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what is going on everybody reset renegade here reset renegade comm check out the link in the description below links to the website I thought I would do something little bit different for you today I got home today from a retail arbitrage / goodwill / whatever day because my wife I had to go into work early so I had the kid all day couldn't hit the storage auctions and so I just wanted to make the best of my day and when I got home I didn't really buy all that much to be quite honest I thought you know this is probably a pretty average day for me so I thought I'd break it down and show you what an average day looks like if you're if you're picking like thrift stores and doing a retail arbitrage and basically just hustling your ass off trying to get money so I just want to run through it's going to be a haul video and I actually sat down and and figured out exactly what net profit I'm going to make on each item after shipping and after fees and after all the other crap so I should be able to have a fairly realistic picture a lot of the products that I'm going to show you though are going to be listed on Amazon so those prices could change a little bit based on repricing or based on like the market falling out or anything stupid like that some of these are fast sellers some of these are slow sellers so this is not like in a week I'll have this much money this is more like this is the amount of money that I brought into my company in future profit today and there's no telling and how long I really have to wait around to realize all this money but without further ado let's get started um let's start with the hats I've been working on hats a lot lately because I've been actually having really good luck with them so I bought a few more today because they're I find them for stupid cheap and I mean why not so first hat is this little mini Boston hat not selling it so I'm going to count that as 0 for profit I paid 250 for it and I bought it because I'm that dad so this one's just just mostly for me there's a couple things in here they're mostly for me but I wanted to show you a realistic picture of what I'm picking and even if I'm keeping it for myself or even if it's a crap buy or whatever because I have I have crap buys like every day so Boston hat 250 in the hole or whatever – sorry $2 in the hole next thing up was my Guinness hat paid a whole op in 50 cents they're having a blue tag sale today so the rest of these has for 50 cents each this one's got a little bottle opener in the bottom of it there's only been one that I found that sold in it sold for $22 that's like 18 dollars and I'm going to be kind of a little bit vague on on the profit from the eBay stuff because it could go up and down it depends on my shipping next one is a Colts hat it's a Reebok on field Colts hat I picked it up because it's 50 Cent's and I thought why the hell not I've got a bunch of other hats online so maybe I could pick up a buyer I looked online and found out that Colts stuff doesn't sell for so I'll probably just take a 50 cent loss on this maybe if I'm lucky I might get five dollars you know from somebody but chances are good this one's just going to sit there and rot or I might lot it together and sell it I'll get rid of it somehow but but yeah I'm just not gonna be a big moneymaker next one is a New York women's women's New Era snapback mesh it's kind of silky whatever it's got some bling-bling going on here it's actually pretty nice hat I picked it up looks like it's never even been worn I mean it's it's like brand new picked up for 50 cents and net profit after all said and done sixteen dollars so doing pretty good so far next one another hat on Bangladesh Air Force and I picked this up because it's just interesting I've had pretty good luck with military type hats like this and this one just looked interesting the thing that's interesting about it is the logo here it's all in Bangladeshis for I don't know what the Bangladeshi language is but it's in whatever foreign language except for the tapas as Bangladesh Air Force I had to look it up nothing that I could find so I'm going to guess and say maybe five bucks or ten bucks but I put it down as zero because I don't know what I'm going to get so that's not going to count towards our total here this little a little guy I paid four dollars for it it's one of those things you plug it in your iPhone you talk on your phone like normal thing paid four bucks for it seven dot 77 cents is what my net profit is according to profit bandit if I use FBA which is not a problem for me so 777 there and keep in mind guys this is net profit that's that's so four dollars plus the 777 plus the 15% plus the closing value fee plus the all the other crap and then if I make any money on shipping or whatever so I actually went through I figured all that out next up some Amita breast pump replacement thingamajigger z– flanges with inserts brand-new paid pay $2 according to Amazon profit bandit I will make seven dollars and 36 cents selling these merchants fulfilled next up is a it's pearl it's one a twink are twinkle bells its twink are bells friends Tinker Bell's pillow buddy people whatever according to Amazon profit bandit I pay it will see here paid two bucks dollar ninety-nine and I will realize a net profit of 21 dollars and 49 cents selling through Amazon merchant fulfilled buns Bob this is uh this is one of my decent little retail arbitrage hits today got three of these guys I paid three dollars and 49 cents each at times three so whatever that works out to and net profit on each one is $16.60 so sixteen sixteen sixteen pretty good little little hit there bought this for $0.99 I probably won't sell it it's actually it's the nicest one of these I've ever seen and I mean it's like real bamboo on the inside and stuff like that my wife's kind of into Japanese stuff so I'll probably just keep it for her so I wrote that down to zero then paid 99 cents will profit absolutely nothing next up is a really cool Nike Jersey that I want to keep so bad but I don't I won't Nike teen Jersey it's orange and obnoxious size medium it's it's a really good shape there's no writing a lot of times when you find these kinds of jerseys there's writing on the little tag on the bottom no writing there no pit stains doesn't smell weird nothing like that pick this up for four dollars and according to eBay I will sell it for about $22 net profit give or take next up is a Lee Martin Lamborghini new with tags obnoxious shirt I have no idea where this even came from my based on where I got it and the tag that's not written in English but actually looks like Italian I am betting that this probably came from Italy so it I couldn't find anything on it like on eBay or anything like that I have no idea what it'll sell for so I put it down here as 0 it could sell for a couple bucks it could sell for thousands of dollars it's probably not selling for thousand dollars but we're counting that as 0 because I don't know I haven't been able to find out yet next up is a Polaroid one 600 oh na 600 this little gem is apparently too hard for me to figure out full of film and everything I was going to charge anyway I paid $4 for it which is probably too much for it it's a slow seller but they do sell eventually when I end up selling it I'll make about $19 and 81 cents and I came to that nice round number because there's like six that sold and I just average the price and then minus to all my costs so 1981 they're not bad not bad like I said though it will take a while to sell next thing on the list ADHD what do we know it's a DVD slash pamphlet kit thing it's brand-new with sealed package wrap I paid a dollar for it according to Amazon on profit bandit has sales rank of one hundred and twenty one thousand so not too terribly bad and I will make 51 dollars and 61 cents after all is said and done not a bad score yeah that's that's my best single item of the day next item is a three in one PC game I paid a buck for this as well because it was new in the package I couldn't find anything on it I can't find anything on it now that I'm at home so I'm going to say the zero on this as well I don't know if it'll sell for zero or not but we're counting it to zero for the purposes of this analyzation I just made that up next on the list is a Lennox baby's first Christmas it's an ornament they it's from the year 2000 it's damn it's almost vintage I paid $4 for it I will have to push to sell it because it's not a very popular one and when I do finally sell it I'll probably make around three dollars and twelve cents based on the ones that have sold averaged minus my costs so three dollars and twelve cents there and again it's a slow seller I'm not anticipating moving this until maybe Christmas time hoping to move it in Christmas time anyway next up is a knitting book got this for a whopping dollar make 3.93 sense based on amazon merchant fulfilled next up is the spongebob game i got one little handheld plug in dealey bopper games i paid 50 cents for it it's not going to sell on its own probably and definitely not going to sell over ten dollars so I'm going to lock this together with a bunch of other stuff we're gonna count that as zero next up spite and malice these little flash card deals like a card game brand new sealed paid 75 cents for it on Amazon merchant fulfilled you make twenty four dollars and four cents on it not a bad little lick there because it Dallas more would say next up another decent little I mean decent I guess I got three oral-b replaceable toothbrush heads for fifty cents a pop I'll make four dollars and 64 cents each one on Amazon sub or merchant fulfilled next is the pedometer or a pedo meter I paid two dollars for this it's going to be a slow seller but I think that it will eventually sell on Amazon merchant fulfilled 16 dollars and 87 cents profit inheritance the game the board game I so mad at myself a jacked it up right here on the corner so now I'm not I mean I took that into consideration when doing this but I was going to make more on it but I paid $3 for it I'm going to ship it into Amazon to Amazon FBA on it and I'll make 10 dollars and 30 cents I probably would have made closer to about like 18 bucks on it if it were still in good condition but I dict up the box next up is the Scot goggles I paid three dollars for these things because I grabbed them really quick threw them in my cart I thought it looked like brand-new in-the-box turns out that they are not brand new in the box and they're not even this the right goggles for this box so I paid three dollars for them counting it a zero I mean these are they're in good condition they're just not the right goggles most use Scott Stefan on eBay is not selling very well so who the hell knows when I'll get my money back out of those so I'm just going to count in to zero I got a kitchen calc for one dollar Amazon merchant fulfilled I will make fifteen dollars and 37 cents on this thing it's basically like a recipe calculator converts one cup into pints or some and then the last thing that I got is a wedding pen set I paid a dollar for it have no way of finding out what these things will sell for I looked up the barcode no dice I looked up the name no dice I have a feeling that I get a couple bucks for it I mean it's got a price tag on out of $21.99 so even at a garage sale I might be able to get a couple bucks but we're going to count that as zero though so if my math is correct which I doubt it is it's probably off by a couple bucks total net profit for today's hauls two hundred and ninety-four dollars and thirteen cents is what I would I made today based on future projections now that could that's going to vary it's going to waver a little bit because market changes Amazon prices go up and down like hourly so it could I could very well make a little bit more a little bit less I could tank in on everything in Amazon and make a substantial amount less I really highly doubt that I'm losing any money on this day though so that's that's how much stuff it takes you know if you're out there and you you're looking for the right items and you're picking the right items that's how much stuff it makes to make a $300 day you know I mean you're not going to get it back all right away but you're probably going to sell a good 10 or 20% of like also 10 or 20% of that pretty much within the next week and then everything will be longtail you know trickle in type sales and it that's what ends up making your your monthly income go up because you'll get your 10 or 20 sales back and you'll make let's say $100 that you'll be able to go back out and blow on all this stuff and might I didn't add up my total costs because I just didn't have the forethought to do that but I didn't really spend that much money so anyways a little bit different type of video I don't generally do the full-out holes like that but I wanted to show you guys what an average day picking and hitting thrift stores and go into you know regular retail outlets and doing some retail arbitrage and I was only gone from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. so it was a light day for me hung out with my kid did that kind of thing came home everything from Amazon's already listed still working on listen some eBay stuff though so here's if you like the video please hit like favorite comment subscribe that kind of thing and as always I really appreciate you guys watching if you're not already subscribed subscribe I believe it's like in this general vicinity maybe it's on this side either way it's in one of the corners and I'll see you guys next time

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  • I am from Bangladesh. I don't know Bangladesh Airforce cap ended up in thrift store. The scriptures is written that is called Bengali. Bengali is my mother tangue. I am surprised as much as you are.

  • we only had ten employees and cleared 100000 dollars a month selling old federated lots-clearance stock……suits,shirts,jackets,pants,shoes,anything they had ……all the big names……they ran that business for almost 5 years then they sold it and moved it to florida….supposedly to open a chain of them on the net and in brick and mortar locations..so it can be done and very profitable…..

  • Whats getting me is the people at goodwill pricing things at ebay prices lately, not selling price listing prices. lol.

  • good evening sir can you be kind and let me know where can i get the poly mailer and
    other envelops on line. i know we have to pay for it…. gladly.
    a i am tankful to you in advance.


  • Dear sir!! thank you for the 1 million dollar fast replay. i am most happy now and i am looking to start my ebay experience soon. i am sitting and hatching tons of videos and i got no replay never on this questions and many more that i was asking.
    may god bless you and may god make your every day plentiful and successful sales.
    again thanks a millions
    gratefully yours.


  • Sir how do you determent in what format to sell an item is it auction or buy it now format? i can see all items are going to sell in meed or high tens of the dollars.
    your replay is most appreciated.
    thankfully yours.

  • 300 net profit would end up around 100 after all the bs fees & taxes, which is little better than a minimum wage job. The whole idea behide theses selling platform is to hire many people as possible to sell as many as possible and pay them as less as possible. Though it's a bad part time job.

  • this is amazing…some people should really tap into this and try a different way of earning. Great idea….I must say some ideas that people have are very intriguing to say the least.

  • I live near a great thrift shop divided into 10 big rooms.Beautiful suits pants dresses etc mostly designer. All clothes are $1. an item. Coats and jackets may be 5 to 10 bucks and all the dishes and cookware and such you take to the counter and they say what do you think 1 dollar  maybe.50 cents?  No prices you haggle till you agree. I LOVE IT!

  • So you "made" about $294 but how much did you have to spend to make that?? You said you didn't add it up but approximately how much was it? Also how long does it take to sell these items on average?

  • Good vid lots of good info, but I had to pause it 3 times because it was soooo annoying.  Sorry but it really is grating on the ears.

  • I just uploaded a video on how I import product from China. I focus my channel on business/finance/lifestyle- Check it out of you have a second and subscribe- I have some exciting stuff planned-I love to network!

  • How much $$ in gas did you use up driving around to the thrift stores? I just realized a benefit to that job….NO INCOME TAX!

  • I liked your video.  I am trying to figure out how to go about getting started selling on amazon with the goodwill/retail arbitrage business model.  Should I start by setting up a seller account but not a web store? And should I just start going to my local goodwill stores and also looking for clearance items at Big lots, Ollie's, Target, Walmart, etc. ?? I checked out Profit bandit and it looks like I need a seller account or web store to use it??? I really want to do this because I am a stay at home mom. Your advice is appreciated 🙂  

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