40% of USA Prefers Socialism!

hey everybody thank you for clicking on the video new article 40% of Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism amazing isn't it but then it is expected because of what we have been declaring for decades regards to the Vatican's need desperate need of a socialist society but this is the Artic right here if you want to check it out when you get time I of course will have the link below in the comment section for the main page because all that I'm gonna share here is gonna be linked out on this blog entry and so with all that being said are you surprised to see something like this a headline like this I'm not I mean have you seen my home school spurs page or how about my vatican socialist agenda page literally every school in the united states and this includes the private schools as well as the so-called many christian schools and most assuredly every madrasah in this so-called christian nation all of them are brainwashing the children to embrace the idea of a socialist format in America so Rome can have an easy road to hoe when the time to enforce the mark finally arrives I have literally thousands of articles on the home school spurs page in many links that spun off from it showing how the government has blatantly dumbed down our precious children so as to ready them for society they prefer we're in like ancient and papal Rome declare the government to be a God unto the people and if you think that's far-fetched I do have a link in this blog entry that shows it was of course the norm in Pharaoh's day but in some nations it is still the norm today no less and so Satan spent very busy but then again these are the last days and if you have a chance to check out my Vatican and socialist agenda page when I show how the Pope's who still claim to be another God on earth to this day they have been very active in American politics so as to bring about a mindset in this nation where in what the political leaders say goes this is why Hillary Clinton saw no problem declaring on camera during her campaign that religious biases must change I actually did a video about that and she said it because she knew all too well about how she was worshipped and yeah I have a link to that they actually sang a hymn written for Jesus and replaced Jesus with Hilary and we we all recall all the pictures of Obama as Messiah and how some people actually prayed to him on camera and yes he too demanded Christians deny Jesus Christ on camera and just so you know I started the Vatican socialist agenda page because I saw how the Vatican was not only manipulating our politics they were actually going against our own children because they know how to control a nation when it comes to where to start you know I cannot count how many times I have warned everyone I can about how the schools have been indoctrinating the children to get used to a police state format in America so that when the children eventually do leave the schools and our old enough to vote they're gonna lean towards voting what they were used to experiencing in the schools in the way it's literally like a mini police state in all the schools now in whatever their teachers told them was normal society is how their votes gonna lean and this is why when you go into any school the children are already living in a socialist society from the moment they step into school until they leave in the very second their parents speak out against it the teachers do all they can to shut the parents up in fact have you noticed all the articles on my homeschool Spurs page wherein the children were subjected to everything from literal school supervised abortions to books promoting Islam and even homosexuality to the little children without the parents even being asked or notified about it all the government just plain grew tired of having to switch gears and move their lesson plans to different school districts every time the parents complained and so now the government just does whatever they want without letting the parents know in these schools and if the parents find out or complain about what's going on about any of this well they suspend the child or ignore the parent and yeah there's plenty of videos and articles about that too on that page and since it's the US government that makes the decision in all the schools nary a parent can win any argument regarding their own child's curriculum unless they go through a whole mess of bureaucracy and red tape and most parents don't have the time most parents have to work both parents have to work because of the way the government has manipulated society and so this is why young adults under 30 are moving towards socialism because number one it's exactly what they have been teaching the children in the schools for well over two decades now and number two it was prophesied to be this way and by the way were you aware that a Roman Catholic Emperor was the first to come up with this type of grossly government supervised form of Education in the schools he stated not too long ago let me control the textbooks and I will control the state his name was Adolf Hitler thank you for watching god bless

12 thoughts on “40% of USA Prefers Socialism!

  • "Pick up your Stake and follow me" You have to break all your con-tracks with Mammon, and come back to the land/Natural law.

  • im Glad i don't have any kids to worry about, but then again Jamaica is going to enforce a national Identification system to control the people I've already decided that i won't take there GLOBAL IDENTIFICATION CARD I RATHER DIE THAN TAKE IT. I KNOW ONE THING, GOD WILL PROVIDE FOR HIS CHILDREN SO I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT FOOD ETC.

  • It's not that people prefer this over that, it's the fraud, theft, inequality and huge separation gap in wealth that folks are tired of. Those in power need a reason to justify what they are about to do.

  • Well all the indoctrination (in the Colleges) over the decades/generations would produce Socialism. Heck, Satanism is even coming out of the woodworks.

  • I'm sorry, I'm not gonna watch this and aggravate myself with this truth right before I go to sleep…but to tell you the truth I would have guessed a higher number considering over half of Americans are already on the "free money" system!

  • I bet 2% could not even begin to give you a definition for Socialism that was even close to the true definition! 40% my but!!!

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