24 Reasons Independence Day 2 & Pacific Rim 2 Are The Same Movie

This movie takes place years after the first
film and after having defeated the aliens from part 1, humans have studied their technology
for a decade or more and should be able to compete if they aliens return. The aliens infiltrate society by commandeering
the minds of key decision makers of the world. If they control them, technically, they can
control us. When the monsters decide to attack, the world
is unprepared. The black pilot from part 1 is dead and served
as our best hope. Since his mission in the first installment,
he has become a legend. His son, faces a lot of pressure as he follows
in his dad’s footsteps. Ironically, the best way to get out of his
shadow is to dive deeper into it. He joins the military and becomes a pilot
just like his pops. While in the military, he is beefing with
his childhood friend because of a mission that went wrong when they were younger and
each of them blame each other rather than getting over it. Before they even get a chance to make up,
the aliens attack. They take out a lot of people including the
last surviving member of the black guy’s family. All the adults in the movie die quicker than
the New Yorkers in Avengers movies so the first, last and only defense against the worst
scum of the universe is the kids in the movie. The children form an army. The black and white leaders of the kid army
hate each other and even though this film’s set in the future, it seems like present day
America race relations which proves we have a long way to go after we go a long way. The monsters show no prejudice and destroy
skyscrapers and tourists attractions all over the world. The world is in devastation. In order to make a living, the only decent
paying jobs including guarding and profiting on the alien tech found on earth (audio). The standard of living in the world drops
significantly. An example of how bad things have gotten is
shown when we see the alien tech debris during the scene where the trailer park girl character
is introduced. To find the alien’s weakness they seek help
from the main living characters from the first installment. The guy from part 1 that was brainwashed gets
brainwashed again and forms a neural connection with aliens. The scientist from the first movie learns
the secret to the alien technology and gives the humans an advantage. The troops are ready to deploy, but before
they do, the black guy delivers an inspiring speech to the young pilots. The team of young heroes include the black
leader. His right hand man who has the family member
who’s way more famous than him in real life. His love interest who could’ve easily diffused
the situation between the two leaders, but low key kept em mad at each other so she could
play both of them. The asian kid girl and basically one kid to
represent all of the remaining continents to increase box office results. The battle begins and since their vehicles
are so advanced, it takes multiple pilots to steer them. They go toe to toe with the alien giant and
are losing big time. Then, the pilot gets airborne and flies away
from the action and at first you think he’s retreating, but he’s not. He then charges back down towards the alien’s
coordinates and boom! The alien collapses and the guts is all over
the place. The world is saved and kid heroes rejoice
because they think they’re getting another sequel, but it’s probably not going to happen. Those are 24 reasons theses movies are the
same. You agree? Yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts in the
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