41 Cent Goodwill Haul

this video is gonna be about the bag of stuff that I just got at Goodwill by the pound so I'm not sure what was going on they charged me 20 cents per pound I'm not sure what happened here I'm not sure if the person doing this made some sort of mistake or something so I ended up paying 41 cents for this bag if this was normal goodwill by the pound prices I probably would have been somewhere around two to four dollars for this but for whatever reason this is what they charged me so a bit of a lucky thing with this bag first off I got this little plastic bin here this is going to be for moulds this is the perfect size for making base moulds or one part terrain moulds where it's something somewhat flat you'll end up with something that kind of looks like that and it's always convenient to have nice and shallow ones like this because if you're doing something that's relatively flat you don't need like a super deep mold so this was very convenient to find and it's nice and perfectly rectangular and it has a little bit of a give so you can easily get the mold out of there I found this bit of plastic and a roof terrain pattern on it I was thinking maybe you're doing just a quick oh you Maru mold on this or something like that or just using this in a craft project I saw it it's a little bit too uniform so I don't know anyways I got a copy of ribbon this is a near-complete copy of the disks or mint so I just got it that has nothing to do with miniatures as does Wii Sports which I also got a copy of nothing to do with miniatures just I got a Wii recently so I wanted a Wii Sports another thing that has nothing to do with the indie miniatures is half a Hulk I got half a like Oh Hulk it's got some video game wires oh man he's got real real Tigers just yeah GameCube wire and a PlayStation wire I got another little Lego guy here and I got Star Wars GameCube game so this is actually heavy I thought it would make some good train cuz it's kind of like a little foo dog I focus on here for a second it's a pretty nice-looking foo dog guy but it's actually like a little stamp it feels like it's made out of some sort of stone so again interesting like this is obviously at one point in time like a wax stamp thing so I thought it was nice a little bit of terrain perhaps there was this little bit of propellers I don't I didn't see what the heck this came from but I figure I could maybe try to paint these as like just blades for a trap I got a little horse guy that seems somewhat in scale to D&D a big giant Hedgehog obviously not in scale to D&D but still I got this nice little bit of fire I don't know where this is from obviously it's meant to attach to something but I figure I can like incorporate this somewhere in one of my craft builds just a little lego guy helmet I believe nice a little skull here I'm not exactly sure what this is from some sort of Lego type of thing but nice little demon skull I could use there I found these little poker things for Marvel Knights I'm not sure they just kind of looked cool so I grabbed those electrons I'm one of them and finally I got this big mr. incredible thing basically this is gonna be a sub structure for a sculpting project I'm just gonna basically add green stuff onto this guy and make him into like a giant mushroom man guy his base it's got a little bit of texture on time I try to keep that this is pretty fair to middlin frankly when it comes to the D&D stuff but you know I think this is OK for $0.41 certainly have a great day and as always thank you for watching the video

28 thoughts on “41 Cent Goodwill Haul

  • The demon head is from a video game whose name we shall not speak of because it is only played by heathens

  • UK charity shops tend to be clothes, books and ceramic granny ornaments. D&D potential is thin on the ground

  • 2:19 oooh! That could be very good terrain of perhaps a trap? Also I do believe that was a wax stamp.

    Could also put the fire and the mask (which is indeed from fortnite) to make a giant demon/devil creature. But will you be able to show us the final product of Mr. Mushcredible?

  • That "dog thing" is a soapstone Asian stamp, and is worth about 5 bucks(personally have sold some on line). Still, I think it makes for a better terrain piece.

  • I'd love to see your progress on the mushroom guy. Could probably make it some sort of fungal giant or troll.

  • 2:11 Unless it's some sort of anime merchandise, I believe that is a personal seal stamp used to sing all sort of documentation in Japan and other Asian countries (You can't even sign for your own personal mail or deliveries without one), and that one looks fancy (some parent or grandparent somewhere surely is pissed).


  • i dont know why but these are some of my favorite videos of yours, anything homeade for d&d and stuff is my favorite to watch!

  • The Marvel Knights poker chips are Heroclix tokens, in Heroclix a figure gets a token for doing an action during a turn.

  • Great hall man Im all ways hitting the thrift looking for bits for crafting. Got real lucky today at a value village near my house found a mech keyboard with cherry mx switches brand new they were selling it for 20 bucks. Also got bag of random wood bits for 60 cents was a good day. Keep up the great videos man.


  • That Foo dog may be someone's personal stamp. I know they do signatures in Japan that way. Either way, that's a cool find, I'd like to know what the stamp prints out and what it says.

  • Yo that Mr. Incredible is lit. I think I still have my Disney Infinity stuff somewhere. BTW the skull and the helmet are from action figures, not LEGO; the Hulk is also a bootleg.

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