5 Elements Of Successful Social Videos By Vanessa Joy

it is so great to be here though I'm not going to lie if any of you online did not catch sue bryce all of us here had goosebumps the entire time so what I'm going to talk to you guys about today perfectly right after suit inspired all of us is how to then look at the logistics of creating a video that you want to be successful online and especially successful on social media primarily Facebook and Instagram so I have five elements of successful social videos and I'm also going to demo how I made my most recent one so I am a wedding photographer but like sooo i also found my voice in teaching and i love it but now that's something else i have to market that's something else i have to look at which was new for me to begin with because I'm used to just having pretty pictures and having that advantage of creating beautiful photography and then just showcasing that now I had to sort of go back to the drawing board but thankfully animoto made it pretty easy and most of you are small to medium business owners so not being photographers is no longer a hinderence to you creating your own marketing media so five elements first we already talked about this a little bit but you're going to use text i'm going to show you exactly how i use text most recently but like sue mentioned eighty ninety percent of video plays don't have audio to them whether it's somebody who just doesn't want the audio on the computer or most likely somebody who's on their phone at work looking at their social media feed you have to find a different way other than audio to engage and engage your viewers right away so using text immediately is a key component to making a video successful because you don't always have audio secondly you want to tell a story now this is kind of a gimme you know obviously we're storytellers a lot of us if we're photographers but the story behind the video is what keeps people engaged when when sue is talking about the video of dawn and you know I'm a mother I am this I'm they're telling a story there that's what makes it different from I don't know a video of what you ate for breakfast that morning though while I'm sure a video can be very interesting but you hate for breakfast that morning if you tell a story behind it it's going to be much more powerful so I'm going to start off with just those two points text and story and i'm going to show you exactly how i create my marketing videos for for social media so the first thing I'm going to do is go to my marketing video by the way i am using animoto but you can do this with whatever you're creating these concepts are going to spread across whatever it is that you are doing as far as creating videos but this is what I use because it's simple and fast and I just don't have that much time and I think we can all relate to that right yes yeah this is blood and nodding heads of you can see so I'm just going to come over here to create and i'm using the the marketing video builder so it's separate from an original product which if you guys are already animoto users professional plan users your to have this it's a freebie in there but more on that later so what you do is you come and I'm going to just choose a prebuilt storyboard I love this there's a whole bunch of different styles this is where everything gets fat so I'm not reinventing the wheel I'm not building from scratch which by the way is such a huge paint my husband by the way side note he's a filmmaker he makes corporate videos for him to from scratch make these kind of videos that I'm gonna make for you Andy I don't know 17 minutes we have left together with taken days hours and completely different so these are really cool you just kind of hover over and you choose what it is that you want and it previews the style for you I'm just going to go with the first one here you can also click on it and I'll show you and you can hear the audio as well but I'm gonna go ahead and choose that if you want to actually watch a whole video because I you guys start to be like oh I want to see that you see how nice that work what came first text what was it starting to do tells story little subliminal things and now every time you watch a video you're like oh that's why I like this other than being pretty alright so when you first open up a style you've got the storyboard here and what's nice about this is it's so intuitive I'm not going to sit here and tell you how to use this more specifically but you're going to really quickly just be able to do it you know as you hover you see the controls coming up you can click and you can drag and move things around just like you normally would but first i'm going to upload some of my assets in my downloads folder from before and these are just some video some photos that i have here of a portfolio that i built recently while it's uploading you don't have to sit there painfully and watch things upload it's fast but nobody wants to watch paint dry right you can go ahead and get started so even with the ones that uploaded immediately all you're going to do whether it's photos whether it's video that you're uploading and you're working with everything's just click and drag so you have this pre-built storyboard here and you're just going to click OK instead of a video I'm just going to put that photo there instead and maybe this I'll just stick that photo there and here and you're just going to keep going super easy it's already built for you then you'll change your text because I as much as avocado chocolate mousse sounds wonderful right now that's not what I'm going to tell the story about so I'm just going to hover over here click and change my text now I am going to build a video that helps advertise a workshop that I'm doing it's called headshot headshot boot camp and it is about building a photography business in 48 hours so two days you come in you build a business and you'll leave with one so let's see I don't know how do you build a business in 48 hours alright I'm really put whatever you want here do you have what it takes all right now right away you can kind of see some things I did here like oh wait I can't see that down there but we'll get the changing the text and moving it around in a bit as you go through that's all you're doing your kind of clicking and changing what you want so let me just go to see more on this one because for this particular picture you know that looks good but if I want to I can change the layout so I can go full screen with it I can click and drag just you know kind of crop it to how that works we can go back to where you were go left go right do whatever you want so it's very intuitive so you see how we're not reinventing anything here you're just creating what's already there and swapping your stuff in so I'm going to sort of pre-baked and move on to the next part here or I've already clicked and dragged everything into my program I into my my storyboard so one thing I want to do which I'm going to talk about next is setting the pace and setting the brand to what you're doing I think that might be my next slide so I'm just going to pull it over here set the pace so when you are creating these videos these are yes advertisements yes they're marketing but what they really are this is defining your brand this is what people who either know you or don't know you are going to see and really judge you by and decide whether they're going to essentially give you their money right so when you create pieces like this you have to think about your audience and your brand so when I say set the pace a lot of the times I'm thinking about music but I'm also thinking about the actual structure the pacing of the video I'm making because you get control over that fourth element of time and you get to control that if I knew my audience was let's say an over-60 crowd my pace is going to be very slow very slow but very slow in comparison to if my audience was under 25 completely different so you want to think about how you set the pace and one of the most powerful ways that you can do that is by using music and you want to make sure that you're using commercially licensed music and what that means is that you have permission to use that commercially in other words to attempt to make money by using it in a product or in an advertisement you have permission to just do so and you can't get sued now all of a sudden all of your faces are like oh no am I doing this this sounds difficult I don't want to be a part of this but it's really not that bad animoto does another reason that I use them is they have over 2,000 songs that you can pick from that either royalty free or through a company called triple scoop and they're right there in the library i'm going to show you exactly what i do and i pick songs because again i'm looking for this to be fast so let's go ahead back all right we're going to go on to the left side over here and i'm going to click Change song now I have one there and is the one that I want to use but let's just say I wanted to use something different my dialog pops up and I can pick some of the top songs for this particular style of the marketing video builder that I chose really quick able to just click and play and listen to it see if I like it or not and a lot of them are going to be different this one is all whimsical all right or it can go upload a song if you upload a song you were responsible obviously for getting the commercially licensed music or I can go to their music library and this is what I love so first of all I do have favorites in here for some of my favorites that have been using recently or I can go and look at what's popular for babies what's popular for business so let's click on business there's still a ton of stuff here so let's find some other things to categorize by mood aggressive no not aggressive i don't want aggressive um-hmm cynical no no not cynical either lips go with cinematic see how specific it is though so fantastic so let's go cinematic and I want something that's instrumental I don't want any vocals in there competing with either my texts my story or the voice-over that i can add on that later so now let's go ahead and scroll up and see what I have all right I've got the big day that is fitting specifically business cinematic instrumental perfect what this I'm gonna save this hey all right over here on the right-hand side you just click a little heart and adds it to your favorites that's a really good one I like so much not for what I'm doing right now because the pace of what i'm doing is a little bit more upbeat so I'm going to the X out of that I chose a Battlestar Geeta rica so that's what I went with here you can adjust the song volume if you want it to start playing a little bit louder a little bit softer right there so I'm good there the next thing I want to do in talking about telling a story and setting a pace and your brand is as nice as these colors are actually for my wedding photography business they're not going to match what I'm doing here for the headshot boot camp the head chef boot camp is a very feet it's a little bit more contrasting a little bit more kind of hard work in your face type thing as the music is so I'm just going to go here to my text now let's go to the background first I'm just going to change that to black and it automatically changes everything there so that actually looks great I don't think I'm going to really do anything else I've like the red the red and white combo but if I wanted to I can just click that here you know and I don't know go to yellow and out there they're all yellow all right so let's just go back to the red that I had their perfect and if you want to go into things more specifically you just go in to see more now i can click on all these things specifically so you've got maybe I want the 48 hours to go white maybe I want it to be a little bit bigger because that was kind of small before right we're moving things around and then they also have the ability here to click and drag things to where you want them to be very intuitive and you can go on to the next slide here maybe that's a little small we'll just go bigger not two lines I like one line perfect and we'll go back to storyboard so you see houses very simple you also have choice of fonts my husband and I again he does these videos from scratch a lot of times and he is such a font fanatic anytime I ask him to look at something I've done he's like so about that Fontana okay I get it you need to pick all of my fonts for me which is good it's a good thing to have that kind of that kind of eye for things so perfect so I have my text in here I'm telling a story in here which I've gone through and it's really step by step how to create a business in 48 hours so that's my story it's how to do and it's a step by step thing you'll see step 1 learn how to step to shoot your portfolio create your website build your marketing plan launched and then my call to action very important like the video we just saw you want to call to action at the end is see what you have if you have what it takes and i blatantly say that put the website and i'll show you how to create a very strong clickable called action in a minute so that's all there i've set the pace I've chosen the music and now I just need to create my video so i cant the nice thing about this is you can see this preview it and then change it because sometimes their little things that you want to change for one actually i'll just kind of do this on purpose and i'll tell you what i'm doing in a second i'm going to go here to preview and what preview does is it generates a preview for you to look really low res but it's a very fast render about 15 seconds where you can see the video and play it and see if you like this if you want to change something or see if there are any errors i am such a person for typos i do typos all the time or little baby errors which you'll see in a second as this SS renders as i mentioned you can put video in here as well as photos but what happens with video is one more element it's not just visual its audio as well so one of the biggest mistakes that I make when I'm using animoto to build that my marketing videos is I accidentally forget that the video clips i threw in there have audio and sometimes that works maybe you want to keep the audio in there because you've purposely filmed something with audio what if someone's talking head or trying to get the audio of the sound of what's being made maybe but sometimes it's an accident because for me I actually still did not steal but re-use video clips from previous video projects I've done I have you know video projects where they are a three-minute commercial piece and while that's great for their maybe I just want the three seconds of you know me fluffing a bride's dress or the 13 seconds over here of me packing up a wedding album for a bride and I just take those little bits and repurpose them into something like this so this is generating the preview of that and we're going to hear you know actually now that I explained it I don't think you need to totally hear it but this one for example this video clip has the audio on it if I want to turn it off I'm going to come down here and very small you can do it just click the audio and then exit out or if you want a little bit more in your face you can just bring it up one by one and then decide to trim it here you can turn the audio on and off here so what I do recommend doing when you're uploading video clips is remember i mentioned i have that three or so minute piece i'm only using those three seconds don't upload if you if you can't if you don't have to don't upload the three minutes because then you'll have three minutes of video in here that you're like where's that three seconds i want where's and you could do that here but it might be a little bit tedious what i do is i pull it up in quicktime and you can trim really easily in quicktime player so then you're just uploading what you actually need so do that make sure you turn the sound off and then lastly before i show you the final video of what this looks like lastly all of these you can add voice over to this was a huge request back in the legacy version i'll say the slideshow builder of animoto where I just wanted to add voiceover so if you want to do video video is hard enough but you add audio and now there's a whole other element again my husband I was like to compare anything with video to him if he is ever at his desk and I hear some sort of profanity happening it's usually because of the audio the video he's not complaining so much about but the audio can be so difficult but this is really easy to do so you can click and then record right here you just click and hold them and record your voice now when you're doing this whenever you're recording audio the biggest tip i can give you get as close to the microphone as possible so I'm get all artsy and like take a step back and decide to say whatever it is that you're going to say that's so profound in your video actually hover in like a creep get as close as you can and then your your audio is going to be much more clear alright so that's way to do that and you can record it even nicer you record it clip by clip put audio where you want it don't have to have it through the whole thing works out really really nicely that way alright so the fifth thing that we have here the fifth element is you want to share natively so I'm going to flip over to the video fully rendered video we've done some pre baking it's like a cooking show here for you guys we've done that and have the video all set which I will play and let you see and then I will show you how I share it so you can see all the elements coming into play here text story taste license music and you'll also notice it's extremely short when you are sharing natively you want it to be short when you're sharing social media period you want it to be very short because time time is not what it used to be people a very short time attention spans right now so while you can click all these buttons over here and it will automatically share to YouTube to Facebook things like that one we're working with social media Facebook specifically facebook prefers their own video player their own compressions so what you're going to do is just click on download you can always download all your videos it'll automatically render out all four resolutions for you for facebook posting just down a download and HD version and then upload it natively to facebook so go to facebook click upload video and put this video in there they're going to prefer that it's going to help you out which I'm sure Mario will talk about different tricks for helping you out with social posting with video so you want to share natively and that's what it looks like now remember how I told you there was a call to action button really quick that's what i want to show you in your settings you get to have a call to action button so book your seat now let's just say that's your call to action and then you can put your website in here headshot boot camp calm click save and now every time the video pauses and at the end its clickable to the link there so those are the five essentials to logistically putting all the tangibles together to creating a video for social media marketing alright you

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