40 years later: Communism's hollow victory in Vietnam

40 thoughts on “40 years later: Communism's hollow victory in Vietnam

  • As long as capitalism dominates the world, socialism will be a slave to it. Communism is only a success if it dominates world issues and becomes the dominate power. But in the last centuries it never has been.

  • So defeated traitors here are crying for not to be cared after war.Let see what they do,they let millions of foreigners come and kill millions Vietnamese people,ruined our country by bomb that more than the whole WWII and spread Agent Orange that will disable human for several generation.That 's why those traitors get that outcome.

  • Dumb useless war…the north was smart and more determined. United States would have won the war if they stayed but it wasn't worth it from the start. I give credit to the north cause they fought the same way I would against a overwhelming force…attack and hide, traps everywhere, and wait out the enemy to where they are spending millions trying to find us. They knew if they can cause some deaths that the public back home would grow wary of the war. The generals in this war were dumbass's, fought for a piece of land than leave once they won it to where the enemy would move back in and they'd have to fight for same piece of land again…complete garbage.

  • I’m not a commie but this is propaganda lol. Or maybe it’s true but 2 years ago. Go do a simple google search. Vietnam is a middle income country and one of the fastest growing economies

  • hollow ? we kicked out the french who wanted to impose their will on us-germany should be allowed to dominate france-btw total failure of the french in indochina-even if you pay people to learn french,they still are not interested but they are willing to pay to learn english,korean,japanese,chinese

  • Mythical fact. You never trust the people who turn their back on their country. They are nothing just Vietnamese insect;;;;

  • South Korea are repeating the same mistake. President moon jae in is about to betray USA. And he have hired extreme leftist around his throne. He is keeping close with Kim-jeong-un. He want to make south korea as same as north korea. How fool

  • Viet nam spit up in two after US come . Us army come in 1946 foce vietnam army get uot the south or they will boming the whole country .viet nam trying so hard to avoid the war so we this what they asking but they star draw a border right in between the country and shoot any one approached. And american making a goverment in the south. That it why vietnam spit in two in the fist place

  • There was so much at play behind the scenes. Concerning SVN, the US provided econonic assistance with no objective; the US introduced economic dependence. When the US urged SVN to "vietnamize" the war, one important factor was focus on economic development. After this time, the US slowly withdrew economic assistance. While economic assistance represents but one angle, a clear pattern emerges in the military and political stability of SVN therein. There's much to be said from this multi-angle as interdependent as it is as well.

  • Vietnam war was basically a war of independence. First it was to drive out the French. What was France doing there thousands of Km away from France? In second world war France faced humiliating defeat at the hand of Germans but decided to keep its colony in SE Asia. Big communisist leaders like Chou En Lai, Deng Jiao Ping, Ho Chi Minh were actually influenced by French communists in their early life when they were in France. Second phase of Vietnam war was against USA. I am not a communist. But may I ask what USA was doing in Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh was actually a nationalist. Had there an election in united Vietnam, communists would have come to power. Today Vietnam is an emerging force. Their leaders are pragmatic like Ho Chi Minh who all throughout the war was eager to negotiate with USA. Americans in USA was against the war when they witnessed thousands of coffins of Americans are coming to USA. Today Vietnam has a friendly relation with USA. Wish this friendship to go to higher level…. with love to both Americans and Vietnamese people– an Indian.

  • Read
    Stalin’s Secret Agents by
    Evans & Romerstein.
    Documented proof of the embedded corruption and pro Soviet agents in our government based on documents available after the cold war ended. The book helps answer why Roosevelt gave away the farm to Stalin at Yalta. The worst impact of agents in our government was not stealing documents but pushing pro Soviet policy and letting the Soviets know what we were doing or thinking about certain situations in the world and then the historians not having information in the earlier years reported in history books things that weren’t true because they didn’t have information that would’ve exposed all the corruption.

  • The USA has never lost a war !!! We won in Vietnam but when we left the people of south Vietnam could not sustain a victory!!!It's actually impossible for the USA to lose a war because we are too powerful!!

  • You looked at Vietnam. Now you look at USA. How many Vietnam Vets have not received the treatments that they deserve?

  • Sad that all these shitty communist supporters back then are regretting that move. Wish you had that attitude decades ago

  • you americans call communist evil but it was you that tortured the poor people of vietnam not the soviet union.
    you killed so many inoccents just for money and greed.you made theyre lives a living hell to theyre own home.
    and you dare to wonder why they are communists.
    communism is 10 times better than be a slave to you barbaric capitalist dogs.
    GO TO HELL!!!

  • I was in grad school at Marshall University Huntington WV maybe two years after the collapse of the USSR in applied social research. I got to read at least two books by John Gurley about the interplay between capitalism and communism. Yes, a workers' paradise is a great daydream and all. Capitalism has flaws. But when the chips are down, like the German invasion of Stalin's USSR, how many tanks you can build, and incentives for productivity, come to the forefront. And in a globalized world generally completely capitalist you have to trade to eat. Look at isolationist North Korea starving. Although Cuba, also isolationist, is not only surviving, it may teach all of us lessons in sustainable post peak oil agriculture. As we know Russia turned off the spigot of either crude oil or gasoline. I am not sure if Fidel had any refineries.

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