3 Key Components of Wealth Building

25 thoughts on “3 Key Components of Wealth Building

  • I just closed on my first investment property! Hoping to rent it out soon! Thank you for all your videos. Hope to follow your footsteps to financial freedom!

  • I'm your number 1 fan from Ogden Utah. I can't wait to get another video to watch 3 or 4 times the second it has been released. Plus all the older videos I keep going over to make sure I understand everything you say. You have taught me so much from this channel. And your a great mentor . thanks for all you and your wife do! I appreciate it !

  • Hi Clayton! I have a little question: what about mortgage payment(or whatever loan monthly payment)? Do you pay it from your own pocket while you're rehabbing a house which can last 3-4 month? And do you consider it as a total cost of invetsment or as a monthly expense?

  • Thanks Clayton for all your efforts in opening our minds in real investing and wealth creation though i am afar in Kenya and very soon will invest in your firm and may you be blessed abundantly.

  • Hi Clayton. Do you have input, advice or a video on how to figure out a payment plan for an investor? Simply ammoratize the loan at rate for a certain time period?

  • Great video as always, keeps me motivated. I’m looking for retirement from my job in 10 years (at 40). This has been my go to source for information, I am having trouble setting up an umbrella LLC could you make a video on how to set up a LLC with subsidiaries tax and legal tips thank you and my wife and I love your channel

  • Excellent video. Though I don't have an exact date, u will be hearing from me. Working n pulling the strings to come up with the funds.

  • Another great topic, thanks for sharing all of your knowledge. Are you currently doing business in Florida. Getting ready to move to Bradenton end of March. Will be ready to buy 6 or 8 more units. Already have 2 duplexes in Sebring. Looking for more to pay for my retirement .

  • Funny about realtors, most are geared toward owner occupied, so you need to explain up front exactly what you are looking for, and even then you have to find just the right person. Don’t waste time with real estate sales people. You need a fully licensed realtor. Then you have to get past commission bias- they want to make easy, big money and what you are looking for doesn’t fit either of those.Last, one thing not mentioned here is that you can get in the door without people OR money if you can find a VA foreclosure. These are often assumable with zero or low closing costs.

  • Hey Clayton, really enjoying the education I am getting from the videos. Is there any way you could do a video in which you show from start to finish how you would wholesale a deal? I watched your video with Tom Krol and I my plan is to copy you and try to raise some initial funds for buy and hold real estate via wholesaling. Thank for all your help!! Eric Haines, Nashville, TN

  • Hi Clayton, I greatly appreciate you sharing the in’s and out’s of this real estate strategy. This one makes me feel the most peaceful. Just curious to know if either you or your wife have real estate licenses. Thank you.

  • NOTES:

    What are the three simple steps to build real estate wealth?

    1. People:
    All real estate is people from the buyers to the sellers to the contractors and others. This is a critical thing to remember because relationships will have an impact on your ability to make things happen.

    2. Money:
    Access to capital, financing and more is critical. Learning the way to leverage what you have and to obtain the capital necessary is a critical aspect of wealth building.

    3. The Deal:
    This is a critical issue as well. It’s not good enough to have the relationship and the money if you can’t discover deals and also make them work.

    My Take:

    This is good stuff, basic financial intelligence. The key, to me, is keeping one maxim in mind. The purpose of active income (things you have to work for) is to gain resources you can use for passive income. To make that happen, you need relationships, cash access and deals 😊

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