4 Steps to Getting Started On Twitter: Step 2 LEARN – Chase for Business – Chase

Russ Laraway, Head of Small Business – Twitter: One of the great things you learn about Twitter
is you just never know where things are going to go. And you should be there ready to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Jennifer Hawkins, Head of Marketing, DoubleDutch: Once we’re there and we’ve found these key influencers, what do we learn that they’re interested in? Are they looking for content? Are they looking for advice?
What do they want? David Fudge, Director of Brand Marketing, Bonobos: My advice to people is always, get on Twitter personally, and start following people that are talking about whatever it is you’re passionate about. And just start to learn it yourself. Adam Britten, Social Media Manager, 16 Handles: Whatever industry you’re in, you
know if it’s about fitness, there’s tons of fitness-related Twitter chats. You
can kind of jump in and lend your expertise. That’s another great way to kind
of organically get people to follow you is you know kind of inserting yourself
naturally where people are already talking about that topic. Emily Castor, Director of Community Engagement, LYFT: There are some cool techniques you can do
using hashtags or other topics or communities that people have created around
related interests. Feffrey Perlman, President, Bright Power: One of the things that we’ve done is look at relevant, for relevant other companies or people in the industry, and follow them. And they tend to follow you back, and so it
still helps to build that network. Justin Sherratt, Founder, Sortbox: You don’t have to interact with anyone, but if you follow hashtags, you build lists on Twitter, and you follow the different kind of conversations, then you can sort of get used to, and you get the speed
of things. David Fudge, Director of Brand Marketing, Bonobos: Lists will probably be your best friend. And when I say lists, there’s a feature on Twitter where we monitor all of our competition, what they’re
doing. So we have a list for our competition and we monitor in a separate feed
what they’re doing. We have a list for our customers, a list of press, people
that may be interested in our product and things like that. Tracy Lawrence, CEO/CO-Founder, Chewse: Understand your customer. Understand who that person is. What are the brands that they love? And understand who they’re engaging with. Russ Laraway, Head of Small Business – Twitter: Once you’re trying to move past that initial listening phase, I will admit that’s a little bit daunting at times. When’s the
right time to do that? There’s no right answer. And you just sort
of feel like, “You know what? I think I’m ready to dive in a little more deeply.”

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