2nd Quarter Rotating Bonus Categories (Apr to Jun 2018) | Chase Freedom, Discover It & Citi Dividend

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute.
In this video, we’re reviewing the second quarter bonus categories for the Chase
Freedom, Discover It, and Citi Dividend card. (light chiming music) I can’t believe that we’re almost a
quarter the way through the year. With a new quarter comes the time to review the
rotating bonus categories for some of our credit cards, specifically the Chase
Freedom, Discover It, and Citi Dividend card. I’ll go through each one and share
the new card bonus categories. Before we jump into the new bonus categories, I
wanted to let you know that we put together a small wallet-size cheat sheet
that you can download for free from our website. If you’re like me and you can’t
remember the categories, this should be helpful. I’ll include a link in the video
description below. For the Chase Freedom card, we’re ending the first quarter
bonus categories of gas stations, internet, cable and phone providers, and
mobile payments. Starting in April, you’ll earn 5% at grocery stores and for
purchases made using PayPal and Chase Pay. You’ll get the 5% bonus for up to
$1,500 of qualified spending. This is great news for many reasons. One, a lot of
us purchase groceries every week, so I know some of my normal spend will earn
me bonus points. But I personally like the grocery store bonus category since
you can often buy gift cards and other non-food items in order to take
advantage of the extra bonus. In fact, we did a video a while back on buying gift
cards to maximize your bonus. I wouldn’t overdo it since you don’t want to raise any
red flags with the issuers, but it can be a great way to earn extra points or cash,
especially with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner. Also, the
PayPal and Chase Pay purchases cover a lot of different merchants. When checking
out of many online stores, you can opt to pay with PayPal or Chase Pay, which will
earn you the 5% bonus. In fact, the bonus covers online, mobile, or in-app purchases,
so it should make it easier to take advantage of this bonus category.
I know Chase Pay is new and a bit confusing, so we’ll do a video soon on
how to set it up and use it. I’ve not actually used it myself, so I’m
going to use it this week so I can share my experience and tips in a video next week.
For the Discover card, we’re ending the first quarter bonus category of gas
stations and wholesale clubs, and starting in April, you’ll earn 5% cash
back on grocery stores. Like the Chase Freedom Card, this is a very lucrative
bonus category as there are many ways to get creative with your grocery spending.
Also, the bonus is valid for up to $1,500 of qualified spending.
Lastly, Citi Dividend users are ending the first quarter bonus category of gas
stations and car rentals, and for quarter two 2018, will be receiving 5% at
the Home Depot and home furnishing stores. Keep in mind that home furnishing
stores are classified as merchants that primarily sell furniture for homes and
do not include warehouse clubs, super- centers, and discount stores. Also, the
Citi Dividend card has a yearly award bonus cap of $300 per calendar year, which
means that you’re not as restricted by a specific quarter’s bonus. You just need to
track how much bonus you earn over the entire calendar year. Since the Chase
Freedom and Discover It are offering the same bonus category in the second
quarter, you might be wondering which card I’ll be using. For me, I’ll be using
my Chase Freedom card first since I prefer to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards
points and can redeem them at 1.5 cents per point, which makes the overall
earning rate for me a lot more than 5%. If you want to know more about how I
redeem points, check out our recent videos on the topic. Make sure you log in
and activate the bonus for these cards. While you can wait until June 14th to
activate your Chase Freedom bonus category since Chase will award the
points retroactively, you’re better off doing it now before you forget.
Unfortunately, Discover and Citi won’t award you a bonus until you activate it,
so do it now so you don’t miss out. In case you’re interested in applying, as of
March 2018, the Chase Freedom is offering a $150 bonus opening
and the Discover It card is offering a cash back match for the entire year, so
it’s pretty lucrative. Also, in case you’re wondering about the Citi Dividend
card, it’s no longer available for new applicants. If you’re interested in these
cards or any other credit cards, please check out our credit card
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card offers. Trip Astute does get a commission if you use our link. It
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14 thoughts on “2nd Quarter Rotating Bonus Categories (Apr to Jun 2018) | Chase Freedom, Discover It & Citi Dividend

  • Ernest I hope you are well. I used my CSR to book a hotel room on the Hilton app and it used my travel credit. Have you heard of this happening?

  • Yeah I like using the freedom card to buy all my food at grocery store it’s great…don’t have discovery and I’m not a big fan of cash back

  • Thank you Ernest ! I will definitely use my Discover IT card for the month of April . As always awesome tips my friend !

    Jose P.

  • Hi Ernest. On the wallet card you list Wholesale Clubs as being part of the Discover bonus but you didn’t mention it in your video. Are wholesale clubs eligible? Thank you for everything you do.

  • It looks like I uploaded the wrong version of the wallet-sized card when we released this video. So if you downloaded it within the first 6 hours of the video post, please check to make sure that your Discover card bonus category only lists "Grocery stores" on the card.
    Thank you to Lionel for catching it. I apologize again for all the confusion!

  • Chase Pay is pretty slick for gas at Shell stations. It will help me reach 5% on Freedom. I suspect we will see Chase Pay for each quarter, as a way to push its use (which could be needed, since it's not available at too many merchants).

  • I was hoping for restaurants since we're going to be on a vacation for 2 weeks during this quarter. But with the Chase pay can you use it on Walmart.com and that count towards the bonus?

  • The Chase Freedom has 2 very boring categorys. Discover I haven't heard yet. do any of your viewers still ask you does Walmart, Target, Costco, BJ's code as a grocery store? Credit shifu his viewers still ask that question?

  • Now I know your very well aware of it but i'm not sure if your viewers are aware of it but Convient stores Don't qualify.
    Trip Astute your very smart about credit cards. I know you know but i'm not sure about your viewers . out where you live in California do you guys have a 7-11? you might want to make an update video allowing them to know that convient stores don't count . up to you.

  • No love for the US Bank Cash+? They just gave it utilities for Q2!

    I understand not covering the Nusenda Platinum Cash Rewards and the Vantage West Connect Rewards – they're relatively niche products as you have to be a member of small credit unions in New Mexico and Arizona, respectively.

  • so Trip Astute it looks like for the people who live in big city's like Chicago, Washington , La , New York, Boston ect who have the Discover More/It they won't be able to use this category as they mostly eat out and when they buy grocerys it's usually some small items that you can get at Cvs and Duane reid . local drug store.

  • Good morning! I have been watching your videos for months and they have been very informative. I was wondering do you do any free consultation, I have a few questions that might not be in your videos. If you can help me out personally thy would be awesome if not it’s ok I will still tune in to your videos and am still subscribed 💪🏽

  • I will be maximizing these categories. I already maxed out my Freedom card. Now I will max out my wife’s Freedom card since I am an authorized user. Afterwards it will be Discover it.

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