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hi guys this is Kenya welcome back to King's decor corner so today I am so super excited because as you can see up into the goodwill because I'm participating in the $5 goodwill challenge hosted by Hillary at overall home thanks so much Hillary for hosting this challenge you guys know I love participating in this she holds this challenge season week so this is the summer edition so she asked that we go to the goodwill thrift or resale shop wherever to find items and spend only $5 so that's a challenge but you know I was up for it and I found something that was so cool at the goodwill actually I did go over $5 so I have two separate items I'm gonna show you my $5 item and then I'll show you what else I found but I did get this item from the goodwill for $5 I thought this was so cool even though it's kind of ugly right now but it was 399 if you can see that there and this was the tag color so it's 50% off so I actually spent $2 for this one a bit of $4 so I have two of them and they're on this coral piece these little angelfish I thought that was pretty neat you guys know I'm going like a coastal theme for summer this year so I thought these would be perfect for that actually they had five of these at the store but I didn't take all five because I took three so I did go over the challenge but I could not you can see it's larger than that one and so yeah I was like I'll take it and the price was still 399 so 50% off was $2 so I have those two that is mine fine and so what I'm going to do is spray paint these white so I always keep several cans of this rust-oleum ultra cover paint and primer and this is in the high-gloss white from gloss white so I'm going to spray paint these little guys white I'm not adding this into the cost because I have these at home I have like eight cans of these you guys know I love white and so I'm always spray-painting something so here is the other one that would necessarily count for this challenge but I did get three of them I have the largest one and three smaller ones and I thought they have potential so that's why I got them and actually guys at first I went to the store I saw them and I was like and I just kept looking around and I didn't find it find something else and I'll show you but I think it's over the amount I can't remember now so I wanted to go back I thought about these the next day I called the goodwill and they were still there so I went by and picked them up this one doesn't want to stand right there we go so I have my little school of fish for this challenge I'm gonna spray-paint them and I'll come back and show you guys how they turn out but before we go do that let me just show you what else I found at the goodwill I was so excited to find this piece and I was really happy that the young lady wrapped everything really nicely for me and she taped it so that was really nice sorry I'm having to make so much noise getting this out I found this ginger jar other dollars okay so it could have been for this challenge – I got this really nice ginger jar for five dollars it's a green tag so it wasn't on clearance that day it was just the regular price so I was like no problem now you guys know I don't care for this whoever painted on this they did that which was not look that's not cute but that's okay because again I have my spray paint so I'm going to be spray-painting this white along with those angelfish so when I'm done everything's gonna look very pretty and yeah I got all this for for that for six for ten dollars well eleven dollars huh so yeah I remember getting anything out but a public milk glass whenever I'm in the store if I see no glass I take it so I think that's what this is yeah I found this milk glass thing which this is really different than the ones that I have so I thought this one was very unique and it was 50% off of $2 so it was $1 so you know I took it looking for others but they only had this one I don't have any like this so this is very different but I was happy to have it so yeah I'll just clean this up and put some flowers in it and there you go yeah so now let's go spray-paint these items and then I'll be back hey guys and here is the finished look and I think these fish turned out so super cute I'm very pleased with the outcome I have to say that calm paint does a fantastic job of covering because it has primer in the paint as well so yeah it covered those black and orange stripes perfectly so I'm very happy and also this flat ginger jaw is now white it looks so pretty as well so I'm gonna show you guys how I'll style these around my house I think I'm gonna put them out and I'm just gonna you know style them simply because my decor is fairly simple this summer mostly whites and you know bright colors so yeah let me show you guys how I styled it so I decided to place the gin ginger here on my fireplace hearth next to the candlesticks that I have there I thought they looked really nice and you know a great place for the ginger jar I already have all of my vignettes for summer put together and so this was one place that I thought could use a little something extra I think it looks very pretty and here I've placed one of the fish the largest one on top of my little case here that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and I have the crane bird there which is a picture that's on Hobby Lobby and so it's kind of at the beach so it makes sense for the fish to be right next to those pictures so these two are on the other case and I think they look really nice it looks really cute going with my coastal farmhouse bean and let me say again thank you so much to Hillary for hosting this challenge again it was so much fun participating I'll remind all of you guys to be sure to go over to Hillary's channel to check out her video and the playlist of all the participants and if you're a new hair welcome I'm so happy to stop by I hope that you'll go ahead and click the subscribe button and a notification bell to receive alerts as to when I upload the videos and for my faithful family members you guys know I love you so so much and I will look forward to seeing all of you on the next video much love and many blessings bye bye

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