#36 Salt Covenant and Grace Part 1

say grace I've been saved by the race grace say it's not we thank you for allowing us to come into your home tonight we are truly honored and privileged that you have joined us for a Bible study and we just hope you allow the Spirit of God to minister the truth of the word of God to you I'm really excited about tonight's program and the next two programs because we're going to be discussing grace again we're going to be discussing Salt Covenant and how grace and the Salt Covenant merge or how they are interconnected or interlinked what does the Bible have to say about that how does these operate I know we won't get very far in one program but I am just thrilled to be able to discuss this topic I think it will minister to all of us if we see from an Old Testament example of how grace being ministered to what is lack and what is barren that it is totally different it makes a total different product before we start day's program let's pray father by the power of your spirit I ask that the true teacher come that the person of the Holy Spirit teach through each one of us Lord may we say what you would have us to say we depend on you for our knowledge of Revelation our understanding and Lord just may it flow through to the audience and by that same spirit may it be received with joy and gladness and we ask all of this in Jesus name Amen before we start Scripture unlike punt introduce our guests again we have pastor Andrew Jackson with us as we do a lot because we appreciate his input and we're just so glad he is here again tonight and we also have tonight mic free mic is a friend of mine has been for a good while he's not only friend is a business associate here in Decatur so we are just thrilled to have Mike with us and we're going to let Mike do a lot of the talking tonight as we discuss this because uh he has some great insight on this particular message or you know this particular scriptures so without any ado let's turn to second Kings in your Bible chapter 2 we're going to begin tonight with a Old Testament type in shadow and we're going to go through and see exactly what the Word of God wants us to bring out the nuggets behind this so 2nd Kings chapter 2 we're going to start in reading in verse 19 and the men of the city said unto Elisha behold I pray you the situation of this city is pleasant as my lord sees but the water is not or poison and the ground is barren and he said unto them in verse 20 bring me a new crews and put salt therein and they brought it to him verse 21 and he went forth to the spring of the waters and cast this salt in there and said thus saith the Lord I have healed these waters and there shall not be from dense any more death or barren land verse 22 so the waters were healed unto this day according to the saying of Elisha which he spoke if you look in verse 19 hmm as as Mike starts his explanation of this you will see that the water was poisoned and the ground barren Mike and verse 19 what is this scripture relating to you you know Leroy's is as I read this and began to study it and the Lord began to speak to my heart it really gives us a condition that that not only we are in but sometimes we find ourself in when we leave this ingredient out that a like Lysa added to the waters called salt here and so I began to chase down what this word salt was speaking of and and and and so when you get the story here you find out that as Elijah came to the city he said he said the people said that the land here are the city is pleasant but the water is poison as you read right the water is bad and and it says that the ground is barren that it's not producing incorrect so so first of all the first thing came to me is the the way people sometimes present themselves like everything is okay no I'm okay I'm doing well but truthfully on the inside of us are a wreck oftentimes we are a wreck we're we're hurting we're bruised and battered and very much and and so us and and so it was beginning to speak to my heart because you know a lot of us put on what we call our religious fronts very much to our own detriment that's right and as as you continued looking at this the water there that they were drinking the water that they were that was giving them life was really bad mm-hmm and and and they weren't producing anything what they thought would produce life in them because we are like 70 80 percent water our body is composed 78 person or what they thought would produce life in them was actually killing was was really killing they were they were drinking bad water right they were drinking bad was it's like several programs you know you've seen on TV before where a chemical company will dump impurities in a creek and 20 miles down the creek people drink it and they start having cancer they start dying at an abnormal rate what they thought was good was bad and then as Elijah you know he comes on the scene here and and in fact he asked him he said we'll give me a new cruise and he puts salt in it and he and they brought it to him now and again when you start looking at the words here you first of all you see where he didn't give him an old cruise but he gave her a new cruise which to me spoke of the New Covenant correct and then he gave him salt and that was really where God began to really touch my heart because this salt was the ingredient that brought healing to the waters as it said here in verse 21 that it was the salt that healed the waters so I began to chase down ok what this word salt really was speaking of well before we before we leave this this new cruise would would it not typify the body of Jesus Christ right right Friday Jackson how do you see this that the ground is barren that the that we're drinking we're drinking kool-aid that is bad all this right here is it's really is a is a shadow of the church today it's right everything that we are talking about right now is a type of the churches today salt could be a type of the word and and the word on this thing that's gonna make our life sweet we're going insane so the poison I would think it would be religious teaching it's going to bring back they're gonna bring spiritual death and that's for sure yes so I mean this this is a good type of lesson because we got to understand the types in the shadows yeah and we don't understand the types and chefs here we don't understand a new company no that's that's one thing that that spoke to me in these scriptures is how course prophetic that the Word of God is but how true it is in giving us physical examples for a spiritual principle if we will just look at them allow the spirit to speak to us and as pastor Jackson and Micah said this is just where the body of Christ is today especially when you talk about balance Lorna Murchison look at the church the church didn't hold me the church didn't have strength doesn't doesn't have power in making that one of the things that the church lacks to the world the church may think it has power but to the world that the world does not see power in the church doesn't well I think well I think pastor Jackson here hit on hit the nail on the head when he talked about people operating and religion when I when I began to look at this and and you know most of our churches do have the Word of God in them being right and but when you take the Word of God and do not mix it with grace when you don't mix it with grace in fact in unless you bring out the grace of God and I think what we we're seeing today is that our churches today are at best a mixture of law and grace you know we understand somewhat of the grace of God but we we do not understand it completely and so what we do is is and we don't want to jump into it oh well we put people in under rules all right Leroy had a little little phrase that really touched my heart that it's not originally but this is a way it goes it you know the way it was said to me was is that where God is not after us to follow a bunch of rules but he's after a relationship he's not after us to keep a bunch of laws but that he's wanting a life to keep me in that life is Jesus Christ right and and so he's not after these things in our life he's more after us to be led of spirit and I said this what the law was to the Old Testament to keep them going in the right direction the Holy Spirit is oh yes it is New Testament the New Testament you know you made an awesome statement while ago when you said that the church itself is trying to mix law and grace it just like the scripture says that we cannot put new wine and old skin cause what gonna happen we're gonna lose the skin and we're gonna lose the way only we don't matter with nothing we're gonna lose both of them and verse 19 as we look at our board you know what was the problem here's the problem we'll just put this up there is the problem that we're starting out with and of course before you can have any solution you have to identify the problems so first thing you lie sure does the problem is identified the water is poison does it solve that somehow the ground is barren he says bring in a new crews so what produced this poison and this Berenice was the Old Covenant what's the law that's it this is what produced that I'll just abbreviate that and why was it poisoned why was it buried it talks about the ground being barren well where did we come from we come from the ground so this ground being barren here as Mike is already expressed is to people or barren the people what they think will produce life the Old Covenant is not working and he is telling us as we will see new crews what is this this is grace under the New Covenant Mike will there be any change in any of this unless a new Cruz is brought in now if we Jackson when you talk about the ground itself being barren see when we're talking about the ground being barren the ground in several ways curse that's right so the man came from that ground you see them time I well when man came from it they wasn't cursed but after man was sinned then the ground became cursed but everything that came out them the man you know I'm saying it right everything that Adam was hers was cursed yeah was coach coach did baby that that you ballin it without the app they went out to God and got them out to Adam so what I'm saying this right here it came from the barren pod that we are talking about right here if you want scripture on this you can look at yourself in in Genesis 5 2 that says the children were produced after the likeness and image of Adam Adam right not after the likeness an image of Christ because they had a sin nature so everything produced after Adam and Eve came after the likeness in nature an image of Adam Adam unless something changes nothing is going to change does that right – right so another thing we talked about when they put the salt in the water now I thought about when they put this tree in the water right and the water became sweet and the tree was a type of the crop that's right some salt we look at that salty of the type of the problem that's it it's the grace that the cross brought to us right my man that just flat foot owes that's good go ahead Mike well you know Leroy I think about you got to kind of define some things and one is Jesus said he who believeth in me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water right and that word rivers there's the Greek word rail we get our English word rhetoric from it and he said if you believe in me out of yous gonna flow living words but if you do not have the Lord in your heart then then life cannot flow out of you living words won't flow out of correct so so as we were saying here that the scripture says Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God so man has a sinfulness that he can you know that he's inherited from the first Adam and and so what God desires is to come in our life and make us new and change our heart and and and and to to change what comes out of us now and and so that's why I believe that Elijah had to go to the spring of waters he had to go straight to the heart of man or the heart of this this situation here in this city he had to go as you said earlier the fountainhead go to the fountain he had to go to the fountain head of the source and change it before the city could be healed if he didn't then only that from where he was on down would be affected but we got to affect everything in our past we've got to have God to to heal us of our past I know we start at this point I'm a new creation but part of that new creation is having my past heal my past being my past so so basis in what Jesus did on the cross he went to the core of this day right and the core was the sin nature that's it that's it yeah amen that's nice all right my new crews new crews when we understand the word the truth of the word the new covenant instituted grace to man not where man could do what he wanted to but to give him power over sin does grace heal my barren land and disgrace how does grace affect water in the end this uh Old Covenant and water in the New Covenant that well again in in our in our lesson here today what happens is when he put this salt in there which I believe is the symbol of grace right when he put that salt in the water and he changed the the the water itself and that's what happens when week's received the grace of Jesus Christ in us it changes us it changes not as not on the outside which is rules and laws that we try to keep but he changes us on the inside where he gives us a new heart as he as he said in the Old Testament he wrote the laws of God upon tables of stone but in the New Testament he writes the laws of God upon the tablets of our hearts all right so this whole thing is is dealing with changing the very source here to really bring a remedy to the situation the salt is incorruptible let me erase this part here salt being the Word of God Word of God is incorruptible when the incorruptible seed of the word of God is applied to barren to our Berenice to our poison that we have on inside because we are polluted with the sin nature that salt provides a fresh start it provides a new beginning that new crews might go back to that new crews that I don't want the the audience here to miss this and and zero in on the new crews being grace well I've got another verse here I'm talking read it's proverbs 4:23 it says this keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life and and and this verse here is connected with what we're talking about because man without Jesus Christ what issues forth out of him is is death literally and and and so without Jesus Christ we're under the law of sin and death but what he did he came to bring to us the law of the spirit of life that is in Christ Jesus as it says in the scripture that the first man Adam was made a living soul the second man Adam was made a life-giving spirit and so he's come to bring that that change in our heart and the only way we can receive that is only way we can it was hard for us to understand this unmerited favor called divine grace right and that's what we're trying to communicate here is that it takes the grace of God which is I believe this salt here correct mixed with the word because you quote scripture all day long you quote scripture but you've got to have the grace of God promoted through the thick mixed wood to mix with faith that makes us a word mix wood thing because when when Elijah called for that new cruise there wasn't even doubt in his mind that's what he needed right now you quoted proverbs 424 something is going to issue from us is either going to be bad or good and until we understand grace in our life what's going to issue from us now the abundance of heart it's going to be polluted and God can't work with it but God can take and apply his grace to our polluted ground our polluted vessel of clay and he can give us a brand new beginning first twenty again and he said bring me a new cruise of course the cruise was made of clay and put salt therein to me mica any and you go one way or the other on this this has taken clay and putting salt in that's putting the salt is a type of the Word of God that it's uh that is how the problem was going to be dealt with did Elijah asked for multiple items to be brought to him or was there only one answer one ingredients one ingredient wasn't one ingredient uh what about when when the body of Christ today has problems and they want to go to here for anger management they want to go to here for management on this problem go over here to get cured for this problem always use the phrase you know you've got 12 steps if you'd only take one step to Christ that's all you need is one step in that right foot because the grace of God gives the strength and applies the ingredients to make our water out of the belly flows mmm brings healing to the if there are animals being brings healing child of God if if we can understand that the script scripture is replete and from front to back it only points to one solution to man's problem and that's Christ Mike some dis up what we covered so far we got about two minutes left some discs up and then we'll take off on this again on the next program but I think that the thing that brings to me the the summation of this is that again everything may look Pleasant on the outside yes but the truth of the matter is we all need a Savior and we all we all need this this grace of God to us and the beauty of this thing is that that God accepts us just the way we are no matter how bad we've been no matter how good we are that's really immaterial he accepts us right where we're at and he offers us this grace and he wants to give us this grace and mercy and forgiveness to to bring healing to our life and that's the key thought here I think that that that we're seeing here today is the spiritual eveness that the it is the grace of God mixed in the equation that changes and brings life yes and it's the only the only thing in the equation that will bring change you know in that verse 19 it says ask my lord cease see we may look good on the outside and nobody else may see it but we know how a wreck we are on the inside but also God sees and child if you are having problems if you are a wreck on the inside whether it's a forty seven car crash or just a fender bender it doesn't matter God sees it and he wants to help he wants to provide the answer but we have to mix faith with truth John 1:17 grace and truth came by Jesus Christ it has come it is before us but if we don't mix faith with what has been presented to us that is not going to be real in my life just as Elijah did it has to be applied we can have it sitting on the table that crews sitting on the table until it was applied it didn't make any difference we hope we said something that the Holy Spirit will challenge you with and we hope you will join us again tomorrow be blessed not without blood has been brought to you by the donations of the crossways ministry sponsors if you'd like to join our sponsors in support of our ministry contact us at two five six two two seven five seven seven seven we invite you to join us each and every step to grow in the knowledge of the finished work of Christ once again that number is – five six – two seven five seven seven seven

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