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Hi, thanks for joining us for three questions. I’m Daisy and I’m here today with Richard the founder and CEO of office freedom Thank you for joining us. Thanks very much for having me Daisy. My pleasure So we just here at unbound London and we really want to find out why office freedom have got this amazing stand here We’ve got custom graffiti on the walls We’ve got an extravaganza money-grabbing wind tunnel machine for a chance to win a Playstation 4 And we’ve got some really cool breakout areas with charging stations. They’ve really gone all-in So I just wanted to learn tell us all about office freedom and what you’re hoping to achieve here at Unbound London Well office freedom are a solution for companies of all sizes startups SMEs or large corporations that need flexible workspace Whether it be here in London or anywhere worldwide Maybe see us as the Expedia or the go compare of the office space world Why do you think it is then that know with all this? Startups of so much variety when it comes to picking an office space. How do you aim to reach out to them and encourage them to come to your platform? Well, what’s happened in the last couple of years the flexible workspace industry also known as co-working or serviced offices Has been going for a long time but only in the last 2 or 3 years has it really evolved and exploded in a very big way mainly because the type of space nowadays on offer is has really Increased in quality. It’s it’s extremely contemporary You can accommodate much larger requirements as well as just a small requirements one of the most important things that happens Is that these spaces have proved themselves as very very attractive habitats for staff well-being and staff wellness so for SMEs Startups and also large corporations what’s very important for them is that they can attract Good staff to their business and also retain staff and these buildings that offer so much more than the space itself for example the space That we’re in has a roof terrace and a library on the top floor a gym And also bike rack and showers in the basement loads of chill-out areas where the staff can relax and unwind or have informal meetings So because the space have evolved so much it means that They’ve become very very much more popular than ever and therefore there’s a lot more availability that’s come into the market I mean in London alone. There’s 1,500 co-working serviced office locations that exist and That’s 300 different providers of space. It’s an amazing amount of space So in order for them to make the right choice, they come to us and we ask them what they’re looking for We match their specific needs with solutions in that marketplace. So even though there’s 1,500 in London we might say right based on what you’ve just told us with your requirement heres 5 or 10 that will come and arrange for you to go and see and then once they’ve seen a space that they Like we then help negotiate the most advantageous terms for them possible You’re really all about helping the startup and I think you’re right in saying that You know the environment that someone is working in really has an impact in their day-to-day life So like you saying your own space that for us actually helped uplift your team So I think that’s definitely relevant to make sure that startup gets the right fit when it comes to their office space You know, you’re so involved in startups so much So you personally invested in a start-up which is CanO Water here with us today? so my last question for you of our 3 is why do you think that flexible office space has blown up so much in recent years? The reason it’s it’s blown up so much and exploded in popularity Especially for startups is because if you’re a startup or you want an office It can be quite intimidating if you can rent an office on a conventional lease The landlord will normally ask you from rent deposit probably one year’s rent deposit You’ve probably got to sign a lease for a number of years. The leases are long documents that involve lawyers that need to be Negotiate those terms You’ve also got to spend a lot of money fitting out the space doing IT telecoms partitioning furniture And you’ve also got to spend money when you leave the space putting it back to how you found it so all of these all of these costs And the whole concept of taking office base so a very intimidating for start-up but in a flexible workspace environment None of those issues are a concern because the space has already built out so you could move in straight away You can see a space today and move in tomorrow You can take space for a few months or a few a year or two or even like a month if you want and you can grow within the space so you don’t have to keep moving So it’s a very very attractive habitat for a startup who then hopefully will then progress into an SME and then a larger company thank you so much for joining us for three questions and Definitely check out office freedom if you’re a startup looking for a workspace. 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