$5 Goodwill Challenge Summer ๐ŸŒบ 2019 Hosted by Old World Home

high-lows it's Lacy and welcome back to our space so today I am participating in the five-dollar goodwill challenge that it's being hosted by the lovely Hillary over an old world home now this is a seasonal challenge that she hosts for the last few years and I have participated in it too many times to count now but what she asked us to do is to take just five dollars and go to your local thrift store resale store garage sale yard sale basically anywhere that you can purchase secondhand items for just $5 and bring that piece of decor in to decorate for the season so we are in the summer season and I went to my local thrift store and found these two beautiful in very ornate pieces that I actually didn't know what they were it's been suggested that they are planters they are candle holders I just fell in love with all the intricate detail on them and they came as a set for two at $5.99 however if you know me I love to thrift and I never buy anything unless it is an extra percentage off and so they were I thought 50% off but once I looked at my receipt it was 25% off my entire purchase so I am in love with all of the hearts that are connected detail on it all of the actual coloring and I'm not sure if my camera's picking it up it's like a rub bronze over a black and they are metal so I don't know exactly where I'm going to place these in my house but I am going to style them in more than one way for you guys I think they look great like this and you could put candles or a potted plant in them you can actually use them as a bath skin and put fake fruit or line them with something and put real fruit and stuff to sit out in them like put it a little dipping bowl for a table scape or something so I also think you could turn them over and use them as like little stands for a plant or home decor so let's get to styling and I will show you what I think here is my final look and I have to say I think it turned out quite cute I just included my ikea plant which is sitting in a coffee cup inside of it with a little butterfly on it and a LED white candle that came from the Dollar Tree and put $1 to be succulent into it I also have my little birds that come came from a little shop here in Michigan and I think it makes for a little cute vignette so I want to thank Hilary so much for including me again I will link her channel down below along with the playlist of all the other participants in this challenge I want to thank you guys so much for watching for liking and always sharing my videos and if you're not a member here yeah at Laci space I don't know why not go ahead smash that subscribe button become a member hang out with us for awhile we have a lot of fun here also if you like you can follow me on Instagram it's Lacey's face the same way that is felt here and I will catch all of you in my next video bye love you

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