300 blk SBR Full-Auto : No Ear Pro Day Part 2

– [Narrator] Welcome back to
the Hank Strange Situation Lifestyles of the Locked and Loaded. (rhythmic music) – [Hank] So I’m gonna hit you
up with a quick video here, we are shooting the new Master Chief .30 caliber can from
PTP Tactical, alright. It’s out. And yours truly gets to shoot it first. Alright, we’re shooting
it in a 300 blackout SBR, 10-inch barrel, basically
this is all set up with Strike Industries
gear, from the handguard, the 12-inch handguard
megafens XL, you know, we’ve got a foregrip here, the stock, all from Strike Industries,
including our charging handle, also from Strike Industries. So there you go, it’s
a Magpull grip on there and the really important
feature for testing is the fun switch, full auto. So full auto, 300 blackout
SBR, we’re gonna do that. And of course, on top we’re
running the lucid optic, so, you know what,
enough talking about it, let’s go out in the rain
and shoot something, Lola. Come on, follow me out into the rain. Don’t be afraid to get wet. Let’s go do this. You’re not following
me in the rain, woman. (laughter) Making me come out in the rain. Get out here in the rain. – [Lola] I was wondering
how long it was gonna take for you to turn back around. – Yeah, let’s see what’s going on here. Here we go. So we’re gonna keep it in semi
for a second and hit it up. (gunfire) Okay, time for the fun mode. (automatic gunfire) Whoo. More of that! (automatic gunfire) Still more, still more! (automatic gunfire) There we go. Man, that’s done too fast. I need more ammo. Someone’s gotta reload me. – [Man] Zero. – Zero? More ammo, where’s the ammo? Where’s the 350, look,
turn the camera on them. They’re all sitting in there,
no one wants to bring me more 300 blackout. – [Man] Hey, we found the ammo, Hank. (laughter) – [Man] We got the ammo. – These are all country
boys and nobody wants to come out in the rain. Come on, hit me up, let me get some more. How often are you gonna
see this on youtube? A black dude, bunch of
white guys loading up ammo. Not gonna see that all the time, youtube. Better enjoy this while you can. Load faster! (whip noises) Yeah, see that? 300 blackout, my favorite
to shoot, suppressed. – [Man] Like your first
girlfriend in High School, over when the money’s out. – Yeah, well, that was not just my first girlfriend in High School. (laughter) That’s my system, that’s how I run it. You know what? You want to shoot some
of this steel out here, let’s do that, I’ma put it back on semi. Let’s see here. (gunfire) That’s quiet. (target dings, laughter) Very quiet. Why am I not (ding) there we go. Let’s see how many
rounds I have left here. (automatic gunfire, laughter) No earpro day, part two with
the full auto 300 blackout SBR, and of course the
Master Chief .30 caliber can from PTP Tactical. Strike Industries, thank
you for the awesome hardware that we have on here. Where else would you find stuff like this except on the Hank Strange Situation? Okay, so, our motto here
is “We are lifestyles of the locked and loaded.” Peace out. (automatic gunfire, laughter) Smoking. (rhythmic music)

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