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on today's halo lore video we count down the five most elite covenant military units hey guys this is Eckhart slaughter hello and welcome to another halo lore video I know it's been a while since we've taken a close look at just Halo so if you guys like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up it really helps me out and makes me want to make more content of this nature today we'll be counting down the five most elite covenant Special Forces units and when I say elite I'm not referring to the species I mean the most well trained best equipped and just generally the deadliest before I get into the content I just want to encourage you guys to stick around to the end of the video I'll be giving away a copy of Halo Wars 2 which was kindly donated by the mod sins of the prophets which is a Halo mod for the game sins of a solar Empire however we'll talk more about that later let's get into the top 5 lists coming in at number 5 is the saying healy zealot every other position on this list is occupied by a Special Forces team or a small group but I think the zealots generally are so good the day as a whole deserve an entire spot on this list I could have admittedly chose an individual group of zealots for example that devoted centuries from Halo Reach but I don't think any really stand out as being head and shoulders above the others zealots were among the most experienced of all covenant forces and certainly the most dedicated admittedly we don't know a lot about the selection process for zealots or the supplemental training they received but it is known that they were typically selected from those who seemed to have an innate greatness as well as an ability and desire to kill given that zealots were among the most dedicated of the covenant military that typically rose to extremely high positions including fleet master or Supreme Commander several well-known saying he lee were at one point zealots including jewel M Dhamma and the arbiter coming in at number four is the Blood stars the blood stars were in the elite group of brutes stalkers tasked specifically with hunting down Spartans stalkers which I believe first appeared in halo 3 are brutes which focus on covert operations such as nations bodyguarding and spying stalkers used advanced technology including unique armor and cloaking tech in order to take their enemies by surprise the main advantage of the brute is their strength and durability while their weaknesses come mostly from their brutish nature I'm talking about anger lack of patience and especially when angry a lack of real tactics stalkers more or less are designed to minimize the weaknesses of the brutes while still allowing their strengths to shine through back to the blood star specifically as I said they were meant to hunt down Spartans and were commanded by an extremely high ranking sang Healy from the silent shadow which I'll talk about in just a second a tree ox the antagonist of Halo Wars 2 was actually at one point a member of the blood stars and we know just how deadly he was at number 3 is the silent shadow which were a spec ops group of sang Healy as I just mentioned at one point the blood stars were commanded by a member of the silent shadow which makes sense as they're sort of the elite version of the brood stalker I believe what makes the silent shadows so deadly is the fact that they were most likely the stealthiest and most effective covert operation squad within the Covenant we see in Halo headhunters that a two-man squad of Spartan three's after eliminating an entire camp of covenant is still snuck up on surprised and eliminated by the silent shadows after the war the silent shadow made it their goal to kill as many brutes as possible on one occasion they tried to attack a tree ox and he was so impressed with their skill that he offered them a position within the banish where he said that they could operate by their own free will coming in at number 2 is the lights of saying Helios the lights of saying Helios were a select group of elites selected from the already very prestigious honor guard warriors this has led them to sometimes be called ultra honor guards which i think is a fairly fitting name honor guards generally protected the prophets which were the highest-ranking members within the Covenant system the lights of saying Helios were those selected by the highest ranking of the it's these soldiers would serve as their personal guards at all time killing and doing whatever the prophets wished think about it like this the honor guards are literally selected from the very best of the elites the lights of saying Helios are taken from the best of the honor guards given that and the fact that we know the Covenant basically see the prophets as messengers of the forerunner we can imagine that these Warriors are basically unparalleled coming in at number one is likely the strangest entry on this list the prelate the prelate our genetically enhanced San Shum super soldiers and that's right the number one spot on this list is occupied by the prophets essentially the prophets wanted a soldier who would be unmatched during the human covenant war prelates were supposedly capable of even taking on a Spartan – and had no match within the Covenant hierarchy the prelates augmentation was done through forerunner technology in their training and armor was second to none the only prelate we've really spent any time with in the lore is 10b tech among the Covenant MB Tech seemed to have unmatched speed he had a memory which allowed him to instantly learn from past mistakes and on one occasion he fought off several elites including Rassvet whom the shipmaster from halo 2 and 3 while managing to survive unfortunately the prelates are a fairly minor part of the lore we've only ever for example gotten this one image of them but they seem to be the best of the best among the Covenant and to me it's unsurprising that the prophets would choose their own to undergo such drastic genetic engineering those are in my opinion the five most dangerous elite units within the Covenant military did I miss any that you would include do you think leaving the brute chieftains off the list was a mistake let me know all of that and more down in the comments as I mentioned at the beginning of the video I've got a copy of Halo Wars 2 to giveaway and this can be used on either the Xbox one or PC this is all thanks to my good friends over at sins of the prophets if you guys want a halo space realtime strategy game you should check sins of the prophet's f if you want to know what it's like I've just uploaded a video on my second channel which you can check out by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner to win all you have to do is give the video like be subscribed to Eckhart slaughter and tell me which of the ships featured and sins of the prophets either on the Covenant or the UNSC side are your favorite suppose it down in the comment section and I will randomly choose one anyway thank you guys so much for watching thanks one more time the sins of the prophets for sponsoring this video and I would also like to thank Eric EBU for really helping me out with the research for today's content until next time this has been our carte slaughter may the force be with you

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