4 Tips for How Moms Can Rock Their Re-Entry to the Workforce | Quicken Loans

– [Catherine] Hi, I’m Catherine Alford. I’m a family finance
expert and financial writer dedicated to helping you live your best financial life. I’m a mom of twins, the
wife of a busy physician, and together we’re paying down six figures of student loans all while trying to save for the future. I know what it’s like to
juggle many responsibilities and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along the way so you can make the most of your finances. (enthusiastic music) Taking time off work to
care for your children is one of the best
decisions many moms make. However, many former stay at home moms worry about re-entering the workforce. So if this is you and
you want to rock your transition back to work,
here are a few tips. Number one, stay current. Are there new programs people are using? Are there new laws or
rules that you should know about? By staying current and making sure that you are on top of your
game in your industry, you will be ready to go back to work and you’ll be educated about any of the new changes that happened
while you were away. Number two, know your worth. Sure you’ve been away from the office for a few years. But that doesn’t mean
you’re any less valuable. Make sure to do your research and learn if salaries have changed
over the past few years. Go into your job interviews
knowing what people in your positions typically make. Number three, secure child care you trust. You will feel much more confident going at the job interviews if you
know that your children will be well taken care
of when you go to work. So make sure you talk
to friends and family members to learn about
trusted childcare providers or childcare facilities. You don’t have to sign them
up for anything right now, but at least know some
of the options you have. So if you do find the perfect job, you’re ready to take it. Step four, negotiate like you mean it. This is one of the most important steps you could possibly make. For many people who step away from their careers for a few years,
they’re just simply grateful to have a job offer. You’ve done your research
and know what people in your position typically
earn in the marketplace. So go into your offer meeting preparing to negotiate and don’t be afraid to ask for a little bit more than you’re offered. Once you make the decision
to go back to work, you can feel confident going back into the office knowing that your kids will be well taken care of and you’ve secured a salary that you negotiated. (enthusiastic music)

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