30 Year Fixed Rate Commercial Loans

Hello there. It’s a Bubba Bashaw
with Simplified Commercial Lending. I wanted to share with you something very
exciting for investors and that is we now offer a 30-year amortization and the
rate can be fixed for all 30 years. The nice thing about working with Simplified
Commercial Lending is we’re a non-bank lender. Which means we don’t have the
same restrictions and guidelines as the FDIC. So what that means is we’re going
to base loan approval on the property itself, the cash flow. So if you have a
Self-Storage facility we’re gonna look at the gross rental income less hard
expenses to arrive at a net income, and that is what we’re going to base a loan
on. So give us a call at 512-775-0974. We want
to help you get a longer amortization, lower payment to increase your cash flow.
Give us a call at 512-775-0794 or
email me [email protected] That’s [email protected] Let’s
increase your cash flow.

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