5 DEADLY Amazon FBA Mistakes For Product Research

this is Stacey this is Stacey’s Amazon a
seller account stacy started selling on Amazon three months ago this is Tom this
is Tom’s seller accounts Tom started selling on Amazon three months ago so
why is Stacey in the green while Tom is in the red the only difference is the
product that they chose to sell you see the entire Amazon FBA game is dependent
on product selection if you do it well you’ll win and if you do it wrong you’ll
lose it’s that simple so how do you make sure that you end up
on the winning side and not on the losing side you avoid these five
mistakes what’s up Empire builders JC Franco here
Dino bullshit Amazon seller if you’re new to my channel and you’re the kind of
person I want to learn about Amazon FBA and not about Lamborghinis and you’ve
come to the right place and if you’re already an empire builder welcome back
hopefully your empire is going strong and if it’s not send me a message on my
Instagram I JT dot Franco and I’ll be sure to help you out so let’s cut right
to the chase okay the top five deadly product research mistakes that I see
every day now I’m doing this one because they are the most common they’re very
easy to fall into so make sure you watch through the number five because even
making one of the mistakes could totally torpedo your business and you’ll end up
like Tom and not like Stacey you don’t want to be a Tom alright so number one I
see this all the time because new sellers people that just find out about
Amazon FBA they handle jacked up they got super excited like yo dude I just
saw his guy on YouTube he has a freaking Lamborghini and he showed me how to find
a $50,000 product per month in like three minutes so I’m gonna go out boom
start the timer six seconds 120 seconds you know 180 seconds 50,000 product
right that’s the thought process that’s the real life thought process and I’m
trying to cut that because that is not the case okay because the one thing the
deadly mistake need to know number one is that you need to know your goals and
your numbers the first thing you must know is your goals and your numbers and
don’t just look for someone else’s goals and numbers okay because the thing that
you realize with a $50,000 per month product is this first of all it’s not
hard to find a product that makes fifty thousand dollars per month you can
literally search any product Amazon and at least one of the sellers is probably
gonna be making fifty thousand dollars per month on a product okay so what does
it really need to make $50,000 per month
okay that’s the first thing you need to know second is that if you do find a
product that sells well that has a good opportunity to make 50k a month you need
to break it down and realize something is that $50,000 per month how many sales
is that right so let’s say your product is $20 and it brings in $50,000 a month
that’s 2,500 sales every month all right now I’m not gonna pretend on math wizard
I did calculate that before I started recording this okay so 2500 sales every
single month that’s great now what’s the problem there let’s say that product to
manufacture that product it costs you four dollars right four dollars to
manufacture you sell it for twenty bucks great now where’s the problem there the
problem is at four dollars a unit for you to sell 2,500 you’re gonna need at
least to spend $10,000 to make 2,500 units right so the thing that most
people don’t realize about these products are making you know fifty
thousand a hundred thousand a million dollars a month is that you need a lot
of capital to even get to that level okay so what you know the first mistake
is that you need to break down your goals what do you have to invest so that
you can take those numbers and those metrics and then form your own criteria
right form your own vision of what kind of product you need to win on Amazon
because it’s not one size fits all right some people will have these you know
these high higher risk higher higher risk high reward products where they’re
able to invest more money maybe buy something you’re gonna do down the line
but there’s nothing wrong with starting smaller and building up because you know
what’s a product that makes you a thousand dollars a month maybe that’s it
doesn’t seem super exciting maybe you know you need five thousand a month to
replace your current job income but you all sudden you have a probably two
thousand bucks a month profit I’m talking profit right and then you add
another one you add another one you add you know you have five of those and now
you have five products bringing you in five thousand a month as opposed to
looking and headhunting a single product I can bring you ten fifteen twenty
thirty thousand dollars every single month so please narrow down your goals
narrow down your numbers so you can as you go and validate a product if you
don’t know how to validate products by the way click that card right over there
boom that’s how to validate products okay but click that later come back here
and then watch the rest of this video once
figure out your goals your number then what you need and what you actually
you’re realistic you know return to make Amazon work for you then you can go out
and start searching for products don’t get caught up in the hype of this you
know this fantasy lifestyle of one product is gonna you know bring you six
figures a month because the reality of that is that it can happen but to get
there you need to be an experienced enough seller and you need to have
enough capital to actually make that work all right
so mistake number two so this mistake is one that I guarantee 99% of you watching
right now has made two days that mistake is that you have not clicked the like
but again for me so go ahead click that like button for me abolish that mistake
and you’ll be on the right track alright and then after that the next mistake
that you need to know is one that actually is very obvious once you get
going once you become you know you get used to Amazon you get used to because
doing product research and everything this becomes obvious to your second
nature but when you’re starting not so much okay and this is not knowing your
actual broadest keyword for your product not using the right keyword when you’re
searching for your product when you’re getting these numbers okay and it makes
a big difference now little bit every day I’ll get screenshots in whether it’s
my free Facebook group if it’s my Instagram on my my favorite messenger
whatever it is give me a screenshot of like viral launch rate or jungle Scout
drop down and what they’re gonna do they’re gonna blur out the product
they’re gonna blur out the category and they’re gonna say hey JT check this
product out what do you think what you know these are the sales these are the
the the revenue the reviews is this a good product okay and I’m always gonna
say I have no idea because I don’t know what this screenshot is actually of
because there’s a big difference between you know searching pen versus dry erase
pen versus read dry erase pen versus you know I don’t know whatever whatever the
keyword is can be very different dry erase marker
dry erase something whatever it is it makes a big difference right now I’ll
show you quick example here view this certificate frame okay you look up
certificate frame and you’ll see these products so you search certificate for
it means Amazon you clicks a violent or the jungle Scout drop-down okay and
you’re gonna see this the numbers and you’re gonna see an opportunity score
here of four okay now look at the product now search instead
diploma frame click that drop same drop down and you’re gonna see totally diff
numbers now which one do you use you use the one that is the broadest that has
the most searches that is the most relevant to your product and how do you
find it out you’re gonna find it out by using a tool like the viral launch
keyword research tool if you buy the bio launch suite for it’s like 73 bucks
we’ve use my discount code you have the whole suite you have the virus drop-down
you have the keyword research tool your products gotta be everything and what
you can do is you’re gonna search so you would say if you’re doing certificate
frame you search that into the brownish keyword search tool and it’s gonna show
you the actual largest search volume the one with highest priority score and the
one that’s most relevant to your product and that is the one they’re gonna be
basing your research off of because if you launch a product based on the third
or the fourth keyword you’re really doing yourself a disservice because
maybe the the main keyword is super competitive or this fourth keyword is
not competitive and it looked like a decent market but all the people are
actually going to the main keyword alright so that is mistake number two
actually doesn’t take more three-membered the like button okay
I’m saying before now now this one is something that’s very easy to fall into
and I know because I fell into it myself so when I was starting out selling on
Amazon my very first product that I found I
found it within like a few weeks of starting like just like I said what I’m
saying when I got caught up in his hype of this super excited and I’m just like
want to find a product really quickly and launch it and what happened was I I
found the first thing right I was looking for products doing private
research I found one thing I’m like holy smokes the numbers on the surface look
good and you know it looks super exciting out I want to sell this product
I can totally see it doing well I’m already envisioning the money coming to
my bank account just frickin raining bills looking I’m are you looking for my
next car and then all of a sudden you know I launched it and it didn’t do well
and what happened was I got so attached to this product because of the first
thing that I saw that I had like you know it’s tunnel vision I had those
horse when he over those horse things the horse the goggle things the things
that horse wears on her face to see only straight right I had that tunnel vision
and I got caught in it so mistake number three is do not have an emotional
attachment to a product okay because they don’t have any emotions back to you
okay it’s all about the numbers it’s all about the stats the facts and the data
because once you get caught up in this emotional attachment you become blind to
some of the things that can go wrong and what happened with me was I found this
product I didn’t do my due diligence and what
happened was it was actually a seasonal product for the season that we were in
and it was something I totally would have caught and I totally would have
seen if I wasn’t so emotionally attached and so riled up and so excited about
just the you know the prospect of selling a product on Amazon so please I
see again I see this so many times when it’s like if someone will bring me a
product like hey look at this I’m super passionate about it and that’s where I
get scared when someone says I’m passionate about this niche that’s a
good thing but that shouldn’t be what you’re leading with if you’re leading
with that that means that you’re probably should take a step back look at
it from a bird’s eye view get a bigger perspective and then reevaluate because
if you it’s something that you really love it’s easy to get attached to it and
it’s easy to be blinded by the potential negatives that could end up losing your
money which would happen to me and I lost a few I think I lost like 1,200
dollars on that product okay not the biggest hit but a hit nonetheless and
that was my first personal Amazon FBA product research mistake so what I want
to do right now something fun okay go to the comments and type the comments
Amazon FBA product research in there and you’ll be entered to win a super secret
fun price that all announced in a later video so put that down there in the
comments and my mistake might just turn into your win so this one ties in a
little bit with emotional attachment and this one is one where it can really
really suck a lot because at this point you’ve spent money your Prag isn’t and
you’re already excited you’re ready to sell your product and then boom
something happens and this happens because you did not fully understand
your product or you did not look at the worst-case scenario of your product
because everything that you do on Amazon everything ever something can go wrong
right and if you are just looking at the bright side and not thinking about what
could go wrong then you’re really setting yourself up to just be
blindsided so when I mean by this is that maybe you launched a product right
and like I said my last one you didn’t realize it was seasonal you into your
due diligence maybe your partner on and on and then you realize its trademark
its patented something out of your control now those are things that are
more obvious things that you would think to look for but what if your product
that you’re selling you didn’t realize it has a common defect right throughout
all the sellers throughout all the competitors of this product there’s a
there’s a common malfunction or a defect and you didn’t get that fixed with your
right that is something that’s don’t you destroy because now this products
getting going out getting sold and you know your negative reviews people are
returning your product because it’s it’s breaking and it’s destroying your
tithing is destroying your Brandt and you’re actually could get taken down if
you have enough returns too many returns then you can get roasted by Amazon okay
so make sure that when you’re looking at your product you think about what can go
wrong look at the negative reviews maybe there is something that you can get
fixed and this is something that goes along with you know more technical
products or more you know electronics with little pieces and every little area
where something can go wrong or especially if you’re selling like a
topical próxima it goes on your skin on your face something that people are are
ingesting all right these are the things where you need to really look at what do
you need to do what are the checks and the balances what are the restrictions
what are you everything that you have to get done to make sure this is gonna run
smoothly and properly even if it cost you more money even it cost you more
time again this is not something you want to rush and we’ll talk about that
later a bit but it’s nothing you want to rush you want to make sure you’re doing
your due diligence because once that money is spent you’d have seven thousand
dollars spent for three thousand dollars spent and you have so many units in
Amazon warehouse it’s too late all right so make sure you’re doing this
beforehand so you’re not shooting yourself in the foot and last but not
least this is the ultimate mistake because this mistake is what causes
every other mistake and everyone’s doing this okay because again it’s that
fantasy and it’s not understanding that the game of Amazon FBA is long-term it’s
a long-term game and to really really win on Amazon you’ve got to be thinking
that way right so this mistake is don’t rush the process right it’s the story of
The Tortoise and the hare now I don’t believe in totally being the tortoise
you should be both you should be able to you know slow and steady but also move
quick at the beginning and get things going so don’t be a tourist I’ll be here
be a combination be a poor test maybe don’t be a whore test either don’t put
that your business card at least but be a combination again back to when I first
started I launched three products at the same time because I just want to go go
go go go and it was just about the faster I can go the faster I can get a
return without really thinking about let’s slow this down right because the
faster you go the more you’re gonna miss the more mistakes that
are just gonna happen because you are not actually really thinking things
through I didn’t through my branding I didn’t
think through my product like I said in the last mistake right not actually
looking at everything that could go wrong and I just wanted everything to be
fast and quick and what happened was it cost me so I just want to let you know
in this world of you know everything on e-commerce is happening quick and people
are making become a success story than three months like Stacy right and
everything is just like it looks like it’s in your face everyone’s doing so
well you got to understand that there’s a lot of steps in the process Amazon FBA
is really a huge scope right there’s a huge huge amount of things to do and and
to understand and to learn and to practice to actually get things right so
don’t be discouraged even if your first product doesn’t turn out well right
maybe you don’t make these mistakes but for whatever reason it’s not turning out
the way you expected it it’s still part of the process don’t just you know
people are trying to rush a success but there’s also people that are you know
hitting a roadblock and then rushing to failure because they’re rushing back and
they’re quitting because they hit a single roadblock okay so this is just a
reminder to take a deep breath and understand that it’ll work for you if
you keep on grinding because Amazon FBA is a proven process you know what I’ve
done it with product after product after product after product and so many of my
students have done the same thing hitting six and even some hitting
seven-figure marks because it’s a process as long as you trust it and you
actually follow the right steps you will be successful so if you wanna find out
how to hit the right steps and all you’re gonna do is one simple thing
first subscribe if you haven’t already alright and then very important remember
that your Empire awaits and all you gotta do to get it is click this box in
three two one yeah let’s start doing bloopers of end of videos and we’ll just
test that for the video and see how it goes okay cool and not on the losing
side oh you motherfucker what the fuck is my
line god dammit on the other side you avoid these five mistakes
one more time

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