4th Service at the Covenant Place Iganmu | 211018

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] amen all right very quickly we're gonna take him zand the snapshots which is the drama group of Covenant Christian since eyes they have a presentation to make so they're going to come up immediately after the games all right do you guys need to take the pulpit away drama group please come and do that now can we project the hymns and and we take it from there thank you because of you my Bobby docility [Applause] let's change it up because of you which points for me but my god the Barbie doll my name is insulin and I'm the leader of a life fellowship now first meeting you know like every normal meeting people would be you know what's going on because being careful but we you know we broke the ice we talked about what it was our own good thing I like about the life system in in covenants is that they group you with people who the same lesson needs or the same demographics like you so you have common goals so it's easy for you to relate so once we you know we had that initial meeting we said okay you know what we're about the certain age we have different needs in life at this point in time let's have a list of what you're trusting God for in your life at this particular time and you know to tell you how good the matching system was we all had the same you know requests we've dropped it into just few points we didn't want something to be too long so you don't get a pool give me capable board you just have five major points the first thing we did was to get scriptures to back those prayer points and then we wrote out a confession for each prayer point for me as a leader and just new to town and new to people and ever and you know meant before I trusted God I said God I prayed about it every day I said god I want everyone to be open when you are open you can get a lot of things done you can be on the same page you can trust God together so over the past couple of months we've been able to bond we've been able to you know talk about issues is not always smooth sailing sometimes when people will be discouraged sometimes you know things you expected in come to pass so as a group were able to encourage each other using the scriptures for example maybe in the course of the week you might be having a challenge maybe going for an interview going with us fiscally challenged just drop in the water sample oh hello ladies peace can you pray for me concerning this and we've seen that when we just take some time right you know one minute you mean pray in tongues pray about the issue and you know God always comes to force have you joined a Life Fellowship to join visit w-w-w dot insights for living dot org forward slash register life fellowship join a life fellowship today amen or I let's turn our Bibles to Revelation chapter 8 and I start reading from verse 1 alright it changed and when he had opened the Seventh Seal it tells us that there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour that's 30 minutes then he goes on and says and I saw seven angels that stored or which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets so about a half an hour there was silence in heaven let's try and create the image within our mind and then there were seven angels that suddenly or he saw them that stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets because something was now going a to up and then the scripture says and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne so let's give the scripture here alright it says another angel came and then stood at the altar and then was given a golden censer and there was given or having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne so these reddit or I presupposes that the players were already there because what was given on to him was their insane right that he should of fayeeds with the players of all the sins upon the golden altar which was before through then verse 4 tells us and the smoke of their innocence which came with the prayers of the Saints now I send that before God out of the Angels hand and then the Bible says and the angel took the censer so what happened was the incense that now came rights came rides the smoke of that incense were the prayers of the Saints and then in ascended up which means the red going up before God out of the Angels hand and then the angel took the censer and filled it with a fire of the altar and cast it into the earth and there were voices thunderings lightnings and an earthquake and the seven angels are headed from things now so what we see here was for thirty minutes there was absolute silence in heaven and then something happened and what happened was an angel appeared at the right hand side of the altar and had a golden censer and then was given on to him incense and that incense was to be offered up with the prayers of the Saints and then the prayers and the incense went up sua said that the Saints had offered up their players rights unto God and there's the order here our said somewhere else our presence at offer of their prayers unto God boiling up here that those pray as there was something else that is required in order for it so penetrate and for the results to come for activity now to start in the heavens and the mediate what was required was available at all the seven angels grande or trumpets and stand no ready position something is going to happen shortly then the incense was given to the angel and then that angel began to offer of the incense rites with the prayers of the Saints and then powerful things now began to happen voices lightnings thunders right and an earthquake occurred so we see a combination of the innocence that is offered they mix where the prayers of the Saints and what we're saying here in this 21-day challenge where we are saying and I'm saying that people should have communicate with God or viewers should own pray in the spirit or others will ask questions about that I mean I can't possibly tell people not pray in the spirit what I said is there different types of Prayer it is a particular aspect of RIA where you are bringing your personal stuff that you have been pray now you have played about end of the past and you have said to God and you all right everything around you it's been governed by that particular theme that is time now to cast that over so the Lord and then understand that you are going to pay attention so two things that constitutes this incense that is offered up with the prayers that is you are going to focus on the worship of God for his greatness and His goodness and his character and also you are going to look at the service of humanity now there's a woman that came vagin repeatedly spoke about and the case of this woman was that she had played for several years about something and then one day she had an open vision and in that she saw this scale and on it there was prayers on one site and it was full an Anna there was warship praise on the other side and he was empty and saw the area where there was the praise went right down the area where they said was she praised all right Ohio and then God told her that when are the praise and worship balances out the prayer that you are going a to get resort and so what she did was that she stopped praying and said I have got to catch up on my prayers and my ministry answer the Lord for several days she focused solely upon that and then what she had been praying about in the past all right so delay just manifesting and will see in Scripture that angelic activity over the requests that we have made is tied up so they are free no of incense in other words hearing the voice of God concerning it where voices came right things beginning to change in a physical environment is tied up so this aspect of this offering up of this incense and we'll see what is insensate we'll see that this is what brings about eerily angelic activity of our situation ever put Luke chapter 1 and verse 10 we say something in Luke chapter 1 and verse 10 it tells us the whole world children they were praying without at the time of incense and there appeared all to him this was a quiet an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense so on that right side same thing will saw in heaven there the altar of incense was where they angel was and when the angel spoke to Zechariah ever gone in verse 12 alright and when the jail saw Sara was troubled and fear fell upon him and verse 13 and the angel said fear not for thy prey is head so Zechariah had been trained about this but then in the time of incense all right was now a powerful moment where the angel appeared and as incense was being offered and it was Zacharias lot so go in to offer up insect and that's where the distinction came in other words it was when sacra was now offering these things up that the angel now came and said alright what you have been praying about in the past that your prayer has been heard and here is this angelic or adverse station that you will get here so I got a look at this what is incense really means Acts chapter 10 here from verse 1 Acts chapter 10 it says there was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius a Centurion of the band of the Italian band the devout man one that feared God with all his house and this man did two things he gave much I'm sure the people and the second thing that he did was that he prayed always so God so he gave much alms to the people and he prayed all go to God always and then the Bible says he saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day and angel coming to him and saying Cornelius when he looked on he was afraid and he said what is it Lord and he said thy preyas and I arms have come as a memorial before God memorial some that let Gstaad deep in God then went on and said now send men to Joppa and call for one side one whose name is Peter yes Pizza there wasn't was was who who was an apostle and what happened was this was for the infinity of the Holy Ghost to the Gentiles the first manner to connect with God concerning that was even a Roman centurion it was in any of the Apostles they were not in tune with that it was this man's preyas and this man's arms given that came as a memorial unto God that God now showed up and said go and tell Peter that there is an assignment for him and then God had to spend time convincing Peter by the person who opened up the heavens for this particular encounter in the church now Jesus came all right he understood that the Jews will not be saved the spread was to be poured out all right and mass on the Gentiles but it was Colinas that began on that particular day in the Roman centurion if 1 Peter resisted the idea it was this man's or right relationship with God his relationship in terms of his prayers and the arms that he was given that brought about their opening up of the heavens in a dimension over his life and brought that kind of visitation into his life so what we're doing and when one day the rifle in his left is focusing on there's the offering up of incense right there with our prayers in other words sacrifices unto God and I will say a prayer intercessory pray as a form and intercessory prayer what the modern session means it means standing up before God on behalf of somebody else as Skinner and praying so you are incest or like we saw what was dramatized here this man was about to be killed for what they said he stole and then another man came to intercede for him in order to get messy so intercession means somebody else comes in the stead of that man in other words the roots were there it's somebody who is in favor with that person uses his capital with that person to get that other person off the hook so in session is when a person stands before God on behalf of another person people or a nation and is asking for life on behalf of that particular person now Jesus ever lives to make intercession as a high praise there is a major sacrifice all right that he's given up on two gods which were sacrificed and so it is part of right what we're saying that your own a program that is my own self what I will one God or I to do here is what you are surrendering and then going up and saying instead of all right going to God and my relationship with you God is about that now for this last 14 days is going to be about how well a ministering to him and I'm glorifying your name and I'm worshiping you as my god and how I am connecting with other people on the earth or maybe in a position of need in order to be able all right to help them problem and so this is the offering up of incense now I will show something and say something that is quite an interesting put up Georg's chapter 13 and look at this verse 11 and we'll see that angelic activity is tied up two beats remember Jesus at one point in his ministry now keep this here all right at one point in his ministry a total Philippine on the de Triana haba raba he said you use this small matter you have seen and you're shouting I said listen that's watch greater things on this shall you see for the heaven shall be opened and the angels are ascend and descend upon the Son of Man now he showed this ascension and dissension activity of angels is tied up in the life of the individual that is often that he is this incense that is going on there all right now before look at this I forgot it's put up Hebrews 13 and verse 11 people started on verse 11 and as a show of a saying it says for the bodies of those beasts whose blood is brought into the sanctuary that is the beasts that have access into the sanctuary by the high priest foreseen I always bond without the camp wherefore jesus also that he might sanctify the people with his own blood did the same that his body was destroyed without the gate let us therefore born to him without the camp bearing his reproach for we have no considering City but we seek one to come by him therefore all right this what it means let's go on to him without the camp let us offer the sacrifice of praise as I say continually that is the fruit of the leaves of our lips giving thanks on to his name his name means his character his honor his authority giving thanks on to his name and then so do good in addition to that and so communicate Comiket means distribute forget not for with such sacrifices God is well pleased and those sacrifice are described as a sweet-smelling serve all that comes up to God in other words the incense that goes up to God praise alright a man is worshiping him for who he is and then is also connected in terms of communication and distributing now judges chapter 13 and verse 11 now here's a story of a man alright man 1 his wife now the wife gave birth or their parents all right so Samson and when the Angele showed up met with his wife told the wife you're going to have a particular son here and gave her instructions on what she should not torch during the time of pregnancy so she went back and told her husband Manuel and Manoir said you made a mistake we should have asked him how to raise the child the abortion of Tortosa was the shock on what exactly do we do so he went back to God and asked God to give them Anna loved the station from that person I was aware was an angel soul a person comes back but other person step back to come on teachers who what to do so this man shows up while the wife feels alright out in the field and then the wife runs back and comes to call Manoir here and says the man is back the man is back man wha rose and went with his wife and came to this man and they said auntie my daughter man that speakers on to the woman and he said yes I are and any say don't you came here all right okay now let I watch come to parts but how shall we order the child in other words this man were very conscious of instructions from God how do we order this how shall we do unto Him in other words God tells you promise you massive things about your life we still go to him and ask him so when it happens what do we do and the engine of lots of manual of all that I said unto the woman that happy we're all become shots make sure she's aware of that and keep those things that is all she may not eat of anything that comment of the vine neither let her drink wine or strong drink nor eat any unclean all that I command her let her observe and Manuel said unto the angel of the Lord I pray thee let us D 10 D now this not your kind of detention in police station right what he was saying was let us keep you alright Laros detain you let us keep you until we have made ready a kid for thee that has taken an animal of us to cook and to give you and this was a form of hospitality now look at the nature of this man right the Bible says that we should be hospitable to strangers for some have entertained angels unawares now look at next it forget not sorry not to keep put back to rebels in a scripture all right put it back to the to the judges there Georgia state civil right said there until we have men ready a kid for thee the next verse announces this it says an angel of Lord said unto man wanna hear you know what an angel thou door doubt they tell me I will not eat of thy bread and if they will offer bonds offering thou must offer it honored to the Lord for man who knew not that he was an angel of the Lord the next words and man who I said unto the angel of the Lord what is thy name and when that when they sayings come to pass we may do the honor now these shorts he was a man of gratitude now understand it the man said look when this thing happens we must come back and honor you because I'm gonna get to this here because if you are not a person of gratitude not even just to God but to men some things God has commanded will not be released to you I'll show again alright in the practice words hindrance and anything they are praying and is one more player but he's changing the way you behave so he says this thou may do the honor and the angel of blood said unto him by asking their thoughts after my name said in secret so Manohar took a kid with a meat offering and offered it on to the rock upon ear up to the Lord and the angel did wondrously and manua and his wife looked on was one rest of the deed for it came to pass when the flame went up towards heaven from off the altar that as the burnt offering strike going up the angel of the Lord ascended on that flip a man and his wife looked on it and fell on their faces to the ground but the angel of the Lord did Norma appeared Manoah and his wife and man one knew that it was an angel from the Lord so as the offering began the bond conference that I going up the angel of the Lord activity began started going up and ascending all right onto the Lord and so we see that this bonds of renting here there is activity of the angels there said offer up something burnt offering on to him he did not and then the Ascension all right began and angel rode upon that and started going and I've come to think dates right you don't have to agree with me because I may not be able to prove completely right now that I'm completely correct but you also cannot prove I am wrong now the 21 days through which the angel was hindered may not have been that angel required extra player what incense in other words he had prayed and angel came and said your prayers in head and also deeds but that your prayer has been hindered for 21 days and many times we don't win crease the amount of tongs we are saying a secret Coolidge yeah prabhu Kleber and it might not be that it comes to an issue of incense in other words our communication with people our worship of God is hard you know first Peter chapter 3 and verse and verse 7 look at it here what hinders prayers likewise you husband's dwell with them those wives according to knowledge giving honor to the wife as unto the weaker vessel which is physically weaker alright and as being heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers may not be in that someone said to me well you know I'm a new creature in Christ and you know people talk about sage research and hindering pray ads and he said you know my own pray I cannot be hindered because I just sit down beside God and I talked to God and that talks back to me and it was screaming his brain work that's not bad you are inferring things that's not scripture interpreting Scripture you took one scripture and said it sit there together you just inferred now what the scripture means is you are sitting here goddess is here you talk to yourself and all of that okay if that's where you are collect the results they're not on the earth do you understand it it says that Satan or not in other words you are the stronger vessel so your wife goes to the market comes back and you see yams you are waiting for palladium and she wants to carry it up the stairs case I said I bring the bring it bring and listen if you bought down to help ah – curly the weights there up you are offering incense to God do you understand what was in it it's an act of service are you following what I'm saying aunt of service there in other words these things and I'm saying that it could be these things that are going on that is hindering the player not an increase in pray in tongues is the way manner in which that person is actually behaving alright and the behavior was in it and it's not that you know we need more all right of increase their you don't know of that – to break through the bread through might be look look at what Paul said here he talked about certain hindering him to look at first Thessalonians chapter 2 here and verse 18 first Thessalonians 2 and verse 18 and it says this wherefore we would have come unto you now you can know you are seated together with Christ modern Paul Paul said even I pour it in say that we can defy even I Pau once and again which means several attempt what Satan in the doors and pour modulus I've seen that maybe there was something about the way I was doing my things there they said on to get you he says be angry but see not don't give place to the enemy in other words you can get angry and start doing things and you allow the enemy in alright we were able to get into certain things there so we see that in terms of all right off we not this and increasing angelic activities there within our lives Matthew chapter 20 and verse 22 and verse 40 right so there are things that we can do that can hinder there are things that we can do all right God said God saw not from performers from verse 35 God said is that one of them a lawyer asked him a question tempting him insane right master which is the Great Commandment in the law and then it says Jesus said unto Him thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy soul and with all thy mind and then he says this is the first and Great Commandment and then the second is like unto it thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself and he said on these two Commandments loving the Lord our God with all thy heart loving your neighbor as yourself sacrifice of praise doing good and communicated hands all the Lord and the prophet all right these lights are hanging on all this if the trust comes down or broken then all the lights come down they are not so it says the lawn every prophetic word that has come out he says if I ever have prophetic words concerning your life it hangs upon these two things right your love for God your worship of God and the way manner in which you treat men let me say this here God can even declare things in judgment over the life of a person and that thing hangs in the realm of the Spirit and does it manifest because of the conduct of that person even though but I said this will happen how do we know right Nebuchadnezzar it was there by interpretation that the Kingdom as the father from you Nebuchadnezzar called Daniel a man had said he said Daniel call you're not this God firstly is there anything about a law he has put on this earth that this judgment can be held back Daniel said there's something he said what he said if you continuously from today so message to the poor he said if in your dealings with your fellow man there's equity and justice and you don't cheat or do anything no deceit he say you will lengthen your days Daniel no grants that I doing that the judgment I shall have happened in two weeks three years nothing a double fires nothing that happen until as you say in Africa his village people caught up with him because what happened one day he just got up and said this Babylon I built with my hand so we got you judgment City all right there is a story they tell you what to call the pen to talk of the question concerning that the Torah bell which was these are books that the Jewish people have right that I said that during the time scriptures Moses that we wrote those things and the past and dance that children and in needs they tell them things about God now is not is not is not direct Scripture but it was really to have the knowledge of God in other words when he says Daniel understood by books there were some books he was reading all right so it read that and inside it's there's this story to tell about the power of generosity and it's a story of all right Pharaoh Moses and God and the Moses went to meet God and said it is 430 years you'll sell 400 eggs is when your children told Abraham why is of your judgment not calm on to fear ooh ah and God said listen I can't judge who is that why he said it one that's my world I can't affect you say why he said go to the table of Pharaoh and see how many and enlisted how many sheep right cows chickens he was killing every day to feed the Jews and he said God told Moses and said when my people pray for me to meet their needs they person on earth whose generosity meets those needs is favor in return those people say God you have answered a prayer because of what Pharaoh was done and they give praise and worship to me he said from the acts of Pharaoh oh praise and worship is coming from the nation of Israel he said how do I judge such a man I cannot even though I said 400 I said I have to wait until something happened Moses said what is anything withdraws from is given to my people don't have a chance he said so amendment further and said I know what to do provoked him that I said grant provoke Pharaoh he would react so that when they said not bad will go time I suddenly first and Pharaoh said cut down the Russian of this report was I good ah all right what does that mean in life things happen on the outside leave the thing what causes the problem is your withdraw your decision to say look I'm not having again all right the addition say all these church people trouble people church people never again in my life you see you start withdrawing from that your decision that one man breaks up with you and names oh oh oh man I would say what you said boys oh man because what you put in a to humanity let me tell ya is what comes up to you there are prayers that you pray to ask and it takes the direct action of the holy goes to your solar body but there are some prayers are many of Christian prayers that God needs a man to do something to you a woman you pray for promotion God can sign your paper his signature is not valid the accepted signature is to see you so what God can do is convince him you say that you need somebody to marry you God can't as much as say one should Molly can he come now it lets us marry he cannot do that he needs somebody to do that they say well God my business is to open up what are you doing I'm into the food business God say we do in CC heaven if I could have sent angels to come and you saw what the angel said we don't eat all these things they can eat the angels are there they can do one just can only convince people to reach the food do you get what I'm saying here and I want to show you know here is secret what you put out into humanity is what God can possibly get back to you so quickly let's look at it quickly close I think the central uses a Nokia some 50 and verse 23 or the generator there's a phone super small a giant also they put everything on on one some 50 and verse 23 let's go look at this here so I say this all right let's look for verse let's start from verse 17 underneath all right of 1614 offer on to God Thanksgiving and paid I vows on to the most I so I've had sacrifice of face Thanksgiving the second is paid I vows who say what is Val's area he say he says if you do that you offer and that's the infamous you offer that it says call upon me because the prey has go in time of insight upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me but on to the wicked God cf1 us now to do to declare my statutes oh yeah calling on him you are doing that or you should take my covenant in your mouth seeing you hate instruction cast my words behind me when you saw a fav you consented to him you're a partaker with our daughter's verse 19 thou givest thy mouth to evil and I told her to frame deceit now citizens speak out against thy brother so we offer praise the same multi-course man thou have slandered thy own mother so on these things are doubt gone I kept silent you thought I was altogether one as you said what I will reprove thee that is I will correct you and set them in order before your eyes which means whatever is hindering it I will correct it and set it in order so you can see and it to be clear on to you what really the issues are now consider the is he that forget godless I tell you in pieces and there is none to believer who saw a thread praise glory fired me and on to him that others his conversation conversation Hodgman speech it means the way and manner in which his behaving aright will I do what sure the salvation of the Lord so we are saying you glorify God and the second is your order your conversational right that there are certain things that you might be doing during this time you go to God in prayer attitudes all right maybe forward Ness there the way and when are you robbed of people it says there are things there that might be touching people they might not say anything I know it says these things I will set them before your eyes and he says once you start ordering your conversation your behavior you start making the adjustment according to the things that I show you they said very soon the salvation of God you will say clearly in other words what I have planned that you are not even thinking about put up Isaiah 56 and verse 1 says the same thing it's a store see the Lord keep judgment and do justice for my salvation is near to come and my righteousness to be revealed that give judgment in your decisions justice equity you're doing it right do that itself or mice vision is near which means the massive thing I want to do is very close so it says keep judgment and do justice a justice is in your dealings there for my salvation is near to God so it doesn't want us to be unjust in our dealings it wants us to be just to be fear all right that day its equity there then it goes on puts the message translation of Isaiah 56 God's message God my common good do what's right and do it the right way so judgment and justice doing it the right way for salvation is just around the corner my setting things right is about to go into action so I'm about all right same things right in your life my salvation is around the corner there it says blessed are you who enter into these things to enter into these things he said judgment and justice get yourself with God the holy book of Proverbs is to teach us judgment justice equity you can read from Proverbs 1 that's what's about how to deal there how to relate with people and you begin to relate that way with people and he says what I have planned and the good things that I want to do now begin to manifest within your life so let's look at this and look at our father Abraham whom the Bible says is a fellow faith and see whether this principle is consistent in what happened for Abraham Genesis 18 and verse 17 it tells us that the Lord said shall I hide from Abraham that in which I do look at it in seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great imagination can you imagine God in a conversation you hear God saying alright come the Jesus the Holy Ghost you know Abraham is going to be surely Abraham forgot to Sarah which means is irrevocable Abraham is going to be a great nation that this thing want to do let's talk to Abram about it Abram is going to be the biggest influence on the earth he's the major influence we need to talk to him about our program the Godhead seeing that Abraham listen God says that about you that you'll be great and mighty now why did God say that the put bathtub up here Abram shall become surely great a mighty nation and nations of the earth shall be blessed in him all right all nations for I know him this reason why that he will command his children and his household after him that they shall keep the way of the Lord to do justice and to do judgment that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which you have spoken concerning him in other words God was saying I'll be able to bring upon him what I have said because of the way in which he will go about his things with judgment and with justice so what looks then says Abraham is going to be a great man because there is a practice that is there with Abraham that is inculcated into his children is one of doing the right thing and making sure you do it the right way so judgment there and justice so we can be behaving in certain ways that what God has said that were reading in Scripture it is hard just like the man who treats his wife all right not as the weaker vessel there all right and God looks at it and says it's hindering things well though you're provoking your children to wrath is hindering things from happening a child or I deserve said this the husband is behaving a certain way to their parent is hindering certain things for yourself not a father and my mother that it might be well with thee skip pray I cannot break scripture play eyes to fulfill Scripture in other words you cannot dishonor your father mother and pray that you well we did that scripture cannot be broken your praise teach me to honor my father more than that it might be well with me do you get what I'm saying here so you can break scripture there so it says judgment and justice all right he found that and he taught Abram that and Abraham began to keep that so our players can get hindered so what was to shorten this time judgment justice and so the first thing that he who won't look at Jana is the close of the scripture Matthew chapter 7 and verse 7 over six Martin seven and six Matthew 7:6 give not that which is holy to dogs Jesus is telling men don't give that which is holy well it doesn't mean morally pure saying holy means sacred things precious things don't give it on to dogs just use the word dogs not view neither cast your pearls before swine now says this how you identify the dog and that's why last after you have given them the best they trample them under their feet and then after you have been and taking the precious than they turn again and they still rent you with an entitlement mentality all right you give them and it's almost like it is not I mean I saw someone in my heart's Brook this person was getting married and somebody went abroad and bought and they were nice but this person is very divided about you're very difficult to please if I if a person sends run an errand I will tell the person take the photograph the exact place not anywhere this shop you wanted the address of that shop before you say is the wrong branch the address exact one that we buy because I've never seen this person satisfied especially important lovely shoes for her and she was looking in front of that person and you could see the heart of this person was caught that others might have walked around I walked round to get this thing it was almost like what is this and all of that he says don't give that which is only on two dogs he says do not cast your pearls before the swine lest they come back which means God commands you know said there are some things you pray for that listen God says is only through men that in is gonna comment are you following I'm Sonia and what he's showing us here is that when you are not a person of gratitude when you are not a person that people are let's assume that a wife cooked an and and she did her best I mean I mean cooking is only evidence come in everybody she's torn up asked so far and Donna best and as you are eating with with an entitlement mentality all right that causes her to enter into the room and right you think God doesn't see that you think you can now between mcaro Czechia you wait with with you think that nobody's and crap right and you are comparing the food to the chef you act in a hotel does the presence job the person went to school for that you can be complain are you further hurt you cannot do you develop say if that was what you wanted then you would have gone to the Booker and picked one of the people there and said as you are doing pounded yam start with it all right well you didn't learn now you do that kind of thing and God you know this is friend I have who is a minister a friend and I learned something from him this week very strong and is a very blessed cup and what happened was he sent me a whatsapp message and said I want so and so to speak for me at my conference what do you think all right and this was a business conference so I said well I know this name i knowi know the special bacio is a good guy but it won't budge for stranger before something happens so I said well just give me three minutes so I called one of the ministers injured I felt when the same in those shoes I asked him what do you think about this guy do you know him I said yeah I do him so what do you think is that well his business not doing too well if he gets on that much that person stage he might what he's doing his activism now they will go against governments that raining he said and they might not like it so if it's a business and nice I'm gonna come talk business he's going to activism there so so I talked about where they said they do actually I said okay nothing Juan do so he said what do you have any suggestions I said so what can I give one name said no I need some time I saw be this kind of person I said is the person called ah I said that yeah you got it I said you now said well I don't have contacts with that person so I said all right let me help you talk to the person as I said let me help you talk to person thank you very much I really so no problem so I said I've sent the message to the person she hasn't replied thank you very much everything I said once the person replies I will call her get back to thank you very what he said thank you so much that I told myself you embarrassing me by the amount of gratitude at the same time at the back of my mind again said these things given that has been given is so much that expression what I just wrote is that the gratitude for every step I mean all right so finally she called when God was and I knew how tight it would be what condoms are insured where were my book only one day such a day and that just happened to be that day said that was my last day you can't see my schedule but on the strength of your relationship with me I will go there right and then she said just get guarantee now I will get back and if there were no delays in the flight if there's a delay there's an alternative for me to get back I said fine so I told Danny be gonna cater they thanked him and was thinking so I thought about it another major Church had tried to get a because that asked for email address and didn't get her and then I came to the conclusion this man's gratitude for what people do as I told myself 8 days grace first to look at calendar and that B is free for this person I let me tell you this it was 5050 with me because I did I was no surprise that was a non-destructively sure I did when I had that kind of relationship that were unless it what it was but it was it was something all right but the gratitude that came out of him I said there's something right that is there and we saw that man the mean they said the wife this will happen he said let me give you food it says I said then let us show honor they had to be great so people can help you you know some people you just feel entitled you know you're walking in a place you had the boss okay fine they open the door for you say thank you so gratitude there you walk like if you don't before God are you for the one thing that they hope them to do the elevator for you and they so there's no sense of gratitude there there are people that helped you and you just move on with your life all right and the worst one is for you to come and tell me that you know my mother I'll use on your shouting back and doing that they see no place even if you don't know you can't fight the person that breastfed you and succeed on this earth even if you have material things you will be happy something be taking your joy do you understand me or not thy father and thy mother even if they are angry are you saying your mother is a what she shouldn't say just say listen me as those into what inside your heart just in yourself Satan you will not catch me and talk back to my mother I'm disappear do you understand what I'm saying what to be shouted and Jesus I'm fighting with that I'm fighting with that the peasant I brought you into this world you are fighting with you roots use to enter it doesn't make sense so if some demons have grabbed your brain just today your governance I says that it might be what well with you so you should be a person of gratitude all right people do things gratitude their people open up doors for you you have to be a person of God this one should have this world away sir right we'll just take it that God did it and we are going are you for encinia and no sense of appreciation there and that's cause yeah so it says in Matthew seven then go to verse seven it goes on him and look at what God said yeah Sheila said they're asking you shall be given unto you seek you shall find knock each other up on that this thing will be open ask you to be given verse eight he says for for every one that asketh receiveth he can't find that everyone there was nothing he says everyone that knocks it shall be opened as so what's the problem he says or what man is it of you now the Sun will ask for bread and it will give him a stone who does that kind of thing he says or ask for peace you're given a separate if you being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more want your father who is in heaven give good things to them that love them said let me tell you whether you should therefore all things whatsoever you want men to do unto you the same do unto them that is the law and profit what is going on what you are playing for contradicts what you are doing you are asking God for promotion Lord my children are going to university riot of wants them to go abroad USD cord Canadian Tico Lord British powers is out issue common Miletus my Kratos God said I don't have dollars he have neither do I have Canada it will come to somebody who decides however as you are saying Mac ratash to God for USD you forgot your gate man who has been with you for 12 years protecting your life staying up a week while you are snoring he too has children the children are moved from primary school to secondary school you didn't notice what's this daddy you are given is the same are you from here – is praying to God Meritage God add more to me open up doors what's his frame voice in your pockets you haven't even considered the condition as though this is where you would be forever do you get what I'm saying yeah you don't look like he – has he told you he got married you did well note that that means more money should be spent and you didn't call him and say if somebody comes to meet you and says oh you got married because of that you know let us post you to go on ahead of our office in Kenya you ha you say thank you boy all right he says you want that kind of thing somebody else on that you said they got married you did did like rotten apple – he says the same thing which means what you are asking me to do your body on that you has you have people in your jurisdiction you can be ducked into in a very small way it says when you don't respond to that now let me closer I put on the story of a testimony of a lady and shot you send to me and does release here and see this year this we're talking about that during this 40 last 14 days changing your orientation looking at it and say well I prayed about things but maybe there's something I'm missing and you are asking God wash believe me they about my conduct thank you for all that you do a labor of love I am aware this not with this email was set up all right but she actually requested for people who are downtrodden people around them to speak up this was a Wednesday all right this was where's the instruction ways they're only Wednesday you understand what I'm saying Wednesday the Lord said it on Wednesday did not say it on Thursday I woke up I said so god I wish it said right go withdraw money from your account to teach them to envelopes ten ten thousand go to church ask for not for needle if they know anybody they want to help and they need some money to help them start asking around the Congress or anybody who has any situation that the 10,000 will fit give it to them so I started asking who are coming up and asking so this is what this lady is talking about here I mean finally yesterday but what she said made a strong impression of me she said no student and last night as I took a walk around Ruth asking the Holy Spirit will lead me to someone I could help in other what she does got up and said Holy Spirit lead me to somebody that can help here instead of walking around this is the kind of his cautions we're talking about this is a kind of activity we are saying all right and we should be doing this on a daily basis whether there's challenge or not the challenge was to get us into it and she was there the whole East Wing led me to someone I could help I came across a young woman sitting on the pavement with a long face she said her mother had a stroke and was in a huge stroke unit of luth so her mother was there with a stroke and she saw her right and I just realized something from this I'm good call about give her money but all right I cubed and she was then stroke and she saw the bill for a day cause 10,000 ere they wanted to transfer her to the number what what her case needs close monitoring my mind's conscious I can talk what her blood pressure keeps shooting high after speaking with I decided to say that airtime top up so she could call her people and raise some funds for her at the time of the service I have been able to raise 2500 and fruits which while my back still having the najin to speak about this case after church you requested that lady who spoke about the woman with children should see you I thought to take the chance however I to call the lady first to know the progress of things I'll be achieve in pickup taking that as a sign I left but just as the map app was stuck in traffic in front of church a call bad but I could still not much light enough curry to meet you sir please put on this long right up all right but as I type this mill the relatives are going to request a discharge against medical advice I hope you know what that ultimately means is death you know that's what they say and this is in English you say that's what is going on it in other words you're out to stroke are none of that ten grand one week 70 grand now as she sat down there don't you think she didn't cry out to God are you saying that God wasn't looking for somebody are you saying his eyes were not going around the whole of leakers who can I get to come to this place who can get up and say I'm going here and this lady was just walking around walking around and God she might not have mentioned this to me if God did not help me that Wednesday that get off I'd say you are giving out so God was trying to get the connection I didn't even know I just said okay this is what I'm gonna do all right but she said that what God is going around and you are near the place with hundred thousand in your pocket and your mcreech law oh and you are feeling down with hundred thousand oh god I've told you baba you know did I say it in the service Judaism I studied it they ranked hospitality over fasting I studied yes Hospitality is ranked higher than fasting in the order of God in other words you can be fast that's what I said in Isaiah 58 why are we not eating and you have taken no notice he said you are failing in hospitality is rank higher so you can be fast and said in the day of your fast you are sheltered inside out don't you know that after this fasted emeriti for five days and you are behaving like this is that the France that I've chosen he said this is the first I've chosen that a hundred thousand was built for you to take your friends out to one each lunch and you sacrifice the launch to a little bit indeed he said that's the first of chosen you get in it secondo husband have cooked as they give up on somebody Hamid assume and she said Shadowside she says put me back I said what she said there's a man who mine stay around the corner she's seen him write that he's the one to get this meal well she went out when she came back she said she said you would not believe it so because it wasn't stayed every day but I just saw him exactly where I felt a lot minutes that he would be and was there said I packed told the vendor burn give him food he said the minute she opened its fish he said he just started shouting God that the way she couldn't believe it it was like my prayer this is food inside that house if it wasn't given out to last words do you get the the the sense of this thing that is there are people out there there are suffering that is it which means there may be somebody dying right now because 15,000 is not it and then you have more than 15,000 that you give it out not affects you but what you are looking for is 15 min you and heaven has not known rest since the 15 million problem is there now what God is saying is that relevant problem 15 million I can get somebody somewhere but will you to be that miracle to somebody there are strangers that we would have the 15 million to that can give you a job they don't know you so you need also to be a blessing to a stranger do you get what I'm saying on the earth that those kind of dogs might open up in other words you can go out now and get to the supermarket and if you get there let's say you just met somebody and said oh yeah an MPC took it like into you I said well the oil blocks are being people don't have bodies about three of them inside the information all right we just need a partner what you are you need somebody from your state's we needed the quota systems is your state is where we are looking for let's go and then them give you the shares tomorrow use Goodwin abuja assigning the oil block by Sunday you see me pastor there is he's alive say pastor all these things there are the word walks God is saying there's somebody that $15,000 to will be the world walks do you understand what I'm saying and you hold on to that in wastage well they are so close it says look ask you get give you say but let me train I have to get somebody to do it as I said give judge not that you might not be judged condemned not that manner be condemned you put your mentor their judgment comes back you put condemnation condemnation contract he says you give and it shall be given press back sugar together it says to get men to give to you you as a person what's me out there help you know that can be of great help alright to others first day of the thing got Tommy said you know this Minister friend of yours I went to do politics say yeah there you go give him money because I heard from somebody that it went so bad with him that I couldn't even buy well five thousand and this established guy finished so finally I called it like I said now you afraid to charm a faith which I understand faith and confession ball chief do you need cash he said like yesterday so I was going to give him unless I give you some and I gave it to him he told me the next day he said it's not just that you give me that amount he said look at my confession that morning it was that exact amount said five sorry half of this was to pay off debt the other half was to put me back on radio that's what I confess that morning I worshiped God one hour from that time your hole came in you know the actual monica bedi colic of demonic him and wiped of that body from he said you know I said this confession of God's Word works God wants you to be to other people that they will say faith actually works that glory will come to God not you that people will know that God is a life that they have been visited he said ask I will give sick he said what the problem is is the way my name which you are doing this so be a person attached to two other people are you followed it began to cultivate the habit of saying thank you let me tell you this we might say the British people I know people that are not English with when I get England that they are Caucasian but they are not English there is no English person if it goes through a door and he opens it he will hold that door for you to go once they does go through and the door swings back they came from Eastern Europe this once because that's the culture there that's what brought about civilization advancement the culture of saying thank you the culture of being pull up even if a British boys Minds arresting you he is greeting you hunk off boys telling you if you put your hands properly it won't watch it what they are cutting wood you might think I've been polite a witch ain't please knock down that politeness is part of their culture that cell you are going there but they will for lightness caught you into the cell are you insane what is part of the culture there and we have to start contributing that are you from that not to be rude to people not to have an entitlement mentality all right to have a sense of gratitude people do things for you write letters back to them thanking them alright call them and tell them that you know alright thank you and all of these for the opportunities and when you become that kind of personal gratitude putting that out back there right into the earth then it creates more open doors for you Father in the name of Jesus we thank reward us that led the spirit of judgment and justice rest upon this house enter into the life of every single person that that which you have planned and said over their lives we'll be fulfilled in them in time well day on the earth and through eternity in Jesus name Amen I forgot just know that if those two quick announcements right we do have a conference the West half cup faith will verse contention which we call rustic all right the dates for next year will be brief true in 4/4 to 11th alright first we never okay and we do we start frame from tomorrow for this particular all right conference so if you want to join an intercessory team that plays daily about this I didn't know it to come out this way it's quite long but we'll put out an easy on link on social medias give me the direct link from the page there all right so it's a free reg dot org us read original oak ford slash house builders forward slash register it will take you ten seconds register your name your sod name and then your telephone number i'm click and that is it is alright i will receive that also if you are worshiping with us for the first time right is proper for me to introduce myself to you okay when i was giving birth to my father called me at the approached the body when I was called into ministry and also did they call me pastor but all right so I just want to welcome you all right to this church a minister will come up and will speak for the Conservatives god bless you all stick the final confession the trans Monday challenge confession can help put this Sunday on the screen on the count of three one two three I declare as I cast all of my care over to you Father consecrates in my mind in pure worship glorifying you for who you are and in the service of humanity I have experienced your power in your care and love for me you have surrounded me with your log and cost the reign of heaven to fall over my land bringing forth in all those areas powerful events and occurrences that have exceeded all of my own prayers and expectations you have caused all grace to abound towards me giving me sufficiency in all things you have brought me out of every straightness narrowness and confinements into a broad place where my table is full of your fatness I have been led by your spirit with the gifts of word of knowledge and word of wisdom to supernaturally know those who are in need and ministered unto them out of that which you are blessed me with I thank you father for ordering my steps all right and granting me the grace to offer our true praise unto you in Jesus name Amen quickly take our tithes and offering even eat a title please raise your hand one of the ushers will pass on across to you if you need it tighten willow please root let your hands be visible so that one of their shelves will pass one across to you as we do that let's begin to thank God for your frame that she has you see – so this morning this afternoon and he has caused all grace to abound towards you begin to give him praise begin to give him thanks worship Him for the seed that he has given to you today thank him for the grace that he has given to give and you do these cheerfully beginning to take the Titan offering confession 2nd Corinthians 9 verse 8 the amplified version and able to personalize it as well the Titan a frank confession please let us pray father we thank you for the seed you've placed in our hands to sue we ask that you across the windows of heaven to be open open to us that there will be no room to continue blessings in our lives in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we ask that the blessing that remains in the life of the giver and the title will be evident in our lives in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we thank you because you have rebuked the devorah's for our sake in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we thank you that's pressed down shaken together running over men have given to our bosom and our harvest is found in our own house in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we decree and we declare that all the days of our lives would offer you praise and things for your consistent blessings in our lives in Jesus name Amen we're gonna take the announcements the 21-day challenge from the 14th of October to the 4th of November 2018 is on as part of the 21-day challenge we will have two powerful joy meetings with Pastor fortune and Nathaniel Bosley the first is on the 28th of October at the covenant place at gomu at 4 p.m. and the second is on the 4th of November at the Leki Chapel also at 4 p.m. to wrap up the 21-day challenge get involved today in this journey into a quantum leap encounter with the living and loving God next legacies outreach comes up in November legacies is the I care arm of Covenant Christian centers medical outreach program covenant medical fair if you would like to volunteer please take a quick minute to complete a form online at www.incharge.org ford flash lab seeds volunteer ford slash this is for new volunteers only thank you the covenant capital social media unit is accepting digital marketing professionals fees and content writers bloggers and individuals proficient in still and motion graphic design interested persons should kindly send an email on or before 11th of November to covenant social media at gmail.com using one of the categories above as a subject and stating why you think you are fit for the role did you miss last year's caucus ball or here's your chance at redemption see Zuri marriage enrichment couples dinner holds on Saturday 17th November it's an all-white affair with a holy acts of party cocktails start at 5:00 p.m. limited spaces are available so register and purchase the tickets at a the city still stands after Sunday's service Artful representatives of marriage enrichment team be contact Chewbacca on their own one six zero zero zero zero two three nine or at the aperture Chaves you could also contact show for me on Dara a one eight eight four one one one one one at the Leki church office the since remarried men's fellowship presents an exclusive breakfast meeting with Professor Vincent and iboga professor Vincent will be speaking on the theme where are the men date is Saturday November 10th 2018 time is 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon funny the Covenant please the photography department focus is accepting applications for new members interested photographers Chiti sent an email to cease refocus at gmail.com the growl control unit is recruiting new members both male and female the unit helps manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the church premises to register interested persons should kindly pick up a form and return the completed forms to the pushers for more information contact zero eight zero eight two seven five one three five five and zero eight zero three two three three eight seven seven five the children's church java is receiving new teachers interested members please collect the form from children's church immediately after the SERPs all completed forms should be submitted to the children's church Yaba have you joined a Life Fellowship to join visit w-w-w dot insights for living on old forward slash register life fellowship join a life fellowship today I cover the Christian Center we love to have feedback tiny sent any feedback you may have to respond at Covenant Christian Center built for purist machine payments are available after service and Church account details are included in the church bulletins in a nutshell for direct transfers time before welcome our first timers two things public career and fasting and welcome back that was a very insightful message by Pastor pajama day on the unexplored secrets of hospitality and service we are still here at the coconut place agama and this is a rendering of the service now I'll just take a few announcements if you are watching online right now and you are in Lagos you can actually join the service on Sundays we have four services on a Sunday we have a 6:30 a.m. service at 400 how about Macaulay way just at G Baba Lagos we have it an ATM service here at the corner please Sycamore it's right beside the national arts theater you can't miss it we also have at 10:30 a.m. service here which is the service that we're concluding right now if you are on the island in Leckie we have a 9:00 a.m. service that starts just behind the Orlando filling station the fourth round about and Lecky it's the Covenant Chapel Leakey so please join us for any of these fall services on a Sunday and we know your life will not remain the same again during the week you can join us on the audio livestream you can search for Covenant on mix live calm or you can go on to WWE title in dot or forward slash live stream and you can join our 6:30 p.m. service on Wednesday or the 6:30 p.m. service on Thursday both Yaba and Leakey respectively the service today basically I just like to take one point out of it and it was that point from Genesis 1818 where our father of faith Abraham God was speaking if you like to the Godhead and saying look let us not hide anything from Abraham because he is going to order his family you know after me and to do justice and judgment upon the earth I think this is something that we can take away from the service today that is important that you do justice and judgment upon the earth that if you say you love your father God well you have a physical father if you if you say Jesus is your brother well you have a physical brother how are you treating your neighbors how are you treating strangers it's very important these are the unexplored secrets of hospitality and service that bring back God's reward and blessings and actualize you know the prophecies that we've been believing him for in our lives we have one more announcement if you want to join any of our life fellowships so these are cells that are basically structured around certain demographics at a location or special needs you can't go and people pray together you know to birth things upon the earth you can go on to www.wymt.com that's all my name is Shoji oculi thank you for joining us until we see you next week god bless you have a wonderful week these days with all the hustle and bustle and noise it can get difficult to stay immersed in the Word of God but let's show you how you can carry the word with you no matter where you go just follow these two simple steps step 1 simply log on to a library step2 plug in and listen and that's it you're good to go visit the website or download the app now to get started it really is that simple

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