3 Hours Music, No Loops. Inner Peace, Relaxing, Soothing Music

30 thoughts on “3 Hours Music, No Loops. Inner Peace, Relaxing, Soothing Music

  • You can buy this track here: Google Play https://goo.gl/E83K7h Amazon https://goo.gl/JeRS8T or listen to it on Spotify https://goo.gl/E62jgM
    other links https://goo.gl/2Dz3T4 Happy listening!

  • It is obvious that lots of work went into producing this video. Some of the tracks were mellow but not all. The more soothing pieces came at the beginning and then into the two hour range. Tricky business to create something that harmonizes throughout. Good effort

  • Superbe musique ! Très relaxante mais pas ennuyante. Idéale pour travailler, développer sa créativité, se détendre ou dormir. La preuve dans les commentaires, elle fait le tour du monde. La musique est une langue universelle ^_^ Merci à celui qui a posté cette vidéo 🙂

  • Amado universo, amada madre tierra, dios y diosa juntos!! Maravilloso 😍bendiciones 🙏🙏🙏

  • Now I'm working on essays for English 101. Only a few weeks left of my 2nd quarter in college! Time goes by soo fast!

  • You can also listen to our music from our website http://www.musicforbodyandspirit.com/  There you can find free downloadable meditation and relaxation tracks as well as ringtones for your smartphone.

  • 이거 보면서 부가세 정리중 내 육체는 책상에 있지만 내 정신은 숲속을 거닐고 있다

  • The tempo and some of the instruments get a little to fast and excited, I found it hard to fall asleep to ,

  • Svegliarsi alla mattina…con difianco il tuo Amore…far partire questa musica meravigliosa e fare l'Amore con lei o con lui dolcemente..lasciarsi andare alla dolcezza e all'Amore…..che mervaglia è la vita…! Peccato che sto immaginando…ahh ahh ahh

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    KEIHN BIER oddah wass==))


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