3 Years of Suboxone HELL to Freedom with Ibogaine Treatment for Suboxone Detox

– It took the emotional
part, the spiritual part, the mental part, and the physical part, and it healed them all. (lighthearted music) – How you doing? – Great. – Your name? – Lacey. – Lacey. And you’re from the United States?
– That’s where I’m from. Yeah, from Texas. – Tell me about yourself. You came here and just say what you came here for. – Well, I came here for Suboxone. I’ve been taking it daily
probably for three years. Struggled with depression
my whole life so, but I wasn’t really concerned about that. I just thought that’s something
I’ll live with forever. And I think my big frustration
came this last year as I was trying to get off of Suboxone, and I would take these films
and I had chopped them up so, or cut them so small that there was no way I should not be able to get off of that. – And yet quarter or eighth of it– – Tenth, I would cut them into tenths. – Wow. – Tiny, no reason that I
would have withdrawals. Like, I should have been
able to easily quit, but every time I would
get to day three or four, and it was the withdrawals
were just as bad as if I had been, like when I used heroin, or when I was on a regular dose of Suboxone.
– Yeah I’ve seen many many people gotten quarter, and I say to everybody, “Why don’t you go over two milligram?” Their mom did that, it doesn’t
really make much difference. Yeah, so I’ve seen people
with a very low dose I’ve treated a lot of people. They have gotten to that
much in decreased intervals. – [Lacey] I couldn’t and I thought okay, I can drink and maybe then I won’t feel the withdrawals. And so I drank and I drank a lot and got in a lot of trouble, and you know, it just began, life just went down, down.
– You were replacing (mumbles) being alcoholic. – Yeah so then, I was
now I’m an alcoholic, and I still can’t get off the Suboxone, and I just had run out of alternatives. I’ve been to thirty day treatment centers, the traditional. And they have their place and definitely some good was done there, but for whatever reason
I needed something else. That did not work for me. And so this was a last ditched effort, like I’m going to go to
this crazy witch doctor and hopefully, you
know, I’ll come back out and I’ll be okay. – I hope people don’t call me witch. (laughs)
– Well, no, but that was my mentality. Because it seemed so crazy. – I understand. – You know, it seems so crazy, like you’re gonna come here
and have no withdrawals – Yeah, this is like– – and we’ll heal you and it’s like okay. – The first time I went
through one year of hell, cold turkey. When I heard about this I
said, “This is impossible.” – Right. – It’s really too good to be true, but it’s true because
it’s not the substance that does it. It’s your own, it triggers your body, your central nervous
system through your brains and waves from your brain
to all your body and fixes the basically, the short, let’s call it, or the disconnect of the brain cell that’s called neurons and receptors. – Yeah.
– That’s all. Your own body does it. But you gotta to know how to trigger it and this is a substance,
has to be 100% pure. And I say all the time to people, “It takes one “ton”, one ton which is 2.2 thousand pounds to get root barks of Ibogaine to receive one kilo
– Just a small amount of Ibogaine.
– Which is 2.2 pounds of pure pharmaceutical, they call it IB. – Right.
– Right, and then you have to make a
calculation of how to treat, what this person’s all about. That’s why we have a doctor. He uses a report, he spends time with you. Now you have any withdrawal? – I didn’t have any withdrawls, strangely. – How about the first day that you have to–
– No, no I had been off for two days so I actually started
feeling, I think maybe I started feeling
something, but after I took the, it wasn’t even a booster,
it was like a test thing. – It’s a formula that develop, yeah. – Yeah, no I was fine. I was fine. – So then treated you soon,
and then alcohol gone, right? – Right. – So you have, you
understand now that it works, it is not, it’s not because it’s such a miraculous drug, it’s a substance I call God’s medicine because it’s not a medicine, but it’s a substance that
can trigger the brain and the body to fix itself, very simple. I made an article said by the time your 40 your heart had beaten one
and a half billion times. Imagine, without stop. And the same body, the
same machine that is able to perform and do that, the
same machine that can take your broken leg and you put
cast on, and it fixes it. Fixes now, this is a bone fixes
the receptors in the brain. – Well, and more than that for me, I felt like it took all the
things that a traditional thing, way, approach didn’t have, is
it took the emotional part the spiritual part, the mental part, and the physical part,
and it healed them all. – Yes. – So it wasn’t just like
healing one part of me because then, if you heal one part of me, I’m gonna go back out and do it again. I’m going to. And so it was interesting
to me how indifferent I felt after my first treatment. Like, I really truly feel
like if somebody had put alcohol right in front of me,
I would have felt indifferent. Not bad, not like I wanted
it, not that it was bad but just, I’m not interested. – [David] You’re not interested. Or you see any kind of drugs
or a thing that’s gonna, and I’m telling, and like
I tell you, like I tell everybody else, remember
to get rid of the habit. Okay, rehab’s really supposed to do that. Okay, you could tell some
people need the rehabs, we send them. They use the 12 step meetings, if you have the habits still
because after many years you develop the habit,
you don’t have withdrawals you have nothing, but you just feel like you’re missing whatever you
were thinking every day. – Right. – And don’t get to that point
and don’t ever touch anything, until you become, I mean there’s no reason for you. You see I’ve gone through
it, you see that the alcohol doesn’t really, doesn’t really
do anything good for you. – [Lacey] Right. – [David] It just gives
you maybe five minutes of instant gratification
and then after that it’s just habit. – [Lacey] Well, and my
sister is a psychiatrist and one of the things
that she said that she has a problem with all of her patients is that this inability
to recall the bad parts they can only pull up the
parts where they felt good. And for me, with the
Ibogaine helped with was I am able to feel the
bad parts, not feel them, but I’m able to remember them and to make a conscious choice, whereas before whatever impulse control was not there. I could not make the choice.
– You felt this logical perception, you felt that– – Like this is what I
do, and I’m gonna do it. And there was no thought process there and it’s like something
kinda comes together and you’re able to– – Its a perception that it creates, it goes through your subconscious and you see yourself clearly and you know what you do wrong,
what you have to do right and what you shouldn’t
do ’cause it’s wrong. – Right. – And that’s what you’re talking about. – Yes.
– And that’s very true. Well you did fantastic, I gotta tell you. – Thank you, thank you for having me.
– To get rid of all this depression, alcohol, Suboxen, everything else. – [Lacey] Yeah, I have
all this Zoloft at home and I don’t really know
what I’m gonna do with it ’cause I don’t feel like
– Burn it. – [Lacey] I need it. – [David] Burn it right away. If you have somebody at home,
tell ’em to burn it for you or flush it down the toilet. Don’t let it take any chance
having it around please. It’s like having a sign out there. You don’t want to do that, you want to just have it taken away, okay? – Yes. – Somebody I remember there was a guy here I treated, he called his mother, he had $15,000 worth of heroin, – [Lacey] Oh God. – Oxy sitting in his he gave his mother the code to his safe and said “Mom, please take it out
and flush it down the toilet “in front of me.” And then she did. – And she did? – $15,000 worth of things.
– Wow. – Oxy. – But that I think shows the
commitment, like the confidence that people feel, that
this does work, this does. – Your clean, you see a pattern, okay you say one day, two day
_ And you’re able to see things for what they are.
– three day, four day, five day, 10 days, seven days, eight days, it doesn’t. Once it’s fixed it’s just a broken leg, the leg breaks, once it’s healed it’s not gonna break
anymore, unless you break it. – Right. – Unless you go and
again use, or something– – Jump off a roof again. (laughs) – Okay, and that’s it. – Yeah.
– God bless you, I’m so happy to see you, you look beautiful by the way. – Thank you. – Your face changed amazingly. – Thank you. – And you lost some weight too. – I did, a little bit yes. Despite all the taquitos the girls made. – And you know what this
didn’t stop, you’re gonna continue losing weight,
it’s gonna work continue this work, process will continue for 120, 180 days. – Right. – Okay, and take advantage of it. – I’m grateful to be here and grateful that I was able to come and have this experience.
– I’m very happy and honored to have you here ’cause your behavior is amazing. You are just help and
God bless you, really. – Thank you, you too. – Okay. (lighthearted music)

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  • It’s amazing how many people are hesitant about doing this…just because they won’t legalize it here. And there is no crazy hallucinations or anything like that… America brainwashes people…The reason they will not legalize it here is straight corruption in America. The pharmaceutical industry… Doctors… basically they make more money off keeping us sick. Unfortunately I don’t think this will ever be brought to America …but David you are doing wonderful things and I’m so happy every time I look on here I see that you helped more and more people. Keep it up! You are a true hero to me

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