25 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Helldivers on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC (Updated)

Hey, whats up guys! It’s Deathstalker Synchro with another Helldivers video. As many of you may know this one isn’t a new
one. It’s actually a revision of my original 21 Tips for Helldivers video.
Which is over nine months old. While the information isn’t outdated and I
have made some changes in addition thanks to a more extensive experience
with Helldivers. I also want to improve the quality of the video. The original video was one of my first
and hindsight it’s a pretty shitty video especially compared to much newer ones.
Commentary, video length and editing has improved since then and as such I’ll be remaking
the video. But enough of that let’s go ahead and get started. Number one. Taking out enemy assets. One of
the objectives that each of the alien races in Helldivers has is to destroy
race-specific strategic structure. There’s the Bugs nest, Cyborg AA guns, and the Illuminate beacons. Though Helldivers only teaches you how to destroy the Bugs nest which is the
easiest. The Cyborg AA guns require you to first shut down the guns via a large
console nearby only then will you be able to call in
strategies like the hell bomb. While the Illuminates require you to first neutralize the
shield protecting their beacons. This can be done with weapons explosives
or other stratagems. When they’re down activate the hell bomb and get moving. Act
quick because the shield will restore themselves after time. Number two, one-handed weapons. One-handed weapons
like the SMGs and double freedom shotgun have a neat little perk called
one-handed. Which does exactly as it sounds. The weapons can be wielded using only
one hand this means that if you’re carrying an objective like the briefcase
or down bleeding out you can still use the weapon rather than
having to switch to your side arm. Number three falling off the map. I know this
one is a silly one but it must be said I myself was curious when the game first
launched I tested it out and yes you can fall off the map. Falling into pits and
cliffs is very possible. So pay close attention to your steps. Especially on
snow planets as it can sometimes be difficult to see the small pools of
water or the endless pits. Number four. Going prone. Prone
isn’t as useless as it seems. For one, while you’re prone both enemy and friendly
fire will pass over you. This is perfect for crossing a turrets line of
fire or a trigger-happy recruit. It’s also a lifesaver should you find
yourself on fire. By going prone you’ll immediately put out the flames. Just keep in mind that you can’t fire
your gun while you’re prone and you’re still vulnerable to melee attacks. Number five, Conserving ammo. Ammunition is easily
exhausted in Helldivers. So aim and conservation is a necessity. While you have an awesome primary and
the trusty sidearm. Don’t forget you can also melee enemies. This is very
useful against light infantry and scouts around the lower levels as in many of
them aren’t worth the shot. Number Six, Resupply at mission starts. One
of the greatest misunderstandings is that Helldivers start with all their ammo. while you do have a good amount of it you
should drop a resupply strategy at mission start to max out your ammo. You only need one pack of the two that drop
so be sure to share one with the squad mates. Number seven, Don’t throw teammates. Honestly this is
one of the worst things you can do Hellpods do kill and destroy anything
they land on but this is a terrible idea. In fact, one of the worst. Remember you’re
putting your teammates in the worst locations to spawn. Where they now have to
either escaped the enemies that leftover or fight their way through. Their chance of
survival are slim and that’s not considering if the rest of the squad is
running in the other direction. The risk is far greater the reward and
trust me you don’t want to be the one when it happens to you. Number eight, Beware of screen pulling. In
Helldivers everyone shares the same screen so you should keep this in mind
when you’re trying to move on I see countless players die because one
player wanted to run in a particular direction and the others can’t see the
dangers just beyond the edge of the screen. Though this goes both ways. Should you see another player running in the
opposite direction of the squad he or she probably has a good reason.
They may have just dropped a stratagem or seen a research sample. Or maybe
they want to retrieve their gear from their last death. Number nine, Caution when landing near
objectives right before you start a mission you’re given the chance to
choose the drop zone. This is exactly where you spawn on the
map which is good for planning and prioritizing objectives. But what’s to stop you from
dropping directly on objectives. Nothing actually if you do choose to you
can drop right on an objective. But you should know that the closer you are to
the objective the more patrols there are. So dropping right on the objective on a
high difficulty can leave you unprepared and swarmed by enemies in no time at all. Number 10, use your map or radar. One of
the greatest features of the mini-map is a radar ping. While the map is active
every couple seconds a small ping resonate revealing all any patrols in
the vicinity The ping is small but very useful
especially when trying to stealth a mission. It’s also worth noting that the Humblebee
UAV drone can increase the size of this ping. Number 11, Stratagem beacons attract patrols. You know those large beams of light projecting from you stratagem beacons? You’re not the only one who can see that.
Nearby enemy patrols are also attracted to these. I won’t say don’t use stratagems but
be on your guard when you deploy them. especially when you deploy multiple. Number 12, Bringing duplicate stratagems. In case this never crossed your mind, you can bring multiple of a single strategy. For
example do you want to bring four fully upgraded mechs for the entire squad. You can! When selecting your stratagem loadout, you can bring as many of a single stratagem as you want. Just know while it may seem like a good idea, running four mechs isn’t a great idea. It will work in some cases but depending on the enemy difficulty and mission objectives. You’ll want flexibility over a
single strategy. Number 13, Planet environment types. Be mindful of the type of planet you’re deploying on. The environment is just for
aesthetics Currently there are four variations of
planetary environments. Volcanic, Forest, Snow, and Desert. Each one affects the way
the maps are procedural generated. For example forest maps are usually narrow
connected paths while desert maps have large wide open spaces. Forest maps also
have murky deep water that’ll slow your Helldivers movements. Snow maps work the same way but instead are covered entirely in deep snow which will also slow
down your Helldivers. Volcanic maps have areas where molten hot lava will spew
out and set the Helldivers on fire Number 14, Ditch the lasers. One of the first steps to becoming a pro
in Helldivers is ridding yourself of the training wheels. Yes, your laser sights. There are much
greater perks out there and don’t worry you’ll learn to shoot just as accurately
as everyone else in time. But seriously save the laser sights for the recruits. Number fifteen, Upgrade the basics. It’s very easy to sink all your research
points into your shiny new weapons or stratagems. But don’t forget the basics. Stratagems like the reinforcement stratagem or the resupply are
necessities on every mission. Are necessities on every mission. Saving just five seconds off the cool down could be a difference between life or death. Or in some cases even mission failure. This also goes for your pistol whenever
you’re carrying an objective or down on the ground you’ll need this weapon. So you want to perform at its maximum. Number 16, Prone limits detection. When trying to stealth the mission
sometimes it’s impossible to avoid enemy patrols. This is when going prone may be a good idea. When you’re prone it’s much more difficult for the patrols to detect you. This of course doesn’t work if the enemy
is already on high alert. Number seventeen, Throwing stratagems with R2. This tip is specifically for PlayStation players. While the game does teach you to throw
stratagems with L2. I highly recommend ignoring this. Instead use R2. In the event, you botch the input command you won’t accidentally possibly toss a grenade at a teammate. Using R2 at most will only cost you a couple bullets. Number eighteen, Fleeing launch pads. One thing all the veterans have learned the hard way is that leaving the launch pads is a very bad idea. For the mission objective activate and defend the launchpad. Once you activate the pad you have to
maintain visual contact. If the launch pad is out of visual range for too long it’ll automatically self-destruct. Number nineteen, Keep survivors close. This is the same as
the last tip except for the escort survivors objective. These four slow and
completely defenses little dudes need to be in visual range of all times. Which is
difficult because you move at a much faster speed than them. Though they are off
the screen for too long they will also die automatically. Number twenty, Experiment with stratagems. One of the great things about Helldivers is that there’s multiple ways to tackle certain situations. For examples Hellbombs are
used to destroy the Bugs nest. But you can also use shredder missiles , REC-6 demolishers, EAT-17 rockets or even the cannon from your HAV. A creative mind can
find multiple uses for single stratagem. So experiment. Another good idea might be combining
stratagems like deploying a personal barrier in front of the turret too slow
enemies before they can reach the turret. Number 21, Experiment with you load out. Earlier I mention dropping the laser sights and moving on. This is just a continuation of that. It’s
very easy to get locked into preferred weapons and stratagems. So I recommend
trying and tested out all the weapons and stratagems on different enemies. Some are best against a certain alien
race while some are only effective up to a certain difficulty. So experimentation
is highly recommended. Number twenty-two, Downgrading. While I wish it wasn’t true. Once you upgrade a weapon you can’t remove that upgrade. For the most part, I don’t mind this but this has led me to never fully upgraded my Justice assault rifle and Double Freedom shotgun. The prerequisites for some upgrades is to have a previous upgrade. For example, the Double
Freedom can fire incendiary rounds but only after the sawn-off upgrade. I’ve always hated sawn off weapons and I
prefer the range over spread. As such I’ve never upgraded my Double
Freedom. So think twice before attaching a bayonet to your favorite rifle. I’ve noticed the melee is slightly slightly slower. Not something you want when you’re fighting off a trio of Bugs scouts. Number 23, Traversing with
vehicles. You may recall I said some plants have environments that are much more difficult to traverse due to water or deep snow. One of the ways around this is to use
vehicles as it does not affect them. You can also use the jump pack or even
the all-new all-terrain boots perk including the terrain specialist DLC
pack. Number 24, Failing objectives. Accomplishing every objective isn’t always possible and in some cases intentionally failing an
object there may be a better idea. Put simply use your own judgment in deciding whether fighting for a single launch pad is worth gambling the success of the
entire mission. But be sure to communicate this to your squad as they won’t take kindly to you turning tail. Number 25, Stratagems while you’re down. When you’re down it isn’t the end of the world. You can still bring up the stratagem menu and call in stratagems like the reinforcement. This also applies to Exo suits. Every exo-suit and mech is equipped with a shoulder-mounted stratagem launcher. So you can call in reinforcements, hell
bombs or even ammo drops for your teammates. Lastly we have Number 26. The Dancing Queen. One of the easiest trophies you can
accomplish in probably PlayStation history is Dancing Queen. Simply all you need to do is stand on the ship’s bridge and do 25 cape spins without moving. Pretty simple right! Well that’s all of it guys twenty-five tips for Helldivers. I hope these help in your future gaming sessions now if you do have any suggestions. edits and or additional tips. I suggest
dropping them down in the comment section below. There you can continue to help other
Helldivers. In addition, if you have any questions you can drop them down there. And remember you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and PSN. Names are right there on the screen and as always links are available in
description below.

46 thoughts on “25 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Helldivers on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC (Updated)

  • Ok just finished the video; MUCH MUCH better than the original thank you for preaching heavy on teamwork and communication I'm not sure how it is on the 4 but on the ps3 gaming with randoms is souper rough most everyone just try's to tank the hordes instead of rushing objectives and then they bitch about losing because the enemies spawn infinitely. Also high lvl teammate + cardio accelerator + jump pack = trysofucknghard kick immediately or die to infinite screen tear.
    1,000,000/10 keep it up bro
    Another also, will you be streaming helldivers anytime soon? I thought I seen you streaming it a week ago but I couldn't connect to the feed:( plz and thanks

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  • I don't think anyone else has mentioned this yet, but upgrading your Double Freedom to a sawed-off doesn't actually effect it's range or accuracy. It just makes it one-handed carry. I know the description of the upgrade can be a little misleading. It does say that converting a weapon to a sawed-off does make it more inaccurate, but the caveat is that the double freedom is already an inaccurate and short-range weapon that saturates the area immediately in front of you with projectiles. It's range isn't shortened after upgrading, and the fire-rounds is a huge plus. I still agree with your main point though, upgrades can have downsides. The Double Freedom just doesn't fall into this category.

  • Dancing Queen is a particular tip for what? If it was a hidden trophy I would've understood why that was in there. And It's certainly not the easiest trophy "in playstation history". SBK Generations awards a trophy for starting the game, for example.Beginners need to be told more stuff like "no need to rush samples like a loot ninja" and "try to teamwork, as in look what directions others are covering and don't grab ammo if somebody else needs it more". That sort of stuff.

  • Question:

    What's the point of leveling up? Do you get weapons/strategems that you can't get by doing missions? It seems that collecting samples is MUCH more efficient than leveling, so I'm just wondering what's the point of leveling at all then? I just do a bunch of missions collecting 7+ samples per, and before you know it I've upgraded everything I want to use. Now what? There has to be more to leveling than just a number…

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