$27.94 FOR 6 PAIRS OF JORDANS | Goodwill Steals and Thrift Finds #2

you too what's up I'm only doing one take on this if I mess up I mess up I'm coming at y'all the duffel bag full of thrift finds J be trapped Laura when you get right to it so first off I got these carmine sixes I got these from the Salvation Army I don't think I have the footage order seat for them but uh the Salvation Army sells their shoes what are baby shoes for $2.99 and uh that's these and I'm only problem with these is they have some separation right here but you know I do this shoe restoration stuff so uh how to be easy fix for me next up are these not even I have a restoration with a pair of Nike field boots SLV field boots but these aren't the same ones I literally found another pair if you remember those were like a size eight and a half and these are a size 11 so let me show y'all tag so you don't think I'm trying to pull a quick one on y'all see that size 11 and all how should I get these for is for $4.99 they got a military discount all in all it was $5 so that's a great price for these because those go for like like 140 I think Oh see let's see next up it's two pair of shoes that I got from Goodwill in one trip I paid $4.99 for one pair $2.99 for others there so is the pair I paid $4.99 for its a pair of voltage cherry fours um they are a size 4 why they're in great condition I've already cleaned them up so there's no price tag on them so look at them look at them they look in clean size for Y and on the other shoes which are $2.99 are these on what's the nickname for these Pro stars Space Jam fives whatever something like that but uh these are a size 7 see I don't feel like showing you out a price tag I'm not a price tag with the size tag but you see these are clean I've already cleaned these up and these are ready to go on my eBay page so be on the lookout Oh next up not a Jordan pickup but nevertheless still put it past on them I got these for 4.99 got a little donation so it came out to be five dollars and they are a pair of Air Max 95 I believe these are called like the grape ice Greg Weiss colorway grape and ice or emerald something like that but there are women's size 8 and um yeah I mean they aren't in bad condition got the price tag still on them for $4.99 um not too much about to say not too much to say about these by air max 95 probably one of my favorite air maxes what's there on my side but they're not next up do I have the receipt for each s I already cleaned them up in the Salvation Army does not put their price tags on shoes these were actually $2.99 but with the tax it came out to be three dollars or three dollars and 20 cents on like that and uh I don't know if our set has already already cleaned them up so they are a pair of them are these with Georgetown Jordan 11 lows they're not the Georgetown I mean they got the Georgetown colors and these are clean I see blue bottoms size 12 seed um I mean not much to say but I mean they pretty good I cleaned them up well and they are ready to go in the store so y'all be on the lookout for these if you want these oh stuff I saved the best for last um I know this is a hated shoe well people don't like the colorway but they love the model probably already gave y'all the hands I saw what they were but I picked these up this next shoe for four hours and 20 cents or 399 plus tax and they are these are the Crimson threes and on the 399 not going to pass that up it's a little bit of y'all on some Hill drag is a little nasty honestly I want to clean these up and do a custom their size 10 so I might clean these up and do a custom might do another giveaway little paint scuff right there it goes other fair so for 399 size 10 it's a good fun not going to pass that up Oh last but not least I literally got these yesterday and where's my receipt that at the bottom of the bag so I picked these up for $10 well $9.99 then I got a $1 discount they came out of 962 and I honestly what is it uh are these called the Toro Bravo physics to the gym rats physics can't remember but when I walked in the store I saw you sitting on the counter and literally like this lady she had him in her hand and she was looking at him I was like oh god I hope she doesn't buy them because those are looking pretty clean but luckily she put them back down in a voice swooped in and got him so you see there's not a lot of wear on the stars these are in great condition to red suede uppers and this is excellent condition I just wipe these down a little bit put them on eBay and that's money for me so they're also size ten and a half if you're interested so uh I just wanted to share my third finds which all y'all see all my three finds it's a little little something a little light show y'all what I've been getting at lately but uh I just want to inspire y'all to get out in your thrift stores make some money this could be a little a good side hustle if you are high school student college student get some money in your pocket make your eBay account so y'all get get out of your through so if y'all wanna buy annuities uh leave a comment in the comment section thanks for watching this video thanks for our to subscribe subscriptions my China has been blowing up lately I got like 4,000 subscribers I really appreciate that I love y'all give this video thumbs up if you want to see more fine videos that thumbs up really goes a long way on rate comment subscribe love y'all peace

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