4 Assets That Make People Rich (How To Become Rich)

Are you trying to figure out which assets to invest in but don’t know what’s right for you my name is Carmen and I’m Darius for the best infinite banking and financial advice subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the Notifications bell so that you’re notified when we upload new videos Make sure you stick around because by the end of this video you’re gonna have four assets that you can obtain to help you transform your Finances. So the very first asset we say is a business now the business has to be strategically set up To make sure that it’s a cash flowing asset and that it’s not taking money out of your pocket But if you just stop for a moment and think about all the amazing businesses that there are in the world They are Transforming the way that we do business so as long as you can invest in or start a business That is a cash flowing asset to you Then absolutely start a business and especially these days because with the world of digital marketing It makes it so much easier and more convenient for you to start a business with low overhead and maximum potential Another part of being in business is the fact that you have more tax write-offs and by having more tax write-offs you’re able to reduce Your realized income to put yourself in a better financial position Asset number two are loans If you frequent this channel you know that we’re all about utilizing the loans to put ourselves in a better financial position because who uses loans the bank’s put ourselves in a position to become our own source of financing by becoming our own Bank and By doing this by providing loans to ourselves loans to other people were able to benefit on the cash flow That comes along with charging other people in ourselves Interests, so that’s another huge opportunity that we can utilize loans to put ourselves in a better for into position just like the banks and the thing is is sometimes we tend to Shiver when people are talking about loans because it’s so outside of the norm But if you just stop for a minute and think of and even small loans, they’re not talking about large loans You know the last time that you needed five thousand ten thousand dollars, even a thousand dollars, whatever the case may be You can create loans amongst yourself and family members and whatever it is to make sure that you’re getting that money back with principal and interest because otherwise Yourself or that individual would have gone to the bank and if you happen to have that money and are sitting on the cash then You can create an arrangement and make sure that you have collateral and a promissory note to make sure that you get that money back, right so it’s all about Wwbd what would the banks do we want to think in the terms of banks? And what do they do? They? And loans are assets. All right, we want to hear from you. So comment below with own it if you find this information helpful and Asset number three is real estate. So we’re not talking about the glamorous world of HGTV We’re talking about getting down and dirty and creating cash flowing assets with roofs on top of them So we’re talking about a commercial real estate and the tax breaks that come from that we’re talking about Rentals having someone else pay you the mortgage and cash flowing on whatever the difference is We’re talking about lending money Owning houses and let someone else pay you the principal and interest so that you can replace the bank in those instances So real estate can be an amazing asset, but you have to understand real estate So you really really need to do your research and really? Understand real estate cuz there’s so many different things that you can do within the real estate niche You need to capitalize on that niche and make sure first and foremost that it’s cash Flowing that it’s bringing money into your pocket, and it’s not an expense to you yeah, and just like a business real estate allows you to take advantage of Taxes tax write-offs to reduce your income Mm-hmm an asset number for of course is dividend paying whole life insurance policies. Could you could guess that though, right? So this allows you to accumulate cash and leave a legacy for your family in the form of a death benefit This allows you to transfer wealth Tax-free to your family this allows you to produce cash flow Wow You’re still alive while you’re able to use it in the form of loans and use those loans to capitalize on other investment opportunities So when we talked about this, so as we’re talking about our for assets remember, we’re not talking about investments We’re talking about assets things that you acquire to produce cash flow so in this case we absolutely believe dividend-paying whole life insurance with a high cash value in the form of a paid-up Editions writer is a amazing asset that you can use to transform so many different ways in your life and also to get All of these assets that we’ve been talking about exactly you can totally use your policy to invest in real estate To lend to your business. Yeah, exactly So think about that get that four percent first off top and then get the loan that you need to then invest in real estate in your business and make even more returns and even pay your taxes, so There’s a huge amount of different things that you can utilize your whole life insurance policies to finance the things that you already going to finance in your life and we just gave you a small list of those things it but there’s a Huge amount of other things that you spend money on that you can get creative with and figure out for yourself Yeah, cuz again, we keep it simple simple simple give money in your pocket That is the asset that you want and everything else leave alone No matter how much somebody tries to tell you how good it is if it’s taking money out of your pocket you don’t need to do it that you do not need it and Also after this video check out our five benefits of whole life insurance So that you can see how a whole life insurance can truly be an asset So now that you understand the four asset that you can use to put money inside your pocket check out our fifty two ways to own your own lifestyle where you can they download this guide using the link below and Literally learn 52 ways to turn your liabilities into assets Also, if you want to join a community of high achievers and entrepreneurs just like yourself. We have a patreon community where we discuss infinite banking and how to apply it on your own scale where we teach nowhere else because sometimes the Infinite banking can be a little confusing. So we break it down to show you exactly how you can apply it. Mm-hmm So if you like this video give us a thumbs up subscribe And also share this video with someone who you think would find this valuable and remember to own your own lifestyle or someone else will

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  • Thanks for the continued mentorship guys. I finally got the be Be Your Own Banker, thanks for the recommendation. I will def contact you guys and watch some Patron videos soon so I can be my own bank 🙂

  • Asset's #1, 3 & 4 are for me! Great video guys. Darius is correct about getting that promissory note, even when lending to family.

  • Sorry Haven"t got w/ you guy in a bit. Schedule got nuts. D. had to laugh when you said even your "Taxes" maxing out my deductions for cash flow and getting my money of that stagnant puddle of money they call a qualified plan. And Mr. Sam what I owe him not a minute before April, 15th. with "LEVERAGED" letting me pay back that w/ interest from NET PAY …. growing my Bank. Love You Two….. Keep killing it in the the D.R. and I'll hit you back soon.

  • I agree starting a business is great but a startup is not an asset unless it's cashflowing and most fail within the first few years. First hand experience. I would say buy a business that's already cashflowing and has surpassed the startup phase using OPM.

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