hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Adriana if you are new and today is the five-dollar goodwill challenge 2019 now this challenge is always put on by Hillary at old world home so thank you to her I will leave her link down below so you're basically taking $5 and going to your goodwill where the rummages broad sales anything like that and finding something summer related summer decor to put in your home so I found let's see four things to share with you guys and okay so the first item I'm going to show you is this patriotic star my daughter wants it it's just like the struggle real-life parenting okay well that was my date sense I will show you where I place this item I kind of wanted to go with like the fourth of July theme I'm this year so that's the one item I'll show you a close up one sometime but I think you get the idea you just wanted to be in the video this is Vienna and let me show you the other items I got – okay and now she's playing with bats I couldn't quickly try to show you the other items I found so I did pick up these two bald mason jars I guess you can call them and I just love the color so kind of working with this and that star and these for each 99 cents I wish they were cheaper than that but I pay 99 cents for them and I will use these for not only a decorative item but I'm gonna use them to make the girls smoothies and they want to use these to drink their smoothies out of so I thought that was a great idea so but I'm gonna use probably one of them to decorate have like an idea in my head what I want to do so stay tuned for that but 99 cents I don't think the Lighting's doing it justice but I guess you guys get the idea right okay and then the last item I found was the larger version of that mason jar and this one was only 50 cents now this is from a different goodwill they had all of their jars like this for like 50 cents they didn't have that color and wish they did but this will work fine I'm not gonna use this one to decorate I don't think I'm just gonna use that color just to go with like the 4th of July theme but definitely gonna use this for smoothies I want you to pick it up anyway and I'm still under the 5 a dollar budget so I really love it it's glass so definitely perfect for all of us our drink our smoothies but also use it for decoration if I need to do that so that's that okay guys so this is where I placed my finds and let me know what you guys think I really like it so this is sitting on top of our shelf in our living room so I added the start added some books to give it some height over here and then there's a mason jar and I just added up legs just to tie in all the colors and then this is from Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby when they first started there 75% off and then I'm gonna show you on this side have this welcome to our home sign and our diffuser and then on this side I have our lamp and then I think this color ties pulls everything over here together and then I added this star which I've had already as far as the flowers they're yellow and they are like summer colors but I don't really think it goes with this look I think maybe some white florals or even red would really make it stand out and I wish I had some in hand but I do not so I'm just showing you what it looks like right now so if I find someone sale I will definitely add it and maybe posted on Instagram so but let me know what you guys think overall but I really love this side and it's my first time decorating for the 4th so I really like it and I love the blues so there's that so let me know what you guys think okay so I'm gonna make a smoothie right now how to put in my chard so I have some papaya two frozen strawberries and some ice and a little bit of apple juice and I'm gonna blend it up you okay so I didn't have obviously enough ingredients to fill up this jar but you guys get the idea so it's super delicious and a lot fancier in this question than the plastic one so I'll definitely try it it's super good and my kids love this smoothie so give it a shot I'm definitely gonna pick up some more papaya to make some more smoothies

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