49 Top Health Beliefs

What is the best way to take care of
this body so that it can support you through your entire life?
Well my friends, I believe everything that happens with your body is tied
directly to your belief system about it. And today in this video, I’m going to be
sharing with you my guide and blueprint that I use for having the most strong
powerful agile and capable body that can support me with energy and everything
that I need. So check it out. The reason why I’m so in
love with belief work is because what we believe, it’s in this ethereal space but
it somehow manages to become material. So, for example. If I were to have a hard
time running one day and my knees start hurt, I could cause myself to believe
I’ve got bad knees. And all of a sudden, I don’t know it but I’m communicating with
the master genes in my body telling them, “Uh-uh-uh-uh! We have a problem currently
with the knees. Make sure that you keep the problem. Keep it permanent. Don’t let
them get fixed.” We got to have bad knees for the rest of our life. That sounds
kind of crazy, doesn’t it? And yet it’s interesting that the things that we
think about most, we breathe about most. So, if we have ill thoughts about our
body or health or maybe you’re struggling with your weight like I once
upon a time did. I wasn’t very kind to myself. Not with what I put in and also
not with what I thought about myself. You struggle with your weight and all of a
sudden you mistreat yourself. You abuse yourself. And you think poorly of
yourself. I’m just telling you right now that if you think bad thoughts about
your body because you don’t like the way that your body looks or you don’t like
what your body’s doing, all you’re going to do is magnify that condition. So, if you
think 30 pounds looks bad on you, just imagine what 60 pounds looks on you.
And just imagine what a 150 pounds looks on you. The reality is
whatever we focus on and we draw attention to, we expand. When it comes to
your body, we need a new blueprint. A blueprint that can unlock health. A
blueprint that can unlock energy. A blueprint that can unlock ability. What
I’ve done is I’ve taken it upon myself to study human beings. and I love
studying their topmost negative thoughts about their body that are the most
common that run through all of us. And I’ve created a guide that has the
ability to actually help you diagnose any of the limiting beliefs that you can
identify with and then also give you options on what new and empowering
beliefs would look like that can help you live the life of your dreams. Help
you take care of this body. because you’re gonna have it for a very long
time. And you want this body to support you in the best way that it can. So, I
wrote a book called Limitless. As you heard about maybe if you’ve seen a
couple other videos. And I believe that it’s important to take care of our body,
our relationships, our concept of self. And our finances. We can take everything
that touches life and kind of wrap those four main areas. So today, we’re
hitting body. And I want you to know that there are 49 empowering beliefs that you
need to have about your body. That are going to unlock your body’s highest
potential. They’re all found in my book Limitless. It is a best-seller and it’s a
gift to you for free. All you got to do is click the link below. Get your hands
on it and let me unlock for you a new blueprint. So that when it comes to
tapping into energy and feeling great about your body and who you are, you can
transform your thinking and belief system and let that transition into new
biology a body that will support your goals and dreams. Hey, thank you so much
for watching today’s video guys. Listen, the book is a free gift. So all you got
to do is click the description in the link below and then we’ll get that set
out to you. Other than that, listen. I’m producing videos every single day
designed to help you live life to the fullest, become wealthy and have it all.
So, if you’re not a subscriber, now is a great time to do that. And ring that Bell
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