$40,000 In Just 6 Weeks Using Marko’s Proven Strategies

(Gong Crashing and Ringing) – Hey folks, its Marko, hey
you’re on this website because you want to make money
in real estate right? And I know many of you are asking me, “how soon can I have my first deal”? Look I wish I could
answer that question but it really depends on your background. Are you already in real estate investing, are you new, can you put few hours a week into the business or
you don’t have any time? It depends on all those things. But the bottom line is it
doesn’t happen over night. Now this particular house was sent in by an investor who was on
this very same website. He watched a video where
I was showing my course, the Home Study System,
he got it and guess what? Few weeks after that he went and sent me a picture of this house and a check of $7,000 Now
I said, “7000 dollars, is not a lot of money to make on a deal”. But you know what he said,
“it took him only two hours”. For 2 hours that’s not bad right? Now a few months after that, I’m holding the closing
paperwork from the other deal. This little house, look at
this the closing statement, showing 31 thousand dollars
and I’m having it here, in the, in my hand you can
see it on the screen right? And down here let me click
here is a selling statement for 86,000 dollars and you
see it on the screen. Guys that’s like 40 grand profit. Now he send me a video thanking me for it, which I’m proud to receive that video and I want to show it to you, so here you go. – Hi this is Jim, Jim Shibly. and I am one of Marko’s Students. Matter of fact, I have been one of his students for about
four and a half months. Went out to the live
event in Las Vegas and just wanted to briefly go through and we just closed a pretty nice deal here. And wanted to make this
quick video for Marko. Just to say again thank you for everything that you have done. Marko’s program has been
absolutely outstanding. Using a bunch of different
strategies and techniques, actually that I learned
from one of his courses, before I went out to live event and then after we went out to his, Niche to Wealth live event
in Las Vegas in March. Within just a couple of
weeks, had closed on a deal. A little bit on the background on that. Essentially I had used the
Profit Grabber software, which is absolutely awesome
and used Profit Grabber to essentially load up a
list that I had pulled of estate sales and within
about a week of doing that was contacted, went out
following Marko’s program. Using his techniques that he talks about. Went and talked to the seller, made sure that they were
very comfortable with what we are doing, they
were very motivated. And essentially we purchased
a very small property not a big one, but it was for $31,000 . A little over 31,500 and went ahead and again was planning on doing a rent to own, following Marko’s program because we were just going to
look at the cash flow. I’d taken out a zero financed
loan using Marko’s techniques, we had actually borrowed
money from a private trust, at zero percent interest
to make the purchase of the property and a few minor repairs. We decided that we really
wanted to put some flooring and spruce it up just a little bit. But again this was a $31,500 purchase and we turned around and sold
the property for $83,200, in only six weeks after and um, Just a little bit of proof of that, what we actually netted
after the expenses and we paid back the loan, this
is the first check that I had to my company for $30,456.07 and then I had actually done
some of the marketing stuff and sent a check over to
my marketing company for and additional 10,000
for the same closing. So between the two of
them a little bit over $40,000 in just six weeks
using Marko’s techniques. And I just wanted to say a few words, like I said, I can’t thank you enough but quite frankly, its not just about these. What it really is about is
Marko’s program, his staff. I can honestly say I’ve
been involved in a lot of different real estate programs. I’m a former military
guy been in the military, essentially for what
is for almost 30 years. And some of the biggest things
that were important to me, that I needed in someone
who was offering a program, was one not just that it works,
but how are the people and the staff that are behind it and the things that I constantly looked for was honor, integrity and accountability. I went out to the live event
not just to learn something. But really kinda to put them to the test. I wanted to meet who I was dealing with, see if I could find those attributes, that in today’s world
are so very very rare. I like to say thank you
for being who you are, for having the integrity the
honor, the accountability that you do have because again
it’s a rare thing to find. And its someone, you or
someone in your organization is an organization that I
can proud to say that I am happy to be a part of, thanks again. – Hi its Marko Rubel, hey I want to talk to you about my
new best selling book, you see it someone here on the screen. You’ll discover the method, the new, revolutionary method to
invest in real estate. Without using your credit,
without using your money, it’s not about flipping
ugly houses either. It’s not about rehabbing,
it’s not about land lording. So go ahead click somewhere
here on the screen. Get the book, read the first section. And I’ll talk to you inside.

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