4 Hour Work Week for Real Estate Investors by Tim Ferriss

16 thoughts on “4 Hour Work Week for Real Estate Investors by Tim Ferriss

  • Great video! yes the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris is a great read. I have 3 of his books, I need to get his newest The Tools of the Titans. I like how you customize it to Real Estate investment. I need to reread it again too. thanks

  • I didn't realize there is a new update version. Thank you. Is 40k price for the investors or purchase price before rehab? I like 2% rule.

  • It's good Tim…but in upstate NY; Albany, NY markets….a $40K house….buys a shell…or a "house" in a "dead-beat" neighborhood. Can't buy anything decent for less than $125K…and "this is reaching"…..a total rehab house.

    Suggestions Tim to "me then?"

  • Hey Clayton, another great video! I find it difficult to put aside money for retirement too, but I also hate paying extra taxes by not taking advantage of the deduction received when that money is placed in those retirement accounts. I typically like to put the minimum amount that allows for the maximum deduction first, and then anything leftover I put towards the here and now investments. Would you agree or would you still suggest to put all of extra cash towards real estate investing and skip retirement savings all together? I think it would be tough to beat an instant 30% savings or so that is received from the deduction. I don't think many real estate investments have an annual rate of return that high.

  • Another awesome vid, Clayton. I used to think that I was busy & didn't have time. Had to ask, myself what's more important & learned to prioritize. In doing so I realized I had more time than I thought, but not a moment to waste……

  • This is awesome video, but my problem is i am only 17 years old, i want to start real estate investing but i don't have 40,000 USD. What can i do to afford such money? can bank let me borrow cash? thank you very much.

  • Another nice learning motivational video
    My goal is to own outright 20 rental properties
    So far I own 5 . I stop doin overtime from my day job
    N I start owning more rental

  • I appreciate the point about not being lazy but productive. My goal is to preach the good news about Gods kingdom. Can't wait to do it fulltime

  • Would love it if your team would look into Kansas City. Tons of wholesale property available and commerce. I don’t know about property taxes or landlord laws though.

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