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Construction can often get some bad press
and there’s a lot of determination to change it at the moment which means that some of
the bad bits tend to get highlighted and discussed more than the good stuff. Now for people outside
our industry looking in or for those people thinking of joining our industry, that’s
not good. So in this series I, and a number of other people, are going to tell you what
we love about construction. Well first up for me is definitely the people.
I’ve worked with some great people over the years and I think we’re generally quite
a good humoured industry. Particularly in the UK, and particularly on construction sites
there is a lot of sarcastic humour and a lot of dry wit, which makes it a very fun place
to work. You also come across a lot of unsung heroes.
And, you know, you find these people tucked away on construction sites or working on a
particular problem or in a particular area that they are completely immersed in and completely
committed to. And I think, they’re the people that make the construction industry go round.
You know it’s their, it’s the sum of their efforts, that leads to delivery of incredible
projects like the London 2012 Olympics or the Freedom Tower in New York or incredible
feats of engineering like the Millau Viaduct in France, which are just some of my favourite
projects the industry has delivered. And then you have the really inspirational
people. People who have a way of thinking about things or a way of approaching things
that just completely bowls you over. And sometimes they’re people who have achieved an awful
lot in their career, over their lifetime, or they’re people who have such a vision
for the industry and such a vision for where they want to go that they take people along
with them and I think, you know, regardless of job titles or hierarchy or structures,
it is those people that others looks up to and they’re the people that ultimately move
the industry on. I also love that every project is different.
So, whilst you might have the same objective or the same job role, the interest and the
variation comes with applying that to a different project every time. That way you’re always
meeting new people, you’re seeing a different part of your country or a different part of
the world. You get to travel quite a lot which is really exciting. And it really helps, it
keeps you challenged, it helps you grow. It’s easy to forget the impact construction
can have and does have on people’s lives. I remember my first project was actually Beckenham
Hospital in South East London (in the UK) and I joined that project as a Student Design
Co-ordinator just as it started on site. And I remember I had my head down, I was working
away for most of that project – it was quite an intense job. And as we came towards handover
we were working really hand in glove with the NHS Trust to ensure the smoothest possible
handover and the smoothest possible start for the new facility. And then when we handed
it over, seeing the faces of patients coming in and the faces of the staff working there,
working in that new facility was just, just an incredibly rewarding experience. And that, that particular job also really
rejuvenated the local community and helped lift the local community. So, that was an
incredibly rewarding feeling as well to be able to stand back and say ‘yeah I was involved
in that, yeah I played a part in that’ was really rewarding. I’ve been really lucky
over my career in construction that I’ve had that feeling with almost every job I’ve
done – whether its been schools or social housing or hospitals – to have that feeling
of ‘yeah, I’ve played a part in this, I’ve played a part in making people’s
lives better’ is incredibly rewarding”.

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  • What a great idea! I think your number 3 is the best Fred – the people really make a difference, and do incredible things

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