11 thoughts on “3rd Quarter Rotating Bonus Categories (July to September 2018)

  • I’m so glad that chase brought back the gas ⛽️ this time…b/c we all drive more in the summer!!! Thanks for sharing

  • I think that the Chase Freedom categories are just okay, but they will still work for me. I have a Walgreens two minutes away from where I live and I fill up my tank about once a week. I have already started my Walgreens list for 7/1 of things I will need to buy like gift cards, Soap, Toothpaste, etc. One strategy to this quarter for Chase Freedom could be having your prescriptions sent to Walgreens if you need any to help with that bonus category. It looks like I will be buying a lot of gift cards at Walgreens for Q3 2018 on Chase Freedom.

  • Great breakdown on the upcoming categories! I'm looking forward to the upcoming categories. I think I am most excited that Discover and Chase aren't the exact same categories in Q3.

  • Love the fact that Freedom and Discover finally got off the same cash back schedule. Getting 5% in two categories is twice as good. Also, love the USBank Cash + card. Where else can you knock 5% off your home utility bill?

  • Ernest thank you for sharing ! Aww wish I was a runner up in the raffle ! Next time 🙏🏽. Thank you again awesome content as always !

    José P.

  • I do Uber/ lyft full time . Gas stations are super for me, I spend around 200$/week on gas .👍👍 and you can buy gift cards at wallgreens .

  • I will be traveling to Singapore in August. Discover has relatively high acceptance there. With the restaurant category plus no foreign transaction fees Discover It may get a lot of work.

  • I got the discover it but I don't use it as much because they remove all the protection plan and car rental insurance

  • I believe the US Bank Cashback + will be a good fit; I can take advantage of the ground transportation, fast food, and cell phone categories.

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