedigree foo I didn't know how to kind then of course everybody's called it the purple guy or what purple elephant purple rhino people started making up all kinds of purple hippo purple this dude I forgot this is like a mean card I forgot all about this actually an interesting card oh my god for God we we I think we got everything so we literally had everything in this box this was a this was one of the most enjoyable Alliance booster box opening is I've probably seen I know there's not even really a lot on YouTube to watch surge girlish aiming again Oh thawing glaciers that won't wear Macau there's so many good cards in this we did get a falling glacier for the longest time this was like a dollar now it's 20 I think we did Oh Mike look at the spoils of war from this video wow we got a falling three packs left everybody this is it no holding back anymore this is it hail storm ants all the big gargantuan gorillas me it's cooling it's got a hole you know I think it's got a whole essay from college for a text box mm-hmm I know that's not worth anything all right come on three packs left like the dead helm some sort of $40 not one more big hit everybody inheritance here we go here we go here we go oh I sold it again it did it to me again I saw that the hall we had it engine ranger gosh she turned me down in high school would you guys turn me down in high school I bet you would all right and I think that's it oh I am worn out here we go homestretch one more pack feast or famine the shamon Oh God I saw the land well we got a trading post it's not at least it's a hip not a good one though we prefer falling or the outpost but all right very last pack I appreciate everything everybody thank you all for the support happy birthday to the gentleman who purchased this box and Godspeed this is it this is that everybody trust me you're not gonna see probably to their full Alliance box opening on YouTube for a very long time if ever here we go no car just kind of creepy it's like they're laughing at us here we go oh is that no way come on there's an artifact behind there oh those are actually it like a bus are actually semi alright thank you all for watching not a bad for not a bad video we got some seriously good hits some good doubles their double Linville linville limbs a fool limb duals volts only one scepter two spheres to force of wills we can get a helm a lake we did get helm lake outpost in actually it's pretty good not bad at all thank you all for watching the video I appreciate the support from everybody thank you to my two thousand-plus patrons now that allow me to do this and entertain enjoy and agitate everybody thank you very much everybody

25 thoughts on “23 years ago…ALLIANCES was created…How many Forces of Wills can we find

  • That elvish ranger art is awesome…reminds me of amazing crappy barbarian movies…hits me right in the nostalgia feels…False Demise and Arcane Denial made it into quite a few of my decks.
    Awesome opening video.

  • Yeah, can confirm that I like those old card boarders. The boarders these days are too… clean and don't have the same "spellbook" feeling. And Sustaining Spirit is beautiful. <3

  • so I'm confused do they pay you $80 so you open your own box and then you keep all the cards and sell them and make a second profit? Or do you just get to make content and they keep the cards ?

  • Yavimaya ants was in a hyper ramp vanguard tourney deck. I used the unaffected by summoning sickness vanguard and i straight destroyed that tourney! Mono green with a shit ton of elves with some heavy hitters krawl wurms, freak of nature? Sp? Good times

  • Man I'm still in love with the old scool mtg cards, just because of the fram an illustrations. Card frame back in the days was unimaginably better than this modern versions, except for the fullarts, those are also special.

  • Your videos are so great man. Love the nostalgia, takes me back to opening all those great packs!

    Also, yeah, the older card designs were so much better, in my opinion.

  • It's crazy that people care so much about the EV of a $1000 box; step on over to sportscard openings, where people dump $2500+ on $500 (or less) worth of cards every single day. And these cards look a lot better, too!

  • Is this kind of hoarding why these cards are so expensive? Or one reason or does it not matter should I go buy 20 boxes and open them when I’m 50

  • watching this makes me want to go through all my old Tempest, ancients, dark, alliances ect… but who really wants to sort through 4 2'x2' boxes that are randomly stuffed…

    Wish i wasnt such an asshole kid and sorted this shit when it mattered LOL

  • @Rudy – 26:35, yes – the old art was SO much better. I only played MTG for about a year (amassed a pretty good collection, still have an authentic unlimited Lotus and Alpha Mox Sapphire), but as soon as the new art came out after Scourge, I (and a # of my friends) HATED it. It looked so…. 'clean'/generic and the art started going downhill quick with the PC/SJW dorks.

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